Crash Pad Series Volume 2: Unlocked

Crash Pad Series Volume 2: Unlocked - Front Cover

Get ready for five more scenes of scorching hot sex from San Francisco queer porn pioneers, Pink and White Productions. Read More

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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Get ready for five more scenes of scorching hot sex from San Francisco porn pioneers, Pink and White Productions. Award winning director (and former Good Vibes SESA), Shine Louise Houston, treats us to even more sultry scenes with a modern and refreshing view of queer sexuality and gender. As with the other Crash Pad videos, the theme revolves around a very special apartment where if you are lucky enough to get a key, you’ll gain access to some of the hottest sex you’ve ever experienced. Featuring a fantastic cast that is just as diverse and creative as the scenes themselves, these performers don’t hold anything back as they enjoy themselves in front of the camera with hard pounding sex, solo scenes, oral delights, dildos, face fucking and a host of other sinful pleasures. The cast this time around features lots of tattoos and piercings and includes a great variety of genders. If you’re looking for authentic queer porn made by and for queer folk, than Pink and White might just be your new best friend. 2008

Awards & Recognition

  • Winner of the 2009 Feminist Porn Award's Steamiest Trans Scene! (Episode 9: Michelle Aston & Julie)
  • was nominated for the 2011 Feminist Porn Awards, and AVN Awards "Best Alternative Website"

Special Features:

  • Behind the scenes interviews of performers for each episode

Why We Like It

  • Five of the top Episodes from Season 2 of run by Pink and White Productions
  • Pink and White Productions is a queer woman of color owned and operated porn company.
  • From Award Winning director, Shine Louise Houston (a former GV SESA!)
  • Ongoing theme from The Crash Pad -- a super sexy SF apartment gives key holders some of the hottest sex they've ever experienced.
  • Really authentic sex scenes with a refreshing view of lesbian/queer sexuality and gender
  • Diverse body types from thin to curvy; diverse gender from trans ftm to the highest of dirty femmes.
  • The style of sex varies - from playfulness and tickling, from tender to rouch, slow fucking and hard fucking, scenes with fingers, oral, dildos, face smacking, knife play, female ejaculation, dykes, femme, butch, boi, transmen, cisgender women, transgender womyn, androgynous, genderqueer and more.

As pioneers in queer porn, the Crash Pad Series challenges the definitions of gender and sexual orientation. Some movies feature transgender men and women, as well as genderqueer performers. Most include cisgender* women, and some even have cisgender men as performers.

*Cisgender refers to people who experience and present their gender in a way that’s aligned with the sex of their body. It contrasts with transgender, which refers to people who experience their gender as different from the physical sex they were assigned at birth.


Runtime: 107 minutes

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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