The Leather Daddy And The Femme- Reprise Edition

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Carol QueenUpon its release, this groundbreaking classic turned typical erotica upside down and Read More

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Carol Queen
Upon its release, this groundbreaking classic turned typical erotica upside down and revealed San Francisco's outrageous sexual underground. This updated edition, with previously unprinted scenes, takes the story further. Miranda -- Randy when she's a guy -- lusts for gay leathermen, and one evening she becomes the sex toy she'd always dreamed of being. That's the beginning of this story of transgender encounters, tricks and cruising, vivid sexual escapades -- and possibly the most modern version of true love in contemporary literature. A Down There Press book. (1998) 2003, 180 pp.

Winner of the 1999 Firecracker Alternative Book Award

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Why can't all erotica be like this? - December 8, 2010
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I�ve read a lot of erotica. And I do mean a lot! This was, without any question, the hottest I�ve ever encountered. This is smut at its best. It�s pure, raw, unadulterated stroke material that also happens to be really well written and have likable characters. I may be a pervert but I�m also a book snob! And Carol Queen managed to push all my buttons with this one.

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