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45 Years of Good Vibrations… and great vibes too!

By: Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations turns forty-five this year!  


Back in 1977 our founder, the late Joani Blank, had been working as a facilitator of “pre-orgasmic women’s groups” at the UCSF medical school; over and over the women expressed they were unwilling to go into an adult store to get a vibrator, and Joani realized she could create a different kind of store. So, she did!  

Choosing the best products available plus hiring staffers who could provide sex education as well as help customers feel comfortable talking about what they needed, she created a magic combination (selling the Magic Wand helped too!). 


Over the years the stores got bigger, we opened more of them (on both coasts!), and though Joani’s legacy idea of making a space for women has always been in our DNA, we’ve heard from men, nonbinary folks, and others all along the gender spectrum who wanted a comfortable place to shop too. We’ve grown along with the culture, and hopefully offered our influence back to it—as we did in the mid-1990s when we created National Masturbation Month to protest the firing of the Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders. It’s been a wild ride—and it’s far from over! 

We are so proud to carry this legacy business forward and help make the world a more pleasure-filled place. 

- Carol Queen PhD, Staff Sexologist