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Greetings from Toronto! I was in town for the Feminist Porn Awards and of course brought my camera! Read More

Studio: Good Releasing Studio

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Greetings from Toronto! I was in town for the Feminist Porn Awards and of course brought my camera! Hot to see Judy Minx again, I headed to her room for a quickie which escalated into an all-night love affair full of perversions and queer femme fetishes! River Turner led Jiz Lee & Drew DeVeaux in a dance routine which turned into a three-way genderqueer fuckfest. April Flores called an escort service for a gorgeous, leggy, brunette femme -- and the lovely Dylan Ryan obliged with a hard steel Njoy Eleven sex toy ready to serve April's soft, sexy body. Lascivia Liberty and Scout fucked in a sunny, hot pink bedroom with lots of toys and orgasms, anal, and kink! This was one wet ride with ejaculation in every scene! I hope you enjoy these hot, diverse, hardcore vignettes proving once again that hot queers can be found anywhere and everywhere... will your town be next? xoxo, Courtney Trouble

2010, 90 minutes, single disk.

Nominated 2011 Feminist Porn Awards


Runtime: 73 minutes

Studio: Good Releasing Studio

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Customer Reviews
Seriously-? - February 16, 2013
Reviewed By: cdl

I bought this based on the reviews & had high hopes-However, we were not able to watch this entire video because we have NO desire to watch people spit on each other-Talk about disresectful & a turn off!!!
We were only able to watch one of the vignettes-The one with the 3 lesbians-Very good-It looked like they actually had some chemistry & they use lube-not spit.

sexy and fun - March 21, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

I would recommend this movie to porn lovers of all types. This is very female friendly, because the majority of the love-making involves only women. The intercourse is intimate, kinky, and fun to watch. There are lots of variety among the couples, which was fun to watch. There was also a LOT of squirting. It's the best porn film that I've seen in a long time. I don't normally watch queer sex but I found it educational as well as entertaining. Women can learn more activities to do in bed, even if they are not queer. I always enjoy learning more about my body, so I know what to ask my partner for during intercourse. The bonus scene involved a kinky, straight couple who I really enjoyed watching. They were great at mixing up sex and keeping it interesting, even though they have been together for years. (Yay!)

--from our reviewer, Geeky Nympho

real sex, real orgasms - February 14, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

If you want to be an outsider looking in on real queer alt sex, then Courtney Trouble’s Roulette Toronto is the DVD for you. I am not talking about being a creepy peeper watching people through windows. Ms. Trouble makes you feel as if you have been invited into the room to watch, but told you not to expect to get involved. There is no mugging for the camera in this film…just real people, with real bodies, engaged in real sex, and having real orgasms. The camera brings you close to the action, but it is not in-your-face porn. It’s more like you are enjoying the show over the shoulder of the ladies.

What is striking about this film is how generous the players are with each other. There is a palpable focus on bringing their partner’s to orgasm. Granted, this may not be the same way you, or your lover, wants to be brought to orgasm, but that is the magic of this DVD. The players in this film know what gets their partners off, and they work nearly lovingly at providing that for them. It is incredibly intimate for all of its rough edges.

--from our reviewer, Pegging Life

not my usual thing, which was great! - February 2, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

This isn’t really the type of porn I usually go for, but I found that I really enjoyed some of the scenes. There was squirting everywhere in this movie and I loved it. Everything was authentic, no faked sounding orgasm or faked enjoyment, and that is something I really appreciate in a porn.

--from our reviewer, Bzzing Bee

real sex, real women, real hot - January 31, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

Here was something that was real. The only thing scripted was the set-up. No surgically-enhanced, cosmetically-modified, silicone-injected, half-starved, clean-shaven, waxed, plucked, bo-toxed, bleached and tinted sex puppets moaning on cue. No half-baked plots that start telling an interesting story that is suddenly interrupted by miraculously spontaneous sex on the countertops. Instead, an international cast of real women, set in real places, placed in the same room with a bunch of toys and apparently a heavy dose of aphrodisiacal gasses pumped through the air conditioning vents because these women are electric!

This is “reality porn” – set the situation, spark the interest, let it happen naturally and record the results. It’s harsh, gritty, grimy and even a little perverted, yet strangely sensual in a way that defies description. These women aren’t exploited – they do this because they want to do it! Hell, they have fun doing it and it’s more than apparent!

--from our reviewer, EVO

Yes please! - January 31, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

While I seriously had a hard time deciding which scene in this movie was my favorite (they were all great), I would probably have to say Lascivia Liberty and Scout's scene on a hot pink bed in a hot pink bedroom was my favorite. There is just something so freaking hot for me about a gender bending sex session that gets me going. The mix of harnesses, work boots, lingerie and high heels? Yes please! There are so many fun positions and toys used in this scene. First and foremost is a strap-on harness. I've recently become enamored with everything to do with harnesses and can first hand tell you how sexually empowering it is to use one, even if not to have sex. The possibility of switching between and among genders so easily makes for absolutely great sex.

--from our reviewer, Undercover Kinkster

Real hot, real sexy, and Reel Queer - December 10, 2010
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

The things I love about queer porn were definitely present here. Genderqueerness. Body variety. Laughing during sex. Body hair. Body fluids. Negotiation/communication being seen during sex. Kinky play. Camera angles that show the connection, not just pink bits. All really nice. And this is the second time Courtney has suggested in porn the idea of women being sex work clients, which I really, really like- it’s about time women saw themselves as potential consumers within the sex industry.

So, yeah, I liked this “Roulette” a lot, and definitely would recommend watching it. It’s very girl-heavy, so if that’s what you want from your queer porn, this would be a good one to check out! Plus it might be a little more accessible to the queer girl with a straight boyfriend- this may change his tastes a bit. ;) It’s also really fun to see the video diaries- the behind the scenes really makes this special for me, because you really feel included, like you know these people and are sharing their hot sexytimes. That rocks. I loved the moment where Dylan tells April “you totally squirted!” and April looks surprised and apologizes- Dylan say “no, don’t apologize, it was incredible!” and they both just look so delighted… it’s really touching.

--from our reviewer, Kitty Stryker

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