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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Make a silicone repro of your favorite body part—or toy! Read More

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Make a silicone repro of your favorite body part—or toy!—with this fun-to-use kit that allows users to make an exact replica of any penis, dildo, cuke or zucchini, or any other shape that fits into the mold. (Yes, that perfectly-shaped garden goodie can be preserved for posterity!) This easy, frisky project can be done with a partner; all the supplies needed to make one mold and one dildo are included, plus information on how to adjust the molding process to accommodate a curved penis (or one with a piercing). If a person is being molded, they will need to stay erect for the 60-90 seconds it takes for the cast to set; shaving is not necessary, though the user may want to dab some petroleum jelly on pubic hair before molding, or trim hair shorter. Kit includes a smooth vibrator that you can insert into the dildo when curing so that it doubles as a handle and makes the resulting toy vibrate!

Materials and packaging made in the USA.

Medium Skin Tone

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Warranty: Standard

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