Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality DVD

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Discover the fluidity of sexuality. Part documentary, part pornography, this film from award-winning Read More

Studio: Good Releasing Studio

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Discover the fluidity of sexuality. Part documentary, part pornography, this film from award-winning director Madison Young is more than the sum of its parts. These men are deconstructing words and labels to define sexuality on their own terms. During in depth interviews, Jack Hammer, Deviant Kade, Tommy Midas, Gabriel and Rose discuss their personal journeys into the world of bisexual and queer identities. They fulfill their fantasies on film, creating intimate and intense connections with both men and women. Giving it and getting it the way they want it; these couples and threesomes engage in hot sex with electric chemistry. With its creative and courageous cast, Fluid will stimulate you both sexually and intellectually.

Director: Madison Young 
Studio: Reel Queer Productions / Good Releasing

2010 Feminist Porn Awards Best Bi Movie
Feminist Porn is a project that seeks sexual liberation and diversity of expression for all people. Oftentimes, mainstream pornography relegates people into categories of straight, girl-girl, boy-boy, with very little divergence or further exploration on how expressions of male sexuality can be flexible and ever changing. Fluid: Men Redefining Pornography breaks new ground for showcasing a variety of sexual expressions and sexual identities including bi, queer, and plain ol’ men getting it ON.


Runtime: 88 minutes

Studio: Good Releasing Studio

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    Customer Reviews
    Hot men in an untraditional film - January 7, 2011
    Reviewed By: LucyLemonade

    This film by Madison Young is an excellent choice for anyone interested in queer centered films. Bisexual women tend to be the focus of most porn, but this film offers bisexual and pansexual men the spotlight. A combination of documentary and lusty scenes, this flick is fun to watch.

    The small vignettes have a chemistry that seems unstaged and natural. I found a new porn crush in Rose. Rose is a beautiful man and his scene with Tommy Midas comes across voyeuristic. It feels like watching a private, intimate scene instead of a porn set. Definitely a hot video!

    delightful to watch - May 24, 2010
    Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

    The movie is 89 minutes long, but it is not all porn. There’s an interview section between each scene in which the cast talks about their sexual interests, how they got to be where they are today, sexually speaking, and they were just delightful to watch. It was really fun not only watching the actors enjoy themselves in the scenes, but also to get inside their heads a little bit and hear what THEY had to say about sexuality.

    The actual scenes were amazing as well. I’m the type of gal who enjoys some really rough sex. Generally, when I buy a porn which includes rough sex, 90% of the time the cast members are not enjoying it – and you can tell just by looking at their faces.. Not sexy to me at all. One of the things that Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality got oh-so-right is that their cast truly enjoys what they do, you can tell just by watching. None of this is acted. I almost hated to cut away from the actual sex scenes to listen to the interviews, but the interviews were really great too, so there was no real complaint there. ;)

    --from our reviewer, The Sub Mission

    hot talk, hot sex - May 24, 2010
    Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

    In general, the sex scenes are great. Instead of the tired and repetitive scripted acts that are played out in so many porn movies today, these scenes appeared to be quite spontaneous. It was almost as if the director placed the performers in the settings and said “Ok, have at it any way you want.” And it was hot. The performers seemed really into each other, like they had forgotten they were being filmed, and the scenes flowed naturally. But what really made the whole thing a turn-on for us was the sounds. There’s a little bit of quiet music at the beginning of each scene, but that fades out after a minute or two and then you hear nothing but the sounds of unrestrained sex. And we’re not talking about “Yeah baby, yeah baby,” over and over again. We’re talking about real moans of pleasure, spontaneous laughter, dirty talking and demands, and even one hot moment when Tommy Midas is about to come and starts calling Rose’s name. If all of that was fake, then these people are damned good actors.

    --from our reviewers, Alan & Michelle

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