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Get Wet this Pisces Season!

By: Good Vibrations

On February 19, we moved into the final stage of the zodiac cycle: water-loving Pisces!

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Pisces Season marks a time to reflect and dive into emotionality and intuition. It’s a stark transition from intellect-driven Aquarius season. As this season keeps flowing, remember to check-in with yourself and your body. 

🐟Are you feeling fulfilled emotionally and sexually? 

🐟Are you taking time for yourself and for your passions? 

A Sex Journal provides space to think more about emotions and prompts for truly deepening intimacy and connection alongside your partner. Pisceans make great friends and lovers and have an innate ability to know what someone needs and wants—and how to give it to them! 

Pisceans as well as Cancers and Scropios, the other water signs, will be particularly adept at making space for setting intentions and tapping into their emotions. Take a leaf out of a Pisces’ book and listen to your intuition this month!


Pisceans love to give, and Pisces Season is a season of giving and romance. But don’t forget to make time for yourself, too. Diving into a new romance novel will ignite the natural imaginative inclination of the season and will ensure you have solo time, too. Pair your reading with a waterproof vibe like the Mimi Soft for extra solo-pleasure. 


The sun in Pisces means the small stuff is easier to forget. That, plus Mercury in retrograde from February 19 - March 9, means we’re all more prone to absentmindedness. Don’t forget to charge your vibrators and make sure you have backup Please Cream in your bedside table, just incase your toys run out of juice or you find yourself on your last drop of lube. 


Pisces is a mutable sign, able to change and adapt, representing the change from one season to the next. This time of change opens us up to those creative pursuits that have been on the back burner throughout the winter. 

If you’ve been thinking about exploring role play but hesitant to get outside your comfort zone, the creative and intuitive energy of Pisces will be on your side this month. You’ll feel more confident exploring the intricate knot work of Shibari Rope Play or the thrill of playing with power and impact

You may find yourself extra productive around March 9, the Sugar Moon. This Supermoon will not only make for an extra romantic, moonlit evening but, as the last full moon of the winter, it nods towards spring. It marks the start of nature’s productivity, and is a reminder to find the sweetness of the season as the zodiac calendar comes to a close. 


As you swim through this season, draw inspo from Pisces Icons:

Music & Fashion Icon, Rihanna 

Princess of Poise, Simone Biles

Queen of Camp, Liza Minelli