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Vir-go Get It! ♍

By: Good Vibrations

Bring in Virgo season with some well-planned pleasure. 

Virgo is…

...hardworking 💪

...loyal 💝 🚫

 Horoscope Virgo GIF by Mashable

With the end of summer comes Virgo season. Critical and detail-oriented, Virgos are impeccably reliable and solid, acting as the hub of the Zodiac at its halfway point.


When it comes to focus, Virgos have laser precision- and that applies to the energy that they give their romantic and sexual relationships as well. Always planning ahead and striving for perfection, this Mercury-ruled sign is great at communicating their needs and wants, and will make sure that anyone that falls into bed with them will do the same.

Virgos are super organized, and are more apt than most signs to prep and plan ahead. Taking advantage of practicality, it isn’t rare to see Virgos jotting everything down, and from that any sign can- literally and figuratively- take a few notes. Want to try getting that Virgo energy into the bedroom? Try scheduling sex. Not only will it give you something to look forward to, but scheduling sex can help rekindle intimacy in long-term relationships, and can be a way that you ensure that you’re prioritizing your pleasure (this goes for scheduling solo sex as well!)

Aligned with that is Virgo’s no-BS attitude. Virgos aren’t shy to take control, and so trying a more dominant role in the bedroom can be a great way to harness this Earth sign’s vibes and ground yourself into a position that confidently says what they want. Maybe add a little roleplay or dirty talk, or even some BDSM play. Just remember- taking control still means communicating equally- and being commanding can’t forgo being receptive.


BVE (that’s Big Virgo Energy) is all over the media, with icons like Beyoncé, Idris Elba, Zendaya, and Tom Hardy sharing this sign as their own.

It’s no surprise that the nature of a Virgo can often mean they might not be happy when things don’t pan out as they expected. This can mean that they get real picky- and they’re often considered the “anal” sign. Well, much like we’ve discussed throughout Anal August (apt, no?), it’s not necessarily a totally bad thing- since anything worth doing is worth doing right.

But while perfectionism isn’t a goal that’s always necessary to strive for, it’s certainly admirable that the Virgo will go above and beyond in attempts to “get it right” -- especially for their lovers and partners.

So when it comes to treating a Virgo, why not try a gift that’s:

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