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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

How I ditched the diet, got naked, found true pleasure…and somehow got home in time to cook dinner Read More



The author of the notorious "Riverdale Goddess" blog says it all in her new book's subtitle: "How I ditched the diet, got naked, found true pleasure… and somehow got home in time to cook dinner." The story of a longtime wife and mom turned erotic explorer and happy, shameless hussy (who's still a wife and mom after many adventures including nude workshops and visits to sacred intimates), this is a great introduction to the idea that anyone, anytime can decide to explore sexual possibility -- and a compulsively readable, page-turning memoir of one middle-class woman's erotic awakening. Ride along as she shares all the juicy details with us, with her cadre of women friends (and, finally, with her surprised but still-loving husband). By Pamela Madsen. 2011, 272 pp.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Author: Pamela Madsen

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