Billy Castro's Naughty Squirters DVD

Billy Castro's Naughty Squirters DVD - Front Cover

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Studio: Good Releasing Studio

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Who's that hot man in the love van? Why, it's Billy Castro, on the hunt for femmes! The pervy tattooed transman's search quickly yields naughty new girlfriends who come, squirt, and get down on his silicone dick. With sexy Seda he only gets as far as the sleek black sofa -- they can't even make it all the way to the bedroom before starting a steamy session. Cute blonde Chloe Camilla writhes and squirts under Billy's thrusts, while nasty Ashley Blue likes it rough. Gorgeous redhead Calico Lane is left sweaty, spent, and happy. A must-see for female ejaculation fans, lovers of natural bodies and breasts, and Billy Castro lovers (and wannabes) everywhere!

2012, 60 minutes, directed by Billy Castro

Awards & Honors

Feminist Porn Awards: Most Tantalizing Trans Film 2013

Studio: Good Releasing Studio


Also Starring:

Chloe Camilla 

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Customer Reviews
Had high hopes - February 16, 2013
Reviewed By: cdl

Per the title I expected to see alot more squirting orgasms-Instead got spitting-Really??? Who finds that hot? I know we don't! and more "spanking" than prefer to watch. Personally think it should be recatogorized under Dom/sub-humiliation. We were looking for woman having squirting orgasams-Not the other stuff.

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