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Break Out Your Roar this Leo Season ♌

By: Good Vibrations

Happy birthday, all you cool cats and kittens. 

Leo is…

…confident 😎

…loyal 💝

…vivacious 💥

Lion Roar GIF

Ruled by the sun, Leo energy can literally ‘light up’ a room. And with their flair for the dramatic and exuberant personalities- you’ll want to make sure you carve out some time to really celebrate the Leos in your life between July 23 and August 22 (though, who are we kidding- Leos keep that party going year ‘round).


Like the king of the jungle used to rep this bold sign, Leos are the epitome of commanding a space- whether it’s at home, at a party, or even in the bedroom. They’re the top dog (well- cat) and although they keep that boss energy up 24/7, Leos are also fiercely loyal and protective of their beloved, promising a “don’t f*ck with us” attitude to anyone who tries to cross a line.

Leo season is the perfect time to harness this Fire sign’s vivacious energy and let your presence be seen and heard. Take a note from Leo’s unabashed confidence and take that step to finally DM that cutie you’ve been following on IG, post those selfies you’ve been holding onto (you look great), and finally speak up to ask for what you want and how you want it.

Even though we’re still practicing social distancing (and if you’re not, you really should be), that doesn’t mean that you can’t still show off a la Leo. Put on your sexiest outfit in the morning and strut around your home with the vibes of fellow Leo Madonna, turn up some dance jams (may we suggest a club banger by yet another powerhouse Leo, J. Lo) and perfect your next go-to move to have ready to whip out when we can get back to partying, catch that golden hour light on your front stoop and fill your feed with glowing selfies- letting those compliment comments roll right in.


Of course, Leo loves to put on a show for others, but this fiery sign doesn’t lose any of that spark in private, either. Trying out some roleplay to embrace that love of performance can add an entirely new dimension to partnered play with these summer babes. Just because Leo may have big Top energy doesn’t mean they always have to be in control- flip the script on the dynamic and incorporate some D/s play like bondage or impact play to show your Leo lover that they may be all that, but you are too.

Oh, and since Leo is ruled by the Sun, you better keep it hot. Leos can bore easily, so keeping it fresh in the bedroom and trying new things can be essential to satiating that Leo libido. And don’t be surprised when they turn over in bed and ask if you’re up for another round.

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