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Toys Of The Zodiac: Capricorn

By: Lisa Finn

Capricorn Zodiac

It’s Capricorn’s time to shine, and as the hardest working sign of the Zodiac, they’re damn well ready to show us all how it’s done. These Earth signs born between December 22 and January 20 are known to be practical and self-reliant (read: grounded, as earth may imply), but Caps don’t let that firm stance get in the way of their relationships.

Capricorns have that can-do attitude ready to prioritize success, sometimes even to a fault with their need to overachieve. But their diligent nature shows up in other ways as well, demanding the best not only for themselves, but for their partners and tight circles – a select group that sees Capricorn’s loyalty and drive to provide. For those close enough to see past that tough exterior, Capricorns can let free a tender side that’s willing to listen and feel… before diving back in to the logical, of course.

That desire (and even, sometimes, need) to take control can show up not only in their professional lives, but in the bedroom as well. Capricorns can make excellent Dominant partners, blending their love of commanding a space with the fact that when a Cap knows what they want, they’re gonna go for it. 

Capricorn Zodiac

When a Cap sets their mind to something, they’re going to follow through--and so exploring BDSM and learning the art of rope bondage can be an exciting way for this sign to combine that take-charge Dominant sexuality with the ability to learn and perfect yet another skill to add to their ever-growing repertoire. Consider pairing your rope with a how-to bondage book to keep inspiration flowing as that expertise grows.

Capricorns are also more than thorough--they excel at exploring the body and mapping out the smallest intimate details of a partner so they can succeed at grabbing hold of pleasure even in the most nuanced ways. This makes Caps great communicators as well--direct language is a huge turn-on, so don’t be shy about breaking out the dirty talk when you’re in bed with this winter sign.

Capricorn Zodiac

Capricorn’s goal oriented nature plays perfectly with a streamlined straight-to-the-point design--and the Njoy Pure Wand is just that. No-frills, classy, and with a distinct shape that’s contoured to specifically target hot-spots like the G-spot and prostate, this gorgeous steel dildo is the perfect addition to a Capricorn’s nightstand.

Capricorn Zodiac

If we’re talking getting down to business, the Doxy Wand easily checks that box with a classic wand-style shape, and a super-strong motor that, like Capricorn, goes directly for the goal and does not mess around when it comes to pleasure. So, celebrate this steadfast sign and go get ambitious in the bedroom this Capricorn season.