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Kimberly Kane targets herself in her latest directorial effort, MY OWN MASTER. No man can tell Read More

Studio: Good Releasing Studio

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Kimberly Kane targets herself in her latest directorial effort, MY OWN MASTER. No man can tell Kimberly Kane how to fuck or who to fuck, and in this movie she proves it! See Kimberly push her limits with all her favorite fuck partners, handpicked by the lady herself. In this stylish sexploration, Kimberly takes a throat-fucking from two sailors in a sloppy oral free-for-all. You will meet Kimberly's disobedient slave girl AVY SCOTT, who loves to top from the bottom. And finally, watch Kimberly give in to the pleasures of anal submission with her favorite male performer DENIS MARTI in a moody real-life sex experience that will have you BEGGING for more! MY OWN MASTER is sure to satisfy you on all levels of deviance, and is a must own for all Kimberly Kane fans! 2010, 90 minutes.

"A triumvirate of erotic mood pieces that bristle with intelligence... as both director and performer, Kane captures something rare here: a strong, hardcore sex scene that is at the same time intensely romantic and emotionally satisfying."
- Iris Blocks, AAAA Star Rating in AVN Magazine

2011 Feminist Porn Awards Honourable Mention!


Runtime: 79 minutes

Studio: Good Releasing Studio

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Customer Reviews
Porn Boring? - July 10, 2011
Reviewed By: HappyMe8

Other reviewers loved this movie, so I was eager to watch it. Each scene started off promising enough, but the two with guys soon became in and out, over and over again. Sure, the lead character DID play with herself during intercourse, which was great to see. I'm looking for something that builds in intensity as it moves along. That makes every cell in my body quiver. This movie isn't it.

She take control - December 19, 2010
Reviewed By: Lady Evyl

I am not a huge fan of porn so it is very rare I come across a movie I ADORE. This is on my top 2 best porn movie ever. It is intimate, personal, intense, kinky, hard and most important REAL. They really are having a blast and the chemistry is awesome.

best ever - November 1, 2010
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

Kimberly Kane might just be a porn genius. Porn that has good music, men making out and awesome sex? Since when did all three of these things come together in a porn? Well, Kimberly Kane has made sure you don’t have to sacrifice anything by putting everything awesome into one porn.

This is definitely without a doubt the best overall porn I’ve ever reviewed. You get dude-on-dude sexiness, multiple shots of the loveliest pussy in porn and chemistry like crazy. You really cannot go wrong with this one.

--from our reviewer, Hello Saraid

Master of her world - August 25, 2010
Reviewed By: Gigi44

This is quite a very inventive porn movie, in which you can see the main actress playing with herself alone, then with two men, then with another woman, and finally with a man... so it should have something to please everyone out there. The visuals are excellent, and there are great close-ups of the positions.

so many great scenes! - July 20, 2010
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

I might have some trouble writing this review because I'm kind of dizzy and spacey from having like 2.99×108 orgasms while watching it.

I have never seen eye contact like this in a porn movie before. I have read books that instruct couples to make eye contact like this to make sex more intimate, but I have never seen anything like it in porn before.

Oh yeah and all the music is awesome.

--from our reviewer, Lovesick Robot

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