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Don’t Be Crabby, it’s Cancer Season! ♋🦀

By: Good Vibrations

Tune in to your emotional side this summer.

Cancer is…




Oh yeah… and emotional. 

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Coming in with the Summer Solstice, Cancer welcomes in the new season starting on June 21st.


Ruled by the moon, this summertime water sign leans heavily into the theme of waves — especially when it comes to emotions. Cancers are enigmatic creatures: they’re constantly ebbing and flowing, and can be sometimes harder to pin down than the other signs of the zodiac. This means that if you’re someone who’s into a Cancer, open and honest communication is that much more essential for a happy relationship (especially a romantic one). Cancers are in touch with all those relationship feelings, varied as they are — and with the right words and energy, are more than willing to open up and tell you all about it.

Cancers are also super loyal – with friendships, relationships, ideas, or sentiments – which is a great thing, but it also means that they can hold unwaveringly fast to things (for better or for worse). For example, a Cancer will remember your birthday — but also will remember that you didn’t text them on theirs three years ago, and won’t let it slide.

Another quirk of Cancerians is that they are super home-oriented. If you move in with your Cancer, they’ll want to make it a cozy love nest! If they live on their own, don’t be surprised to find they’ve invested in a nice stash of pleasure products.


On top of Cancer season already having us feeling all the feels, we’re also dealing with the incessant cycle of hard news- surviving through a pandemic, fighting against a corrupt socio-political system, the continuation of violence and injustice against Black folks and other oppressed communities- and if that wasn’t enough, it’s also Mercury Retrograde (until July 12).

But this Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be all bad — combined with the inflated emotional energies of Cancer season, we’re given the opportunity to assess those upheaved feelings, all the way down to the roots. This can allow us to reflect on old patterns, why certain feelings come up during certain times, and how we can use or change those emotional paths to serve ourselves better. If we can do it now, it’ll be a lot easier later.


Cancers are known, for all of the aforementioned reasons, for being deeply intimate. A romantic connection built on vulnerability and trust in emotions can be one that can last a really long time- when cared for properly by all parties involved.

If a Cancer is cared for, they’ll show that care right back.

So if you’re looking to care for your Cancer with some pleasure this season, consider a gift…

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