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Do men really like penetration? You betcha! Can a woman come while strapping it on for her guy? Read More

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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Do men really like penetration? You betcha! Can a woman come while strapping it on for her guy? Carol Queen can. You're along for the ride as two straight couples watch educational info on the ins and outs of harness usage -- communication, safety and expertise -- then put the tips into passionate, explicit play that leaves no territory unexplored. Directed by Shar Rednour; a Fatale film. 1998, 60 min.

We can't recommend the instruction movie Bend Over Boyfriend enough! This well-loved guide shows you how to get started, how to communicate, and how to strap it on. Our very own Carol Queen walks you through everything and there are great vignettes with real couples demonstrating tips and techniques.
-- CeeCee & Molly, Good Vibes Magazine

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs


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Carol Queen  Jackie Strano 

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Customer Reviews
B.O.B. #2 - Love Chloe and her surfer! - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Hmm, odd, I rentd B.O.B. 2 last year, but now it's not showing in either the Store or their Rentals. Well anyway, I only liked one couple and that was Chloe and her surfer boyfriend. (It also looks like this was filmed in the town I live!) I was surprised to recently discover she is a major award winning porn star! She certainly doesn't look like one in this. Very down to earth, girl next door. And they seemd like a real couple, too. The way they wre talking and teasing. Not that they couldn't be, mind you, but now I feel like it was probably just another film for her. They definitely had chemistry! I loved watching him take it up the ass. Love that long hair. yummy. And also was glad to finally see her get taken in (and at) the end! Didn't like the other couples, especially that poseur dom and her femmy guy.

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