576 Sensations ONE Condoms

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Brand: One

How does this unique condom stimulate you? Let us count the ways! Read More



How does this unique condom stimulate you? Let us count the ways! Features 576 texture nubs for a studded, more friction-y feel and sporting ONE's arty, unique visuals on their handy round packages, these are a must for the stylish and savvy sensation-lover!

When you choose ONE® condoms, you’re helping people in need. A portion of every purchase supports HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts in Africa.

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Brand: One

Material: Latex
Texture: Studded
Color: White
Length: 192 millimeters
Diameter: 53 millimeters
Thickness: 0.07 millimeters


  • 576 external texture nubs!

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 (2 ratings) Rate It
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Loved this condom! - August 29, 2012
Reviewed By: Lovelygirl

I loved this condom! It was thin enough that I could feel my Boyfriend's penis through it. The little nubbies felt amazing! I hope to buy more in the future!

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