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The Priceless Prostate

By: Good Vibrations

Have any of your friends been stylin’ fancy face hair lately? They may be celebrating Movember – That’s Mo(ustache) + November, an annual event to raise awareness for a variety of men’s health issues. You may have seen the signature moustaches that many sport this month, part of a global campaign to encourage prostate cancer screening and awareness.

We’re always excited about things that encourage people to think more about health, their bodies, and pleasure, and prostates -- in addition to being an important part of sexual health -- can be an important part of sexual pleasure.


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At Good Vibrations, we know the prostate is Pleasure Central for many people, comparable to the g-spot because of its association with providing intense orgasms. Some call it the "p-spot"! The g-spot is actually homologous to the prostate, meaning they have a lot in common—so no matter where you are on -- or off -- the gender spectrum, prostate stimulation can feel AH-mazing!

👉So first, where -- and what -- is the prostate?

The prostate is a gland that surrounds the urethra and produces much of the fluid that makes up semen. During arousal, the prostate swells with fluid which may then be expelled through the urethra during ejaculation. 💦

The prostate is accessible via the anus, about a finger length in and up towards the belly button. Unless you’re very flexible, you may not be able to reach your own prostate without a toy, but a consenting partner’s fingers can be a great way to begin this exploration! As with any other type of anal play, we always, ALWAYS recommend lube -- a nice thick gel like Please Gel is a great option to reduce friction and add cushion. Gently massage the anus with the flat pad of a well-manicured and lubricated finger. A nice smooth glove can make for easier insertion and clean up. The prostate will feel different than the rest of the tissue around it, especially if it is already engorged from arousal.

Gently tap against the prostate to stimulate it; try the classic “come hither” motion with the finger(s) curving towards the belly button and stroking the prostate; or try moving your fingers in a circular motion around it. Listen to your body (or to the person who is having their prostate stimulated) to learn what feels best.

Prostate stimulation can be added to other types of play like masturbation, hand sex, or oral sex, or it can be enjoyed all on its own! Many folks who have orgasms from prostate stimulation describe them as more intense and full-bodied than orgasms from penis stimulation -- sure sounds good to us! 😉 And the crème de la crème for some people is the “blended orgasm” from both prostate and penis stimulation.

If you’re exploring your prostate on your own or want to experiment with different stimulation than a finger provides, there are tons of prostate-specific toys at the ready. The Don Juan by Pleasure Works and the Aneros MGX Syn Trident are excellent starter options because of the curves of the toy designed to reach that hot spot. And if you’re curious about prostate vibrators, we love the Vector by We-Vibe for its deep, penetrating vibrations — plus it comes with a bluetooth app for remote control play!