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This breakthrough educational documentary about Tantra is perfect for those interested in starting Read More

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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This breakthrough educational documentary about Tantra is perfect for those interested in starting to explore the sensual art, whether male or female, but its focus on lesbian Tantra is truly one of a kind. From a 20 minute How-To segment perfect for any beginner to an in-depth look at the sexual expression, energy flow, and other forms of connections geared towards lesbian Tantra, this film truly took our breath away. The educational style means there isn’t much explicit content, but we think this is the perfect film to get your exploration of Tantra started, no matter what your orientation. Includes over 50 minutes of special features including Annie Sprinkle and Pamela Madisons full uncut Fire Breath Orgasms!

Director: Betsy Kalin

Length: 110 minutes

Year: 2006

Stars: Annie Sprinkle, Marcia Singer, Pamela Madison, Evalena Rose

Special Features:

  • Annie Sprinkle's Uncut fire breath orgasm
  • Pamela Madison's uncut fire breath orgasm
  • Annie Sprinkle outtakes
  • Cast and crew biographies

Why We Like It:

  • Educational documentary about tantra for women who love women - what tantra is, how I can heal and enrich your life as well as a little info on how to do tantra.
  • In-depth look at lesbian tantra - self expression, access to pleasure, feeling energetic flow (solo and partnered), intimacy w/o genital contact, altered states of consciousness, connection with partner, owning one's sexuality, owning ones experience and emotions, connection to spirit and sexual healing
  • This could be a great fit for anybody who wants to learn about tantra as much of the basic info isn't specific to lesbian women.
  • 20 Minute ho-to segment with Pamela Madison, founder of Women's Sexuality Center, tantric sex expert, and sexual healer
  • Only a small amount of explicit sex - one female ejaculation and a little bit more, but not a lot - this is more educational documentary style


Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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Customer Reviews
Disappointing - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

This DVD felt more like a commercial than an educational video. We learned all about *why* we should have tantric sex, but nothing about *how* to do it. Very disappointing.

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