Pink Box: Inside Japan's Sex Clubs

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Joan Sinclair Pink is the color of a blush -- and in Japan, the word is a euphemism for sex. Read More

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Joan Sinclair
Pink is the color of a blush -- and in Japan, the word is a euphemism for sex. Photographer and lawyer Joan Sinclair reveals a world of endless fantasy fulfillment in Pink Box with pictures of the commercial sex industry in Japan. These dazzling photos of sex clubs include comments from both sex workers and their clients. From soaplands to image clubs to touch pubs, Sinclair explains the variety of businesses, their services, and the many rules that dictate client behavior. The images of Pink Box are cute, kinky, and enticing, just like these clubs! 2006, 192 pp.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
Can't Recommend it Enough - December 18, 2010
Reviewed By: Miss Kay

I can not recommend this book enough! It's beyond amazing. After a short introduction, the rest of the book will explain the different types of sex clubs complete with amazing pictures that tell a story and captions for the photos just to explain what's going on in them. Even if you know nothing about Japan's sex clubs, this book will teach you everything about them and will expose the good (and bad) about the clubs. It's amazing that a photographer got into such a secretive place and got pictures, and these pictures will really show you the difference between your own sex trade in your country (mine being the US) and the trade in Japan. If you are even slightly curious (and want to see cute girls), this book is a must-have.

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