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By: Good Vibrations

So You Got (or Gave) a Valentine’s Day Gift Card! Here’s How to Make it Personal

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Here’s to all the love bugs who weren’t sure what to get their person for Valentine’s Day! There are so many ways to express love (as we illustrated recently in our post about love languages) and sooo many gift options, you might have just opted for a gift card, or received one. And that’s great, because now you can extend the romance (or sexiness) and decide what to get! You have two main options: the gift card recipient can pick their present (fair!)—or you can both get involved, and draw out the fun.

If you’re the gift-ee who’s busy scoping out the website, enjoy browsing, and let us know if you need any help! Did you know you can book a free appointment with a personal shopper who can answer your questions and help you narrow down your selections? 

If you’re going to share the love and get your partner involved in deciding what to buy, you’re in for a treat that can build your comfort and intimacy together. Pour a cup of something you both enjoy and make a date with the website (if you don’t live together, you can do this on Zoom). Talk about toys you like and imagine what you could do with them to spice up your play. Suddenly, that gift card is personal!

What if you have a fantasy about trying a new kind of play? In that case, congrats on the gift card, which can open many a door. Springing a package containing fetishwear or buttplugs or bondage gear on the most intimate of holidays might be the perfect decision—but sometimes this kind of gift sinks like a stone because there’s been no communication about it upfront, and the gift-giver wants the toy or outfit to communicate a message they haven’t said out loud. It can be awkward! Instead: you got a gift card! And that’s your excuse to talk about what you both want—and don’t want. Consider whether you want to start with seeking out information and inspiration before you choose a toy.

Want a friskier or kinkier love life? Start with a book like Exhibitionism for the Shy, or Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns, and after you read it you can shop together for a gift to match. Maybe this year has made you a little too stressed to start there—so begin with Cosmic Care and some relaxing bath bombs, or The Book of Massage plus a coupon good for massages on request! Chill out and then shop for toys.

Or start your own book club—and maybe the next phase of your sex lives--and read Mating in Captivity or Rebel Love together! Or choose erotica and read to each other to seek out the play style you’d like to try. Then—accessorize!

So make a sexy, romantic date to shop together—this is intimacy-enhancing, can clarify your gift options, and extends the holiday. More romance and fun for you both!