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Welcome the Passion this Scorpio Season ♏

By: Good Vibrations

Scorpio energy brings the intensity this season.


Scorpio is…

...determined ✅

...inventive 🤔

...passionate 💓

 Zodiac Horoscope GIF by Mashable


Despite not actually being a fire sign- Scorpio season still brings a lot of intensity and heat, perfect for keeping things sizzling as we begin to move into the winter season.

Some say that Scorpio is the most intense sign of the entire Zodiac- offering a ferocity in everything they are and do- including, of course, their sexual energy. Their passion and strength can easily be attributed back to their ruling planets, Pluto and Mars- both of which can be summed up as dark and dangerous, which (despite how it sounds) can be a really good thing… or at least really hot 👀

Scorpios don’t shy away from physicality, and often want to ensure that they’re the ones holding the reins in any relationship- whether that’s figurative or literal- and they can be relentless when they’ve got their eyes or heart set on someone or something. But, despite being seriously persistent in some regards, Scorpios will also often use their sharp wit and strategic thinking to meet others where they are- working things out piece by piece and finding compromises or solutions to problems that many others may just see as a wash.

So what does that mean for a Scorpio in the bedroom? Well, with a personality cocktail that’s one part adventurousness, two parts passion, equal parts control and submission, and a garnish of need for intimacy- you can bet that Scorpios can make top-notch lovers.

Even if you or your partner/s aren’t Scorpios, try giving a nod to Scorpio’s energy by flipping the script on who takes what role in the bedroom. Pop on that Halloween costume you haven’t gotten around to putting in storage and try a roleplay scene. Take a step back if you’re the one usually taking the lead, or step up to take control if that’s not usually your move. You can learn a lot about your dynamics in any relationship this way, and the simple change of energy can help engage some of that seriously steamy Scorpio intensity to bring a fresh perspective into your play.

So if you’re treating your Scorpio to a gift this season, why not try one that:

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✨ Is totally unique in sensation, like the Spectral Glass Dildo

✨ Doesn’t hold back, like the "Fuck Me" Naughty Bits Vibrator

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