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Sex Questions

Why Give the Gift of Pleasure?
By: Good Vibrations - 12/10/2020
Really, why not? Here’s what we think...
Trans Awareness Week ⚧️
By: Good Vibrations - 11/20/2020
This year marks the 21st annual Trans Day of Remembrance
Menopause & Sex Drive
By: Good Vibrations - 11/25/2019
"Dear Good Vibrations: My wife has gone through menopause, and now has no interest in sex."
Did I Orgasm?
By: Good Vibrations - 11/25/2019
"Dear Good Vibrations: As a woman, how do I know I’ve orgasmed?"
Can a Vibrator Numb the Clitoris?
By: Good Vibrations - 11/25/2019
"Dear Good Vibrations: Can your clitoris get desensitized due to too much vibrator use?"
Orgasm During Vaginal Sex
By: Good Vibrations - 11/19/2019
"Dear Good Vibrations: How do you orgasm during vaginal sex?"
She Wants Stronger Orgasms
By: Good Vibrations - 11/19/2019
Dear Good Vibrations: My girlfriend isn't always able to come, or have a very satisfying orgasm.
Yes No Maybe List
By: Good Vibrations - 10/18/2019
Consent and communication are key in all aspects of our lives, but especially when it comes to sex. Not sure where to start? YES / NO / MAYBE lists are a great way to get the conversation going!