Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men

Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men - Front Cover

Welcome to the world of anal pleasure for men! Anal sex expert Tristan Taormino busts myths and Read More

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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Welcome to the world of anal pleasure for men! Anal sex expert Tristan Taormino busts myths and challenges stereotypes about male sexuality as she sheds light on one of the most important erogenous zones for men. Let her guide you step by step as she teaches an informative workshop packed with tips and techniques for safe and pleasurable anal sex. Then watch as three sexy couples with great chemistry explore this intimate activity and experiment with different toys, and positions. Discover how to combine anal pleasure with oral sex, have fantastic strap-on sex, and give your partner an anal orgasm. A revealing look at one of the sexiest, most intense ways for couples to take their sex lives to the next level. Also includes a Mini-Feature on Solo Prostate Stimulation Toys, Mini-Feature on Safer Sex, Mini-Feature on Strap-on Dildos and Harnesses, Enema How To!

Nominated for the 2010 AVN Awards for: Best Educational Release

2010 Feminist Porn Awards "TheSmutty Schoolteacher Award for Sex Education"
It is not small feat to make learning sexy and this years winner goes above and beyond to blend educational content with sizzling sex. From helpful techniques to thorough descriptions, Tristan Taorminos Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men calms your fears, ignites your creativity and invites you to explore the wide world of the back door.

Runtime: 101 minutes

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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Customer Reviews
Dispelling the myths, opening up men to the ultimate pleasure - August 25, 2009
Reviewed By: bimmergal

Even though I own several books on anal sex for both men and women, this is a really great video which goes a long way toward dispelling the myth that men who enjoy anal sex are always gay or have to be bisexual. My partner just loves anal pleasure and now is going to step up to a bigger dildo, courtesy to the instructions on this video. I was already familiar with the instructional parts of the video but it was great to see the techniques used on willing partners. I just hope, as in most porn, that they weren't just acting! I have several other films on strap-on sex, but find that a lot of other films unfortunately seem to be aimed at the fem-dom market and show how to hurt men in revenge scenarios. i wouldn't hurt my partner for the world and I want him to be happy.
My only caveat is that no matter if you try to
educate the men in your life about anal sex, they may get angry if you try to "convert" them. They don't know what they're missing!

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