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Two theatre actors who play onstage lovers without much zing -- until one critical peformance, when they decide to improvise. Read More

Studio: Good Vibrations Toys

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Two theatre actors who play onstage lovers without much zing -- until one critical peformance, when they decide to improvise. The results will thrill you as much as they do the Matinee audience who watches them really begin to make love. Bridging the gap between indy art film and sex film, this plot-driven, scripted mini-featurette by US-born, Amsterdam-based filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell features real actors performing their first-ever explicit scene, not porn performers, and the result is smart, nuanced, and oh-so-sexy. With Steven McAlistair and Alicia Whitsover. 2009, 34 minutes plus exclusive extras.


Studio: Good Vibrations Toys

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    arousing, realistic, and sexy - January 10, 2011
    Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

    After delivering maybe a handful of words, the film rolls out into a full-on, 20-minute-or-so sex scene, complete with surprisingly accurate foreplay that captures the increasing arousal of both people; and it is surprisingly pretty fantastic. I have seen a lot of porn and in more cases than not, porn shows two people (or sometimes more) meeting up, taking their clothes off, and immediately getting down to business. This is not the way real sex works. Immediately trying to shove something inside of a woman without anything even slightly sexual happening beforehand hardly works; in fact, it’s just painful for everyone involved.

    I really loved a lot of things about “Matinee”. First of all, hello stunningly real, relateable body types! Both Steven McAlistair and Alicia Whitsover have bodies that we have all seen in our daily lives, rather than the typical bodies we see in movies, magazines, and on television. For instance, when Mariah (Whitsover) lays down on the bed, her breasts flatten, falling to her sides, and when she leans over to grab a condom she has stashed away in the pocket of her robe and then rolls it onto Daniel’s (McAlistair’s) penis, you can clearly see a small roll of fat around her midsection. Also, Mariah has a full bush, which is definitely something we don’t get to see a lot in the porn industry.

    --from our reviewer, Woman Tribune

    believable intimacy - November 22, 2010
    Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

    What I found interesting in this movie was that we aren't able to classify it as a generic, 'Red Shoe Diaries' saga of 'a lonely housewife discovering the passion within'; this isn't a stereotypical approach to what women want to see or dictate what passion is. Not the story nor the acting is as trite to suggest that this story is more than it is--a story of two actors rising to an occasion, so to speak. The story is believable, albeit unlikely. The plot sets up nicely without extraneous storyline and moves nicely into the sex scene. The sexual scene is not particularly explicit; the camera focuses on close-ups of isolated body shots and facial expressions, rather than straight up, over the top fucking. Similarly, we also do not receive the Red Shoe Diaries treatment of soft lens, blurry details and conveniently situated props for censoring. This camera is not preoccupied with capturing 'softcore', but rather on bringing to the viewer's attention the tiny touches and intimate details that are often overlooked. The nature of the scene is pornographic, yes, but I would instead call it a focus on intimacy.

    --from our reviewer, Love Lettr

    a great movie with hot sex - November 15, 2010
    Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

    The acting in this film is good. Way good for porn. Hell…it’s fucking fabulous as far as porn acting goes. The parts of the film that do not involve sex are still interesting. The parts of the film that involve sex are phenomenal. It’s hard for me to put into words why I loved the sex in this film so much. The male lead didn’t do a whole lot for me; he seemed kind of ‘just there’ at times. The fact that they end up fucking in front of a live audience and said live audience didn’t react in an outright noticeable way also bothered me a bit…that just didn’t seem realistic. I have to think if I went to watch a play that wasn’t supposed to depict an actual live sex act, and then the actors in the play fucked on stage, I’d be at least a little bit shocked. Maybe not upset, but I wouldn’t just sit there like it was completely normal and expected.

    The female lead, Alicia Whitsover, made me love this film. There is a line where one of her costars says something along the lines of ‘You might be better than him’ referring to the male lead, and I think that is an amazingly astute observation. She was leaps and bounds better than him. During the love scene she was believable. She seemed nervous and there were a couple of adorable awkward moments and it was just magnificent. Even if everything but her performance was absolute shit, I would still watch this film just for her performance in that scene.

    Matinée is more erotica than porn, really. It is subtle in an incredibly sexy way. It is female friendly, but your boyfriend might not hate it. He definitely won’t hate the sex scene. It features an amazing female lead who more than makes up for any shortcomings this production might have.

    --from our reviewer, A Bedroom Blog

    hot, genuine, and sexy - November 8, 2010
    Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

    I would recommend this erotic film for any couple (or single!) who wants to watch a hot, genuine, sex film. Especially those who are disappointed by the faux 'pleasure' and unrealistic porn-star bodies that dominate mainstream porn. This is porn that features real people having real sex that doesn't follow the homogenized recipe of traditional porn. Matinee is indie art film meets hetero feminist porn. Hot hot hot! I would consider this good erotic film for everyone, especially people who are usually discouraged or turned off 'regular' porn.

    --from our reviewer, Venus Etc.

    Definitely Worth It - November 6, 2010
    Reviewed By: Miss Kay

    While this is a little pricy for just the one sex scene, this is easily the most sensual sex scene I've ever seen in an adult movie. The characters have so much chemistry, I honestly felt like I was spying on the honeymooned couple next door. The plot is minimal, but does explain the action, and the two actors look REAL - a bit of fat with natural breasts! The camera work is perfect and serves to accentuate the sensuality of sex instead of the animalistic "this-goes-here" approach that a lot of porn seems to take. This is probably the most teasing and arousing adult scene I've ever watched. Definitely, DEFINITELY glad I own it!

    worked really well for me - October 26, 2010
    Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

    I was into the idea of porn as "smart" and "indy art film," so I had high hopes. And damned if the thing didn't totally work for me. I was quite surprised, actually, that I liked all the emotional stuff, fuller story line, etc... I had no idea I was, yeesh, such a... girl.

    --from our reviewer, Jill Hamilton (In Bed with Married Women)

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