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Starting the Year Off Right  

By: Good Vibrations

New Year
Welcome 2023! With the holidays now over, you can finally put some of that stress behind you. You've taken care of everyone else and wrapped up all those end-of-the-year projects; time to take a long, deep breath. 
Let's just take a moment to celebrate that you've made it through another year, full of mental and emotional ups, downs, and everything in between, not to mention the physical toll that it may have had too.  
And while many of the targeted ads this time of year tell you that there are things you need to change about your physical appearance, we are big believers here that no matter what it looks like, the body that's carried you here is deserving of love and admiration, especially from you.
Here are five tips we'd like to share for helping you start your 2023 off right: 

1.    Self-care comes first  
Radical self-care is the assertion that our own health--mental, physical, and emotional--needs to be prioritized for us to be able to better serve our communities. After all, you can't pour from an empty cup. When was the last time you did something purely for you? Be gentle on yourself--try to remove the blame you may be tempted to take on for having a moment of pleasure. Relaxing our physical bodies can be key to being able to lay mental and emotional burdens aside as well.  
2.    Listen to you   
Let your body rest, relax and exhale, and allow your senses to guide you. Meditate or keep a journal to help you stay in tune with the inner you--it's harder to take care of yourself if you're not sure what you need, so make sure you are open to those inner messages. Being able to get what you want starts with being able to discover what it is you want, and don't care for, first. Maybe physical self-care means yoga or stretching; maybe it means sexual self-care via masturbation (with or without a vibrator or other toy), or a partner's compassionate and sensual touch. Scent and texture might comfort and please you: oils, candles and other sensual things can transport you for a bit. The weather might be cold but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some warmth on your skin.  And don't forget one of the best forms of self care; sleep. 

3.    Prioritize people who value communication with you 
Now that we have identified wants, needs, and desires, we work on sharing them. We talk a lot about sex and pleasure around here, but to achieve that with a partner (or a new crush), you must rely on communication--it's one of the most important tools you can access, and helps you both grow intimacy and also feel seen and heard. What are your love languages, and do yours and theirs align? Are you able to communicate what you want in a shame-free way? Whether or not your interests are on the kinky side, negotiation is a powerful tool for building satisfying experiences. If you're unsure where to start, we recommend trying out our yes/no/maybe list. 
4.    Learn/try something new 
You'll never find yourself in a rut if you're curious about the world around you! From stepping up the basics, to more advanced ways to play, there are so many ways you can explore and stay open. Pick up a new book, take some classes, share our blog posts with your lovers to make it easier to talk about sex together, or try a new act, or a new toy--we have so many pleasure products that can help expand your sensations and erotic style. 

5.    Get involved 
None of us are alone in this world--we are surrounded by community, whether we feel engaged with it or not. Step out there and find your folks! Maybe you will value and community through activism. Perhaps your sense of belonging is invoked by being of service or supporting causes important to your heart. Choose a project that will make your world a better place, and join together with others to make a difference!