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Flip that Peach! 🍑

By: Good Vibrations

No, not that peach! 

Shake It Dancing GIF by Kei Saavedra

We thought we'd take a minute to talk about pegging! Without us, it's possible that Dan Savage and his readers would not have coined that term for strap-on anal sex with a cis man. (Everybody else can potentially enjoy anal too, of course, this is just a particular peachy variety of a larger sexual realm.) Why do we have something to do with it? Because after our staff noticed how many couples wanted to try this activity--this was back in the '90s!--some of us made a popular adult movie called Bend Over Boyfriend, which was a hit! And so is this amazing form of sexual pleasure and empowerment.

Why do we say empowerment? Well, we know many folks who have donned a strap-on say it's super-informative to try penetrative topping if they haven't before--and that it also feels sexy and powerful. And on the other hand, SOOO many people with prostates say they never realized how amazing prostate stimulation could feel, especially since many cis guys in particular, grow up with a strong bias against anal play. When they get curious anyway, and overcome that shame, it's often quite revolutionary for their sex lives! Empowering, in a word. 

So if you are curious about this sexy subject, check out info about anal play; stock up on lube; maybe start out by playing with some buttplugs; choose a comfy harness and a dildo that the bottom thinks they can comfortably enjoy...