Guide To Getting It On: 6th Edition

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Paul Joannides

This beloved all-around sex guide has been completely revised, making this gigantic, considerate and humorous tome the most complete general sex guide Read More

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Paul Joannides

This beloved all-around sex guide has been completely revised, making this gigantic, considerate and humorous tome the most complete general sex guide available. Fantastic illustrations provide stellar anatomy lessons, and the topics include everything from positions and oral sex to sex and pregnancy, sex and disability, STIs, romance, porn and much more. New chapters on losing your virginity, sex after breast cancer, recovering your sexuality after rape and abuse, and transgender sexual orientation distinguish this edition and ensure that you’ll spend many helpful hours with this manual. Author Paul Joannides emphasizes female pleasure and encourages informed sexual exploration. If you have a sex ed question, the answer is here! Heterosexual focus.

2008, 918 pp.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
A differnt kind of guide - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Quality writing, delightful insight, humorous. It's not a sex guide. It's a book which will help show you how the world works, and why it works that way.

Disappointing, Non-Inclusive, Offensive - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

I was really disappointed with this book. i guess i assumed that a book being promoted by alternative and sex-positive toy stores would be more inclusive and less gendered than it is. the author disclaims that it is a book written primarily for straight couples (and it is very obviously written by a straight male), so i guess i can't complain too much, but i really like it when books describing sexual activities that can be performed by either gender vary up the pronouns a bit. the book includes a lot of subtle sexism and some pretty blatant transphobia. a sample of quotes which i found particularly offensive (and these are just a few of them!): same-sex fun & luvin'-- "People sometimes think that all lesbians are bull dykes or ride on Harleys... Lesbians are just as feminine (or unfeminine) as women who sleep with men. A number of very hot-looking actresses and models are lesbians." i guess only thin blonde lesbians are sexually attractive. sorry, butch women, you are not "hot-looking" at all. threesomes-- "If you enjoyed the experience, it's important to send the third wheel flowers if she's a woman, or something manly if he's a guy." uh-huh... gender benders-- "Some transgendered men want to look like women, act like women, and be women in every way except that they enjoy their penis and testicles. This person might be known as a she-male..." the author goes on to refer to pre-op/no-op mtf women as "she-males" for the rest of the chapter. i'm sure there are some transwomen out there who identify with that term, but for a straight male to use it is completely ignorant and offensive.

Love doesn't even begin to describe it! - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

This is by far my favorite sex book. It doesn't go into major detail into techniques on everything, which I would say is the only drawback, but it's 500+ pages and covers a TON of topics. Not a major problem for me. I would recommend this as a beginner's guide especially, maybe for teens who are just beginning to ask questions. You could follow it up with more specific books when they've decided what they want to learn more about.

Fantastic book - June 9, 2008
Reviewed By: missbecca

I haven't had this book for very long, but I already love it--it's set up to be usable as a reference, but so far I've been reading it straight through. It's got a very cheery, relaxing tone, which is perfect for someone (like me) who's a little nervous about sex, there are lots of useful (and fun!) diagrams, and it's very comprehensive. Definitely a book worth having.

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