Five Hot Stories For Her

Five Hot Stories For Her - Front Cover

A compilation of five short films written and directed by Erika Lust, created specially for women Read More

Studio: Good Releasing Studio

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A compilation of five short films written and directed by Erika Lust, created specially for women and couples. Erika presents five modern, urban, spicy and explicit stories, where the sex takes place in a natural and realistic atmosphere. Scene 1. SOMETHING ABOUT NADIA is about the power of attraction that a beautiful brunette has on other women. Scene 2. In JODETECARLOS a soccer player cheats on his wife, who plans an exquisite and creative revenge. Scene 3. MARRIED WITH CHILDREN is a story about a couple trying to combine their everyday life with an exciting sex life. Scene 4. THE GOOD GIRL we witness the evolution of a good girl towards a more liberated spirit. Scene 5. In BREAKUP SEX two gay men have their last sexual encounter.


Runtime: 113 minutes

Studio: Good Releasing Studio

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Customer Reviews
Tres Bein! - March 7, 2012
Reviewed By: ginger snatch

I have been searching for a film that:
A. didn't look super low budget and like it was filmed in someone's apartment on a cheap camera
B. had some semblance of a through story line
and C. had actors that actually looked like they were somewhat enjoying the sex they were having.
After trying out several of the flicks in the "Feature Films 'Sex and a Story'" category and being incredibly disappointed at their lack of story I decided to give the "Women Directed" section a try, and thank God I did. I downloaded "Five Hot Stories For Her" and was already enjoying myself half way through the first vignette. So if you need more than the typical poorly acted, joyless sex seen in the majority of the other films then you should definitely give this one a try. While it still has these aspects at time I've had it for several weeks and am still only half the way through, which is just fine with me.

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