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Rabbit Habit Vibrator

Featuring an updated design, new color and new material-the Rabbit Habit is better than ever! Made  Read More
Staff pick: singled out for being exceptional in content, quality, inventiveness or effectiveness. Phthalates-Free. Tried-and-true bestsellers and customer favorites. Safe to use for anal insertion.
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Featuring an updated design, new color and new material -- the Rabbit Habit is better than ever! Made with the same Japanese-made motor as our best-selling Rabbit Pearl, the only difference is the variable-speed vibrator is housed in the cordless base and it is now made of soft elastomer. New features also include a better angle on the external vibrating bunny (more focused contact) and the tumbling pearls are now set, rotating pearls in a squared-off soft casing.

Rabbit Habit Vibrator
Translucent purple sparkle elastomer
4 1/4" (insertable) long, 1 1/2 in diameter, variable speed
Uses three AA batteries
Volume: 4; Intensity: 5

From day one the Rabbit Habit was my favorite toy to recommend to customers. Now that it's made of elastomer, it's even better for those with sensitivities or allergies!
-- Brenda, GV Staffer

Care and Cleaning: Elastomer toys are phthalate-free and less porous than other types of rubber toys. We still recommend using condoms over these toys, as it is the only way to keep them clean and bacteria-free. Wipe down with a cloth moistened with mild soap and water. To prevent corrosion of motor parts, do not immerse the vibrator in water.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Not Worth The Money July 26, 2012

Reviewer: nancyyvee

I just got the Rabbit Habit yesterday and I wasn't fully satisfied, considering it was $90.00. I also have the Flexi Flipper, and it was half the price and I like it much better than Rabbit Habit. I thought with the rotating pearls, it would be great to try, but if you turn the rotating pearls on, the vibrating "bunny ears" slow down.. You can't have both functions going full blast. I am dissappointed because of the price. I thought it would be better.

Rating Disapointed April 8, 2012

Reviewer: CAB

I have been using the aqua rabbit for a while now and decided to try a new toy so I bought this.

I have to say its' power is disappointing, when you try to use both functions they BOTH slow down to be not very stimulating, and while it did satisfy me it was no where near the amazing satisfaction I have gotten from the aqua rabbit!

And at nearly twice the price you would think that would not be the case! *sigh* I think from now on I will just by a new aqua rabbit once my original wears out.

Rating exceeded my expectations January 10, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I'm happy to say that I am so very pleased with the outcome. I was able to orgasm incredibly quickly, and did not find any aspect of the date to be uncomfortable. While the shaft is a bit thick, its soft elastomer outside has give to it. It does not feel rigid during insertion, and the revolving pearls/head were not an unstoppable force pummeling my insides (as feared). I found their movement to be somewhat noticeable, but not overpowering. I found the shaft length to be ideal, as the rabbit's ears fit against my clit perfectly.The pearls were also positioned nicely against the inner lips and vaginal entrance, meaning I wasn't able to push the thicker part in too deeply--honestly, it felt great right where it was!

--from our reviewer, Love Lttr

Rating This is Great!!! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

It's hard to believe the Rabbit Pearl can get such rave reviews but this version has not. They are basically the same in design. However, what I liked about this version (vs. the Pearl) is that it has a nice hand grip for my partner with the controls right there under his thumb. I LOVE my rabbit and I love my partner using my rabbit on me! After the first use I wanted to share it with every female friend I know.

Rating Best $$ I ever spent December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I'd tried other vibrators before, but honestly, nothing compares to this. No wires to get tangled up in. No face on the head (seriously, that Virgin Mary one weirds me out). Adjustable vibration. Powerful. It's one of the best purchases I've made in my life. It came recommended and now it's what I recommend to everyone.

Rating Disappointing December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

The external "rabbit" vibe is great, but the motor on the rotating shaft is weak. Plus, if you use both at the same time, they both become weak. It is extremely noisy and acts more like a power tool than an intimate toy. I was very disappointed in this one. Save your money.

Rating worth it! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

It really does sound like a power tool! But, it is a very powerful vibrator with a great range of intensity. A little internal and a lot of external stimulation? Vice-versa? It's very customizable, which is great. This is my first "serious" vibe, and I'm very glad I picked this one.

Rating Not Worth the $$ December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Despite the hype and the $$, this vibrator is one of the worst I've owned. It has yet to give me an orgasm. I'd rather use my $[..] vibrator any day.

Rating worth every penny December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

If you're looking for powerful stimulation then this is the toy for you. Wow! I can't even turn the vibration up half way. The spinning beads give great g-spot stimulation and the rabbit feels wonderful against the clit. The ears even feel good in or around the anus.

Rating This toy is not what I thought it was December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

The only part of this toy that actually vibrates is the little bunny. When I bought it, I thought the whole thing vibrated. It did not stimulate my g spot at all. It is one of my very least favorite toys that I have ever bought.

Rating I love this toy!! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I love this toy. The beads give a pleasurable sensation inside the vagina and the rabbit head gives intense clitoral stimulation. Luckily the speeds are adjustable, because I've found that this toy has even more power than I'm able to take. The only downside is that it is very noisy.

Rating Wowee wow WOW! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

This is the most incredible battery-operated vibe EVAR. It is just the right length and girth for a smaller gal like me, and with just a few drops of warming lube it's absolutely yumcious. Powerful? Oh my YES! The power settings are easy to adjust, and the little rabbit is perfect in every way. The elastomer material is also perfect; no weird chemical smells or ickiness. It is a bit noisy, and I do wish it had some kind of handle. These are minor quibbles, however. It is definitely worth the money, and I will be happy to recommend the Rabbit Habit to everyone!

Rating I've had better...I've had worse... December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

The bunny is heaven for us girls that like a good strong vibe...even the lowest setting is powerful, i rarely need it higher. They should have put that extra power into something a little more useful, like a more powerful rotation mooter. Run both and neither are very good, i never turn the rotation one on personally and have at with the bunny on. For that, its damn good, though much easier to use with a partner.

Rating Save your money! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I was very disappointed with this one. Use both together and the motors get weak. And is it EVER LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!! That is such a turnoff for me. I really feel that my money was wasted and if I could have, I would have returned it the next day

Rating Just melting away December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Absolutely one of the best toys I own. However after 1 year the rubber is dissolving. I clean it as per instructions only with a gentile soap, but the rubber started to "melt" away - like into a silicone past (and it is not me, over-using it!). For the price I had expected it to last longer. If anything would break, I had expected it to be the mechanical parts, not so.

Rating Not So Happy December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I was excited to receive first Rabbit and was so disappointed. For the price this was not what I consider a "high quality" product. You have to decide where you want the power...this toy does not multi-task!

Rating Maybe better for foreplay December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

GF likes it for warm ups, but it rather lacks power for finishing the task. It is rather versatile, however, since it has multiple functions. The one problem common to these rabbit ear/dildo combos is that the spacing and size is not perfect for everyone. A fun little item, but wouldn't be my first purchase.

Rating BEST VIBRATOR EVER December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I love this vibrator - I usually take a long time to have an orgasm, but not with this toy! It is great for partner play, mostly for the reasons already stated by other reviewers. It is very powerful, and a lot of fun to play with - I highly recommend this vibrator!

Rating Doesn't Work For Everyone December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I bought this after much hoopla about the rabbit and many recommendations. I found out the hard way that the rabbit doesn't work for every girl. It did absolutely nothing for me but make a lot of noise. I think it depends on what you respond to internally. I don't respond to texture or vibration internally since I have very strong muscles that don't really get pushed easily by this thing. I *do* respond to movement and momentum, though, which couldn't be done with this, and was too much hassle to do. So I've learned that smooth is the best for me. Not to mention the rabbit wasn't even anatomically matched up, the rabbits ears were at least an inch above my clit and I couldn't even feel them, no matter the strength of the vibe. Not to mention, it's not easy to clean or put a condom on. But I have a friend (to whom I gave the rabbit I bought) who NEEDS texture, and can't get off without it, and she loved the rabbit. So be very wary of what you respond to.

Rating Thriled at first, but then....... December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I loved this at first, but within a few months of use (and I am a once, maybe twice a week user) the tool started to lose power. The vibrator apparatus maintained its sefulness, but the 'shaft' lost all power. The 'pearls' ceded rotation and all vaginal stimulation ceased. I was still able to achieve climaxe, but for [$]I wanted more than simply clitoral stimulation. I have found that if I leave the batteries in the vibrator, even when it is off, the Rabbit continues to emit heat when the batteries are in. Great for a couple of months, but then.....

Rating Very poorly constructed July 15, 2009

Reviewer: lre

If you are willing to spend $82 on a one-time use, this is your product.

It came unglued at the base and became unsanitary immediately. There is no way to clean it after that.

Rating A Disappointment June 19, 2009

Reviewer: g spotter

I was disappointed with this vibrator, and wished I had read the reviews before buying it. The rabbit ears (or whatever they are!) were nowhere near my clitoris. I have never had this problem before with a rabbit-style vibrator (I've had three others). It's hard to spend so much money and be so disappointed. I love Good Vibrations, but this toy is definitely a rip-off. The only good thing about it is that the shaft is flexible.

Rating not so great--a drag in fact May 21, 2009

Reviewer: Hazel

This vibrator had a lot of hype and sounded great from what I had read. I was really disappointed because the motor is really weak. I'm no super pussy clencher, but I had to crank up the motor to top level to have the shaft move reliably. Also, the rabbit part just wasn't very stimulating to my clit. Actually, it was pretty hard for me to get off with the vibrator--not usually a challenge. I have a 10 year old vibrator (The Beaver), also bought from Good Vibrations. It's not available anymore, but it works 1000x better than my new Rabbit Habit.

Rating Quality is an issue February 15, 2009

Reviewer: Jones

What this toy is going for is great, and I'll definitely be trying out other similarly designed products, but this particular product was disappointing.

The design was awkward, hard to hold comfortably. The motor was weak--horrible straining noises made me wonder if somehow my vagina had a death clamp thing happening until I read here that other women had the same problem. And it developed some sort of internal wire issue nearly right off the bat.

I'd have rated it "Average" except Average combined with a high price tag means "Bad" to me.

Rating love it December 22, 2008

Reviewer: olympia

Fun toy with unlimited settings! Sliding separate controls for the shaft and the ears make use easy. Only problem is the weak motor so if you practice your keigles the shaft slows to a stop :(

Rating Does not live up to expectations November 18, 2008

Reviewer: bitsy

I have used similar products like the Rabbit Habit and this toy does not live up to expectations. It is VERY loud and has a very weak motor. I could only use one of the functions at a time. Overall I was very disappointed with the quality of this product.

Rating Hated It!! September 20, 2008

Reviewer: cmt

I was very disappointed in this product. The price was too high for its performance. The craftmanship was of poor quality. It literally came unglued at the base. Also when applying pressure it shuts off! I do not recommend this product.

Rating Very Dissapointing July 24, 2008

Reviewer: GLO

I bought this after all of the hype around it. I figured 82 bucks was kind of steep but I gave it a go anyway.

It did absolutely -nothing- for me. The rabbit ears were nowhere near my clit. They were on my mound. When I tried to put them on my clit they did absolutely nothing for me. It was too light for me to even register. I don't know whether my clit is a rivet in disguise or what but it did nothing for me at all.

The inside rotating bit didn't rotate inside me. Apparently my vaginal muscles are WAY too strong for this toy. Not to mention, in it's sad desperate attempt to spin it made a hell of a lot of whirring stalling noises. And if I accidentally let go of the bottom half of it, the part that was supposed to spin stayed stationary inside me and the bottom half spun on it's own outside of me. While the situation is kind of funny describing it, you can guarantee that, after spending 82 bucks on it, I wasn't really laughing. Not to mention, while this was happening it was making RIDICULOUSLY LOUD whirring noises that I'm sure everyone and their grandmother heard.

The part with the balls I didn't feel at all as well. And though it says it's free of Phthalates... it smelled funny. All in all it was a very, VERY dissapointing toy. I gave it to a close friend of mine and she loves the hell out of it but I personally hated the thing and wished I would have bought something else.

Rating I Should Have Bought One Years Ago! July 16, 2008

Reviewer: BSL

For years and years I've been hearing and reading other women talk about the Rabbit Habit and before that, the Rabbit Pearl, saying it was the best thing ever. I finally bought one recently and can only ask myself why on earth didn't I buy one ages ago? I do love the other GV vibe I have but - this thing totally ROCKS! I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is. It would be nice if it was just a little bit quieter, but it's not too bad in that regard. My only complaint is that the battery cover slides off way too easily - like constantly - I'm going to have to keep some tape on it, it appears. Other than that - this vibe is 99.9999% perfect! If you're like me and like a really intense vibe and most are disappointing, you will love it. I'm thinking the Rabbit Habit might be a bad thing for those of females who are capable of having multiple orgasms, because you are NOT going to want to stop! I say that totally tongue in cheek, it's not a bad thing at all (but you still won't want to stop playing with it)! If you've ever thought about and been interested in this one and passed it over because of the price (and as I write this everything is 20% off right now) or whatever - buy it anyway. You will be amazed, and you will love it!

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