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Lucky: A Woman's POV DVD - Click to enlarge

Lucky: A Woman's POV DVD

Award-winning director Madison Young follows the bright lights to Las Vegas – the city of chance,  Read More
Lesbian theme. Attention to female orgasm; identification with women's arousal and satisfaction. Not necessarily feminist in content. Independently produced, not readily available through commercial X-rated outlets. Cast contains person or people of color. Chemistry between partners.
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Award-winning director Madison Young follows the bright lights to Las Vegas – the city of chance, where a roll of the dice can leave you with a lady on each arm. Curvaceous Sarah Blake, a redhead with a sweet and kinky appetite for sex, welcomes Madison with a cheap motel, clean sheets and a dirty-girl orgasms, make-out sessions, foot jobs and a lots of oral titillation! Scarlett Chaos and Kimberly Cline explode in orgasms as, restrained with stockings and using role play games, fingers, mouths and a handful of toys, they push each other to the edge. Akira Raine and Casey Grety are getting ready for the awards show, but get sidetracked with some very wet action in the shower. Madison Young and Dylan Ryan attempt to satiate their never-ending sexual hunger but keep getting interrupted by wild parties and decadent sexual adventures in this city of Sin. Will the two of them find the satisfying intimate moment they are searching for? Roll the dice to see what sexual delights their – and your – destiny holds.
2010, 90 minutes, Single Disc.


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Runtime: 76 minutes

Stars and Cast:

Customer Reviews

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Rating really fun November 1, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

Filmed entirely in hotel rooms in Las Vegas (hence its title), the film has the endearing quality of homemade porn, but with better lighting and sound. The scenes include things hard to find in most mainstream porn, including genuine female orgasms (lots of them!) and real chemistry between the actors. These are professional porn stars, so the all-girl cast tends toward the lean look favored in the entertainment industry. They’re refreshingly free of boob jobs for the most part though, and one of the hottest scenes includes a woman of size in all her luscious glory. The scenes are shot from both a professional camera and from handhelds used by the actors themselves. Sometimes the effect is endearing, and sometimes it’s just distracting. Overall, though, I found Lucky to be a lovely gem of a movie, one I’m proud to add to my collection.

--from our reviewer, Omnivore's Dilemma

Rating real life and real hot October 26, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I really enjoyed this film. Not only was the eye candy plentiful, but the wide spectrum of ladies featured was something to be applauded. Too often, porn becomes something which alienates and shames half of their audience by showing girls made of little more than bleach blond extensions, silicone breasts, and post labiaplasty vuvlas. It’s not real life, and it’s not beautiful for everyone to look like carbon copies of whoever Hugh Heffner is boning these days. I want to enjoy real people having real orgasms!

--from our reviewer, Fantastically Naughty

Rating lots to love October 26, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

What I loved about Lucky was that it was completely female friendly. Not only is there an exclusive female cast (lesbian themed), this film really seems to focus on female arousal and orgasms. There is also a lot of variety as far as role-play, use of toys and shower play. You never know what you are going to see next. There seemed to be chemistry between partners and everyone seemed really into each other and what they were doing. I didn’t feel anything was faked. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a woman with some curves in this film. It’s rare to see someone say about my size in a tasteful porn. I was giddy.

--from our reviewer, Girl Theory

Rating we loved it! October 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The general idea of "Lucky" is more of a documentary with a lot of hot girl sex thrown in. In Las Vegas for the AVN awards, Madison Young flirts and seduces Sarah Blake and Dylan Ryan, Scarlett Chaos and Kimberly Cline roleplay and use toys to come to orgasm again and again, and Akira Raine and Casey Grey get up to some wet fun in the shower, totally distracted from getting ready to go out. Rather than feeling like there's a scripted interaction going on, it felt more like peeping in on queer sex between these lovely ladies, which was much more interesting.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about a woman's POV, especially one that felt a bit more casual in how it was done- cameras were handed off, sometimes back and forth between the girls as they played together. I actually really got off on the informality of it, because, like I said before, it felt a little like you were seeing something secret, something for them, not for you the viewer. I like that. I still prefer stuff that's a little more silly and costumed or whatever, but I would certainly wank off to this as well.

The one thing you'll either love or hate is the amount of chit chat and hanging out, talking about the AVN awards. It makes it feel more like a documentary, for sure, and creates some non-sexual intimacy, like a video blog- but, if you're looking for just sex scenes, you'll want to fast forward through those bits.

Oh, the boy wants to add that there was a "REALLY HOT fat girl!" We both like variety in our porn, and like it even better when it's just there, and not made a big deal of/fetishized.

So yeah! "Lucky: A Woman's POV" was a sexy surprise, great for people who like their porn to feel a little more natural and a little less staged.

--from our reviewer, Purrversatility

Rating so good! October 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

This dvd was amazing, I loved the girl on girl action. There was a lot of pussy eating. I loved the acting in this video in particular. The orgasms were real and the female sexual fortuitous was mind blowing. My orgasms while watching this was exciting and earth shattering. Scarlett and Kimberly are a hot ticket item in this video, watch as the explore the female sexuality and mind blowing sex, as the are on a hunt in the city of sin. The women they meet were adventurous and expeditious. This was a wonderful 90mins of exploration and orgasms that doesn’t hit rock bottom. It truly shows the women’s point of view of sexuality.

--from our reviewer, Sexy & Cute 24/7

Rating Hot Lesbian Action September 11, 2010

Reviewer: Miss Kay

This is definitely a hot movie. All of the actresses have chemistry which is something I always appreciate. They all seem to be more-than-willing to give each other lots of hot sex including fun sex toys like the Hitachi, strap-ons, and dildos, and there's tons of female orgasms in this one that makes it easily worth watching again. My only complaint is that the camera angles were a bit hard to follow at times, but at the same time, being "in the action" is what made this one so hot. Definitely hot.

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