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Why Give the Gift of Pleasure?

By: Good Vibrations

If you’re reading this, you’re probably either a fan of sex toys or -- at least -- interested in or curious about them.

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We don’t deny that sex toys can be very personal -- some folks looking to be discreet even refer to them as “personal devices.” With that being said, this isn’t to say that you absolutely shouldn’t buy a toy for someone, especially if you and that person have a close enough relationship that you can openly talk about sex and pleasure. Trust your judgement and realize that while sex toys can be an amazing gift for someone tight to you, like your bestie or your partner, you may not want to pop a vibrator into a secret gift exchange or your workplace holiday gift swap.


Sex toys have so many great benefits, for pleasure and beyond. Here are four of our top reasons to shop sex toys this season:


●      For Self-Care: 2020 has been stressful. It can be hard to re-focus and re-center our energy in a way that allows us to truly relax for a while. Relaxing our bodies can be key not only for our physical needs- but emotional and mental as well. Doing so via pleasure -- either solo or with a partner/partners -- can allow us to reconnect with our bodies and provide a form of release. There’s nothing shameful in taking time for ourselves, and there’s nothing selfish about self-care. Gifting a toy can be a great way to remind someone of this.

●     For something new to try at home: We’re exhausted about talking about the pandemic too, but -- it’s still very much a reality this holiday season. Sex toys are a great way to spend some alone time at home if you or the person you’re gifting to are looking for something to do that’s not bingeing the latest streaming series or re-doing that jigsaw puzzle for the fifth time this year.  Plus, with app-controlled toys you can even have your gift be something that can be used by more than one person, from the safety of their own bedrooms -- sharing codes allows these products to securely be controlled from anywhere in the world -- so you or they can still get down with someone in a very socially distanced way

●     For checking off your “naughty” list: If you’re shopping for a partner, gifting a sex toy can be a great way to prioritize that new something you’ve both said you wanted to try in the bedroom, but haven’t gotten around to trying just yet. If you’ve both expressed explicit interest in that item/play, having your boo unwrap that sexy gift is a great way to reiterate that you’re down if they are. And if you’re not quite sure, or you haven’t curated that “to-do when I do you” list just yet  -- a Yes/No/Maybe list is a great way to start that convo.

●     For making someone smile: Sex toys aren’t all super intimate-looking and sultry -- gifting a sex toy doesn’t have to be that deep! Light-hearted sex toys like this pickle-shaped (yes, you read that correctly) vibrator, or this one that bluntly states “Screw It.” across the side are a great gift option for a bestie that will make them laugh -- and give them the option to get off with it should they want to.

○     Sex positive non-sex toy gifts are great for this reason, too!  A Julie Mollo Clutch featuring a sparkly banana or the reclaimed honorific of “cunt”, or a sex toy themed coloring book can also make a great gift for your sex-posi friend.


To reiterate, sex toys are personal. If you know your recipient is into a sex toy gift, but you’re not sure exactly what they’re down with in the bedroom / what kinds of toys they’re into, something that’s multi-use can make for a great option. For example, the Magic Wand is a best-seller for its orgasmic potential, but it also makes a bomb back massager. A massage candle can be a sexy bedside tool, or it can simply be used as, well, a candle -- or the warm oil can just be a treat to rub over yourself after a shower or bath. A blindfold can make for a great kink scene, or it can simply be a fashionable way to block out light for sleeping in, which -- in our opinion -- is also a valid form of self-care. 

Or, if you want to make sure that they’re really getting what they want this season, let them choose! An eGift Card is a foolproof way to gift, and you don’t have to worry about shipping times (they send immediately!).