Candida Royalle's Afrodite Superstar

Candida Royalle's Afrodite Superstar - Front Cover

This plot driven feature follows an up and coming rapper, played by Simone Valentino, as she strives Read More

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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This plot driven feature follows an up and coming rapper, played by Simone Valentino, as she strives for Superstardom while searching for love in the process. Great chemistry, a diverse cast, and steamy sex scenes make this first feature from the Femme Chocolat line a real stand out. We especially loved Simone Valentino’s hot masturbation scene. Erotic but with a lighter sensual tone, this film is great for newcomers to porn or those looking for films directed by and starring people of color.

2008 AVN Award Winner for Best Music!

Director: Venus Hottentot and Candida Royalle

Length: 75 minutes

Year: 2006

Stars: Simone Valentino, India, Mr. Marcus, Justin Long, Sativa Verte, Liliana Valesquez, Revay, and Jay Junker

Special Features:

  • Behind the Scenes Photo
  • Behind the Scenes Documentary

Why We Like It

  • Romantic Comedy written and directed by a woman of color
  • Simone Valentine plays up and coming rapper - through struggle finds professional and personal success
  • First film from esteemed director Candida Royalle's (who directed all the sex scenes in the film) Femme Chocolate line which focuses on films made by and for people of color
  • Really hot masturbation scene with Simone Valentino as well as a sensual one with Mr. Marcus


Runtime: 69 minutes

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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    Customer Reviews
    Power In Telling One's Own Story - October 1, 2011
    Reviewed By: NappyNectar

    I loved this film. While it had few sex scenes, there were at least three that I loved. It seems to have been written and directed by a woman, Venus Hottentot. There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than a women who gets to tell her own story.

    a stupid rap video - January 19, 2010
    Reviewed By: sfcouple

    This is the most disappointing film ever. 12 minutes into it, and haven't seen a single scene that was remotely adult.
    All in all, a hip-hop video. No sex. Not arousing. Do not waste your time. Watch MTV instead.

    refreshing and arousing - September 6, 2009
    Reviewed By: asdtivant

    AS is a fun and insightful view into one woman's journey to be true to herself. The scenes are tasteful but don't skimp on being hot; especially the final scene between the two main characters. Definitely suitable for viewing with a partner, and it's great to see people of color in an adult movie that is so well done.

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