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Entrance Through the Rear

By: Good Vibrations


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Anal is a super-common fantasy for people of all genders and orientations. Almost everyone has one of these nerve-endowed body parts. Even though anal sex has surely gotten more common over time, there remains a trace of taboo, and that just seems to fire many people up even more. It’s no surprise so many people have anal on their sexual bucket list. 


For some people, it seems the only thing necessary to make the fantasy real is a partner. Often, that’s a receiving partner, since being the insertive partner (aka the top) in anal sex is a VERY common desire. There’s actually another necessity, though, and we want to catch you up before you booty dreamers find that person. You need information.  


In honor of Anal August, you can get started right now on the most valuable kind of info there may be. You can start solo. We don’t mean you can get a sleeve designed with a replica of a fabulous porn star’s anus—though you can do that too! Nope, the really useful knowledge comes when you start to explore your own back door—because that information will teach you bodily skills and knowledge that it’s hard to acquire in any other way. 


We always remind people that the basics of anal sex require three things: relaxation, communication, and lubrication. So choose your lube, and decide whether you want to explore with a toy (like a plug, or a dildo or vibrator with a base). When the day comes that you have a willing and enthusiastic partner for anal adventure, toys will be a good way to get going then, too. But what’s especially useful about using toys yourself is that they will teach you about relaxation—how much is enough?  What does it take to get there?—as well as the effects of size and speed of entry and movement. Particularly when people are accustomed to having penis-in-vagina sex, they’re not always prepared for anal—especially the experience of the receiving partner (aka the bottom). So, learn the ropes before you practice on another person!  


You’ll still want to communicate with your partner when that day arrives—their ass is not your ass, there will likely be some differences to learn about. But you will have gotten the kind of head start on awareness and technique that you can’t learn from a book (or porn movie), even though we still think you might want to read books and watch informational porn too!  


You know what we always say. If you want something done right, do it yourself. ;-)