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One of the biggest productions of the year, this three-disc collector's edition sets the bar for Read More

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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One of the biggest productions of the year, this three-disc collector's edition sets the bar for plot-driven porn! A newlyweds' voyage is cut short by the vicious and arrestingly beautiful Serena (Janine). This high seas adventure, packed with seduction, murder and fierce vixens is guaranteed to be an award-winner. The sets and costumes are magnificently indulgent, the special effects are breathtaking and the sex is passionate. Jesse Jane's girl-on-girl scenes are sordid and rough, the perfect combination for this epic tale. Loads of extras -- including a making-of featurette.

2008 AVN Award Winner for Top Selling Title of the 2007!

Director: Joone

Length: 120 minutes

Year: 2005

Stars: Jolie Harris, Devon, Teagan Presley, Brian Surewood, Joshua, Keyser Soze, Austin Kincaid, Austyn Moore, Tommy Gunn, Nham, Kris Slater, Jenaveve Jolie, Janine Lindenmulder, Carmen Luvana, Steven St. Croix, Harry Bali, Evan Stone, Charmane Star, Trina Michaels, Jesse Jane

Special Features:

  • Special 3 Disc Set
  • Collector's Edition
  • Standard DVD/HD DVD
  • 16x9 Widescreen Format
  • Chapter Index
  • Photo Gallery
  • Audio Commentary With The Stars
  • True 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Visual FX Making Of
  • HD Version/Behind the Scenes
  • Pirates Short
  • Bios
  • Trailers
  • Bios
  • Bloopers
  • Casting Video
  • Playable Worldwide

Why We Like It:

  • An all around incredible fil with top-notch production values including a real pirate ship and CGI
  • Delicious scene with Janine and Jesse Jane – a show stealer!

Note: One disk of this 3-disk set is an HD version of the movie, and will only play on computers equipped to play HD-WMV files.

Runtime: 123 minutes

Studio: Good Vibrations DVDs

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    Reviews & Ratings

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    Customer Reviews
    Yay GoodVibes Live Help! - December 8, 2010
    Reviewed By: Customer Review

    I am new to adult film, so had no idea what to get. I went on to GoodVibes' Live Help and asked for a recommendation, giving the person I talked to some idea of what I wanted (no strong themes of subjugation, some humor, doesn't take itself too seriously). I got this in the mail today, just finished watching and it was GREAT! A perfect recommendation! I loved that everyone in the film - male and female - was SO hot! I've seen some really nasty men on late-night cable. What is that all about? The story was just the right blend of funny-sexy as the star of that Hollywood movie that this might have been based on... Two thumbs (or whatever) up!

    YO HO HO!!! Good as it Gets! - December 8, 2010
    Reviewed By: Customer Review

    OK, this has got to be the most fun I've had with a porn film in my life. Even my husband enjoyed it (and he's not big into porn) enough to ask, "so honey ... ummm got any more like this one?" We are impatiently waiting for a sequel. (hey... if Johnny Depp can make 3 of them....) The cast was great (although I had no idea there were that many Brazil-waxed blondes in the Caribbean ... who knew?) Janine and Evan Stone were exceptionally good in this flick - both the sex and the acting (YES, there was ACTING!!!) The only part I didn't get into was the one scene with the spitting. The rest of the film was great. If you're looking for a good time... this is the one to buy. Settle in with some popcorn (or Boy Butter) and enjoy!

    Best XXX Yet - December 8, 2010
    Reviewed By: Customer Review

    This was by far the best XXX I've watched. Great cast, great sex, fun story, and a good dose of drama and comedy. The men were much better at acting than the women, but all were entertaining. Nice mix of male/female sex and female/female although one rough girl/girl scene (hair pulling, slapping) didn't do much for me. All in all a great XXX movie, can't wait for Pirates II!!

    Incredible! - December 8, 2010
    Reviewed By: Customer Review

    Really excellent movie! Gorgeous cast (though I'm not fond of the hyperaugmented chests), spiffy plot and acting, yummy costuming, I could go on and on. The special features are well worth a look - the making-of special and outtakes are fun, and the cast has both a real sense of humor about the movie, yet dedication to doing it (and each other!) well. It's good to see such professionalism in today's porn stars! The girl-girl scenes were hot IMHO. I think they had to pretend to be fighting to keep from looking weak, but not in a truly violent sense. The spitting others mentioned was a little odd, though I can see it being needed for convenient lube as well as for expressing rebellion. All straight (but very hot) boy-girl sex otherwise - don't expect true pirate behavior among the men!

    kind of blew my mind. - December 8, 2010
    Reviewed By: Customer Review

    This pROn is so good they actually released an R-Rated version with all the sex taken out! Thanks, but I'll stick with the XXX. Best of both worlds, know what I mean?

    Not your typical porn - December 8, 2010
    Reviewed By: Customer Review

    Production value blows out of the water other porn we've seen! The sets and costumes are beautiful, the plot is decent, and the acting is entertaining. However, we felt creativity was lacking with regards to the sex. First, the leading ladies all have the same look---blond, emaciated, and enhanced---to the point that we confused them. Second, all the plot and character development (really, it's there) went overboard when the clothing came off. A woman forces sex on a man at gunpoint... and then ends the scene with a money shot. A timid virgin is told "only another woman really knows how to touch a woman" and then enthusiastically pounces into sex with aggressive slapping; the disconnect made us laugh and ruined the scene. Other scenes were hot, though, and overall it is an excellent adult movie. I recommend it to couples who are looking to watch porn together for the first time.

    I Want More Women Cumming - December 8, 2010
    Reviewed By: Customer Review

    This film is beautiful, some of the characters are truly funny, and many of them are incredibly good looking. I enjoy watching it, but I was bummed by the lack of attention showed to the females, especially during the straight sex scenes. I see women enjoying themselves, but there is only one scene where I actually see a woman having an orgasm, incidentally its a lesbian scene. I've watched many women oriented porns with much better sex for the women and outstanding-to-watch orgasms aplenty. If watching women cum is important to you don't buy this unless prepared for it, but otherwise its pretty fucking fun.

    Sorry to disagree but its a no for me - December 8, 2010
    Reviewed By: Customer Review

    Sorry but I didn't enjoy this at all. I will say it's one of the best produced and most ambitious porns I've seen but it didn't really do much on the hot sex o'meter. Unless you like lots of face slapping and spitting. I applaud the effort - but I'd have rather spent my money elsewhere.

    fun together - March 26, 2009
    Reviewed By: edger

    OK.. watching it alone the first time some of the pirate scenes are a bit silly even though the sex scenes were great. Watching it together though we laughed, got turned on and ended up trying to match the sex scenes ! and the sequel ?? We're wondering but we haven't gotten thru the first screening of this one!

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