An Open Invitation: A Real Swinger's Party in San Francisco

An Open Invitation: A Real Swinger's Party in San Francisco - Front Cover

An OPEN invitation is first and foremost a love story. The tale of a marriage not in trouble but Read More

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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An OPEN invitation is first and foremost a love story. The tale of a marriage not in trouble but which is elevated and erotically charged by a chance encounter with a couple over diner who plays in the alternative lifestyle. The movie follows the arc of how a couple moves from a staid, predictable and happy life to one filled with adventure, phenomenal sex and, most importantly, open communication about their desires. The movie has been called "one of the best couples films of all time", using great on-location footage, subtle acting and well-crafted dialog to build some of the most believable and compelling sex scenes ever filmed. In addition to career-defining performances that earned the film 13 AVN nominations (including best film, best actress/actor, best girl/girl, best orgy), An OPEN Invitation intersects with an actual swingers party for the final scene. 127 real swingers got busy with the stars and each other to create a visually stunning cinematic milestone in adult film history. An OPEN Invitation redefines the standard for feature film in the industry.
2010, 148 minutes.


Runtime: 151 minutes

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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Customer Reviews
Not bad - June 2, 2011
Reviewed By: Willbo

There's something for everyone in this movie. Plot, chemistry, and scenes are all pretty good.

Oops - February 6, 2011
Reviewed By: SmilingSally

Sometimes it is best to ignore an invitation and this is one we should have passed on. We read reviews, all over the place, and the premise and awards write ups - win some and lose some.

Thus far this has been the worst movie we have paid money for. Seriously we both thought it was just awful. The supposed 'story' got left out somewhere along the line and it's just a big orgy. If that's what you are looking for, then jump on it. I like the usage of quality toys - the premise of the movie was supposed to be at least thought provoking and interesting. NOT. So the sex was just sex and the acting happened momentarily now and then. The main characters were as interesting as mold on bread. It's altogether a flaccid movie with little hope of rising to the occasion. It just totally missed the mark for us.

Orgy-galore - October 27, 2010
Reviewed By: Charlie D

This movie is perfect for folks who love orgy scenes. It's got a loose plot, enough plot that it allowed me to care for the characters, but not enough to get in the way. There are only two or so scenes where there is less than 3 people playing with each other!

amazing movie - September 27, 2010
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

I really enjoy the chemistry between some of the actors, the chemistry between the performers together as couples is great. The sex scene between them is pretty good and it’s mainly just straightforward group sex.

Also, I really enjoyed the sex scene that introduces the Angels, they are passionate and all over each other. I also enjoyed the incorporated use of sex toys such as anal plugs and vibrators into the scene. It shows that there is nothing wrong with incorporating toys into the act.

Another one of my favorite scenes is the scene between The Blumes after they start spicing up their love lives, the actors have great chemistry and the scene is enjoyable. There is a lot of dirty talking and fantasy role playing, he even blindfolds her.

Now, the party scene at the end is also very good, you see a lot of sex and it’s very erotic. I mean, I found what the couples were doing in the background a lot more of a turn on than the porn stars in the front of the scene that were the main attraction. It was just very erotic to see couples being sexual in different parts of the room and sitting on couches next to each other. It almost made me want to look up a sex party for my partner and I to go to, though it’s a fantasy of mine – I don’t think I’ll really ever get to play that one out in real life. At least the scene helped me to live out that fantasy. Also, one other good thing to point out is that to me all but one of the star’s bodies looked natural and that was refreshing to see. There was also a wide range of body types in the movie which I felt helped to make it a little more women friendly.

--from our reviewer, Sea of Neptune

amazing movie! - August 3, 2010
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

The plot? A loving couple goes out for a date night and meets another loving couple. Couple 2 are “swingers.” They invite couple 1 to a party. And I’m sure you can all take it from there. The plot is loose, but positive and loving. The script is almost non existent. You can tell where the actors were actually “acting” and it was very few and far in between. The people in this movie love sex and you can see it. None of the sex was acted or forced or anything like that. It was real.

It runs about 2 1/2 hours and has a bonus scene as well as an awesome behind the scenes featurette. There are of course also trailers, and a scene selection menue.

The very end of this movie is the real star though. For perhaps the last hour or so we are treated to a real swinger’s party here in San Francisco. There is a short bit that is a bit like a commercial, as people are introduced to the main characters of the movie. It frames a shot of a few of the people saying who they are and what position they hold within their adult organization. This is only for probably 60 seconds though, and we get back to the movie.

This film was amazing. It was directed well, the acting was incredibly subtle and the story was positive and loving. It promotes the wonderful nature of open relationships and the sex was fantastic! I also really liked the music. For me music can make or break a movie and with the exception of the one lesbian scene in the movie, it was all very good and also appropriate modern music. The woman on woman scene had more standard bow-chicca-chicca-bow-bow music. The swinger’s party had some really erotic music that was different from the rest of the movie that I thought was very appropriate and worked with the scene.

--from our reviewer, Jessie Beth

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