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The same spirit that moves us to encourage and empower people in the realm of pleasure, inspires us to support non-profits and charities that provide sexual health and wellness services. For over 38 years we have partnered with thousands of local and national non-profit organizations with sponsorships and donation partnerships.

We strive to be an agent for social change through the lenses of sexuality, diversity and alternative business practices. Both within our organization, and throughout the communities we serve and in which we live, Good Vibrations is committed to fostering respect, promoting supportive communication, providing access to educational resources and strongly advocating for women in leadership roles.

100% of your contribution at check-out goes directly to our GiVe partners. In addition, Good Vibrations will match a portion of proceeds.

By donating products, advertising and sponsorship for fundraisers, along with a percentage of retail sales, we've provided much needed support for women's shelters, HIV/AIDS research, art programs, LGBT benefits, breast cancer awareness and much more. Unlike many other companies, we do not take any administrative fees or charges, and fully donate the contribution.

You can help raise funds for our worthy GiVe partners whenever you shop with us or visit our stores! Just drop by one of our Good Vibrations locations and donate at the register, or click the buttons above. And if you have a suggestion for a group we should consider as a future donation partner, please drop us a line!

Please read the Donation Request Form before contacting us about donation inquiries.

Current GiVe Partners

Good Vibrations: GiVe Donations

From February 15th to September 15th, 2016, Good Vibrations' online customers can show their support for Planned Parenthood by making a financial gift donation at the time of their Good Vibrations purchase where 100% of their donation goes to Planned Parenthood.  Online shoppers can contribute directly at checkout:

Make a donation.

About Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthood is a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide.

For nearly 100 years, Planned Parenthood has promoted a commonsense approach to women’s health and well-being, based on respect for each individual’s right to make informed, independent decisions about health, sex, and family planning.

While politicians in states across the country and in Washington, DC, are doing everything they can to force themselves between women and their doctors, we are fighting back. We’re calling for women’s full equality in health care access. And that call comes down to six things we know for sure about our health, and our lives

These six basic rights are central to freedom and opportunity for women and their families — rights we can’t afford to lose. These six values are based on what we’ve heard from Planned Parenthood’s 2.7 million patients, and what we’re pushing to guarantee for all of us.







During this time of year when pink ribbons are rampant for breast cancer awareness, Planned Parenthood actively educates women on breast health, self-exams, referrals to mammogram equipment, and helps them get resources to pay for those mammograms. Planned Parenthood does gynecological exams and more on premises and is huge about sex education and STD/STI screening. Defunding and closing down of Planned Parenthood affects low income women first and foremost.

Other Current GiVe Community Partners

Good Vibrations is proud to partner with these community events and organizations with sponsorships and gift donations:

  • Fresh Meat Productions - Transgender Film Festival
  • Frameline Volunteer Reception
  • Queer Women of Color Film Festival (QWOCFF)
See the full community partner list here.

You may also GiVe back when you visit one of our retail locations.

From February 15th to September 15th, 2016, our retail stores are proud to partner with these organizations:

Good Vibrations: GiVe Donations

Palo Alto & San Francisco Good Vibrations Stores:
Transgender Law Center
Transgender Law Center works to change law, policy, and attitudes so that all people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression. We envision a future where gender self-determination and authentic expression are seen as basic rights and matters of common human dignity.

We envision a future where gender self-determination and authentic expression are seen as basic rights and matters of common human dignity.



For Transgender Law Center and our clients, authenticity is both a standard for how the organization functions and the ultimate product of its work. For the people we serve, the freedom to live how they want to live, self-defined and self-determined, is the ultimate goal of their engagement with Transgender Law Center and the trans movement.


Too often, people who live outside of the socially-enforced binary boxes of gender pay a physical, emotional, and economic toll. Whether it’s a lack of access to quality and compassionate health care, or an out-of-date legal system that allows blatant discrimination, equality is too often out of reach for trans people. Transgender Law Center is devoted to fulfilling the promise of equality for all people, regardless of their gender expression.


Transgender Law center believes in the power of the law to protect those who need it, and in the power of people to protect one another. Sometimes laws are the problem that needs solving, but as a legal organization we must have faith that our system, though flawed, contains the tools we need to use the law to ensure justice for transgender people. Not only are we a trusted ally for constituents, we also trust that enough people share the belief in common human dignity that we can someday create a world where people are safe and free to express their gender in their own ways. Trust in both the law and people is necessary for Transgender Law Center to continue its work.

Good Vibrations: GiVe Donations

Berkeley Good Vibrations Store:
Berkeley Free Clinic
The Berkeley Free Clinic is one of the only clinics in California offering primary health care free of charge. They rely solely on individual or organizational donations and government support. They believe health care should be available at a level and quality sufficien to meet the basic needs of everyone regardless of race, gender, age, immigration status, income level, or any other characteristic.

The mission of the Berkeley Free Clinic is to empower individuals and communities by providing accessible, client-centered health services and information. Since the Clinic opened, there has been an ever-present, albeit dynamic, need for its services as social conditions have undergone shifts and changes. It has become something of an icon in the area, and has served countless thousands in a variety of ways during its 45-year history. Its founding principles and structures survive to this day.

Health care is a basic human right and should not be linked to profit. Fees have never been charged for any services, medications, or supplies provided at the Berkeley Free Clinic. The Clinic relies solely on individual or organizational donations and government support. We are one of the only clinics in California offering primary health care free of charge. We maintain that health care should be available at a level and quality sufficient to meet the basic needs of everyone regardless of race, gender, age, immigration status, income level, or any other characteristic. Our philosophy is that health care is a right, not a privilege. We are strongly opposed to health care delivery as a profit-making industry.

A great deal of health care knowledge can and should be available and accessible to individuals such that they can have the power to recognize and respond to their own health issues. All services at the BFC emphasize education, self-knowledge, and increasing awareness and access to appropriate resources. Whenever possible, our goal is to demystify health care and other human services, both for the volunteer members of the Clinic and for clients. We believe that individuals and communities should be educated and empowered with regard to their health care. In practice, this means that we emphasize education and offer referrals to help meet any needs that are outside the scope of our services. We attempt to include our clients in their own care by inviting their input and observations, and by fully describing possible solutions to their concerns.

Good Vibrations: GiVe Donations

Oakland Good Vibrations Store:
Charlotte Maxwell Clinic
Integrative Cancer Care
The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic is committed to supporting and empowering low-income women with cancer by providing free access to compassionate, integrative care. 

At our clinic, all low-income women with cancer in the Bay Area have access to a safe space and nurturing environment. We are an inclusive, volunteer-supported, integrative, public, free health clinic with a focus on education. 

Inclusive: Open to all low-income women with cancer, including women of color, lesbians, transgendered individuals, monolingual women, and differently-abled women. 

Volunteer-supported: Comprised of a large and compassionate volunteer base of integrative care practitioners and other dedicated community members.

Integrative care model: A model of care for the whole person, inclusive of mind, body, and spirit.  We provide many holistic healing services, including acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and guided imagery. We also partner and collaborate with our clients’ health service providers and other community service organizations to ensure the fullest care possible. 

Educational focus: We strive to provide education for our volunteers, clients, and staff, and outreach to the local health care community on the unique needs of women with cancer, the importance of social services, the effects of race and class in healthcare, and how providing holistic care can help improve health outcomes and decrease health care disparities. 

Good Vibrations: GiVe Donations

Boston Good Vibrations Store:
Fenway Health
The mission of Fenway Health is to enhance the wellbeing of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and all people in our neighborhoods and beyond through access to the highest quality health care, education, research and advocacy.

For more than forty years, Fenway Health has been working to make life healthier for the people in our neighborhood, the LGBT community, people living with HIV/AIDS and the broader population. Fenway was founded in 1971 as part of the free clinic movement by students who believed that “health care should be a right, not a privilege.”

In its early days, Fenway was a drop-in clinic providing free blood pressure checks and STD screenings. Over the years, Fenway obtained permanent space and incorporated as a freestanding health center with a staff of one volunteer doctor, one nurse and one intake worker. Today, Fenway Health has a budget of more than $70 million, a staff of 500 and a patient population of more than 24,000.

Fenway Health is a Federally Qualified Community Health Center.

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