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Doubling Your Pleasure, Geminis! ♊

By: Good Vibrations

It’s time to double down on pleasure this Gemini Season!

Horoscope Gemini GIF by Eva

Gemini is…




Gemini season comes right after the midpoint of spring on May 22, guiding us into warmer weather and heating things up from the slower-paced and more grounded energy of Taurus. Gemini is also the first Air sign of the zodiac year, with a bright energy buzzing with potential and new ideas.


Ruled by Mercury- the planet of expression, communication, and relationships- Gemini season is the perfect time to connect with someone on a deeper level. Social distancing may be keeping us from being physically close with others, but it doesn’t mean we have to distance ourselves from safer interactions like video chats, phone calls, texting, sexting, or even a hand-written letter- sealed with a kiss, if you’d like 💋

This season of Air-ruled communication can also be a great time to check in with partners about likes, dislikes, needs, wants, and boundaries. Take some time to talk about what’s been working in your sex life, and bring up some ideas or fantasies that you’d like to incorporate. 

Making sure that you’re using positive language (“I’d really like to try…”  instead of a more accusatory “I hate that you never…”) can help to keep the conversation on the right note- having the focus stay on pleasure and how you can achieve it! If you’re not sure how to kick things off- try a Yes/No/Maybe list to inspire some sexy ideas and act as a tool to organize your thoughts. 


Gemini is famously known for duality- the twins representing a split of energy and the ability to adapt and switch to fit new environments. This is definitely a great time to try something new by switching things up! Whether it’s flipping your usual roles in the sheets, setting a new mood with some roleplaying, or trying out a new physical environment- use the versatile energy of Gemini to find something new to add to your erotic repertoire.


If you’re looking to treat your Gemini to some pleasure this season, consider a gift…

💛 …that has double the pleasure for this twice-as-nice sign, like a dual stimulating Rabbit Vibrator

💛 …that’s as versatile as Gemini, like the multi-functional Tryst

💛 …that’s sleek and stylish and offers two distinctive sensations for anal or vaginal play, like the Njoy Fun Wand

💛 …to go on a variety of erotic adventures and get inspired for new ways to play, like Night Shift- a choose-your-own-adventure style erotica novel!


So this Gemini season- embrace your duality, get communicating, and enjoy a little double trouble, safely. 😘😘