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The Crash Pad DVD

If The L Word and Queer as Folk met in a sleazy motel for a night of unadulterated passion, it would be "The Crash Pad."  Read More
Lesbian theme. Attention to female orgasm; identification with women's arousal and satisfaction. Not necessarily feminist in content. Independently produced, not readily available through commercial X-rated outlets. Excellent plot or storyline. Cast contains person or people of color. Contains a scene or scenes featuring female ejaculation. Staff pick: singled out for being exceptional in content, quality, inventiveness or effectiveness. Superior filmmaking or cinematography. Chemistry between partners.
  (45 customer ratings)
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If The L Word and Queer as Folk met in a sleazy motel for a night of unadulterated passion, it would be The Crash Pad. This all-queer feature contains hot blowjobs, pop shots, and deep-pounding action perfectly balanced with just the right amount of plot and cinematic beauty. The quality of this debut film from Shine Louise Houston is unsurpassed, and the desire and raw sex is so real, it’s palpable. Accessible to the novice and enthralling to the expert, everyone’s going to want to spend some time at The Crash Pad.

Awards & Recognition

  • 2006 Feminist P*rn Award's "Best Dyke Sex Scene - Jiz Lee & Shawn"
  • Selected - Tel Aviv Cinematique Festival
  • Selected - Outfest Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
  • Selected - Cineffable Paris Film Festival

Special Features:

  • Behind the Scenes Interviews
  • Storyboard Comparison
  • Director Commentary
  • Outtakes
  • Chapter Selection

Why We Like It:

  • Authenticity drips off this film – real queer folks/dykes having real queer/dyke sex.
  • Hot sex scenes that are not at all formulaic.
  • Shine Louise Houston was a SESA at Good Vibrations!

“There is power in creating images, and for a woman of color and a queer to take that power… I don’t find it exploitative; I think it’s necessary.”
- Shine Louise Houston


“The hottest lesbian sex scenes I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing... I don’t know what I want to tell you about first—the chemistry between the actors, most of whom are real-life couples; the amazing camera angles showing penetration up close and so clear that you can see the cream oozing; or a shocking cum shot that rivals anything in mainstream porn.”
- Felice Newman, author of Whole Lesbian Sex in Don't Miss the Crash Pad for SF Bay Times

“Shine is the producer, director and creator behind what is one of the hottest, most authentic lesbian porn companies around…”
- Violet Blue on NPR

“Shine Louise Houston is one of the most influential, groundbreaking and talented queer filmmakers of this century."
- Tristan Taormino

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Runtime: 56 minutes

Stars and Cast:

Customer Reviews

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Rating The Real Deal December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

HAWT! I recommend this to ANYONE interested in reviewing authentic queer and/or female sexuality or people who just love porn. Butches, femmes, bois, people of color, 3-way double penetration, gallons of female ejaculation, and fistfuls of orgasms are what's in store for you. Check out their other videos: "Superfreak and soon to be released "In Search of the Wild Kingdom."

Rating Hottest most diverse and true to nature December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Just...just buy it. you will not be disappointed. It is so hot, the cast is hot. There's butches and femmes and all those between, and they all fuck eachother. There's different races...just buy it.

Rating Not for us . . . December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

My wife and I, as a rather mainstream heterosexual couple, were not turned on by this movie. Although we appreciate what this film is attempting, we were both surprised by how much action was focused on stap-ons. Also, the set was small and the actors looked uncomforably hot (as in temperature hot).

Rating Hottest Erotic Film Ever! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Shine Louise Houston is the Director of The Crash Pad, one of the hottest queer porns on the market. She's also done another film, SuperFreak, but The Crash Pad is by far the best erotic video to come out of the queer community, in my opinion.

Rating Wow! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Every once in a while, among the hundreds or thousands of sexually explicit video releases each year, there comes along a truly great offering that rises head and shoulders above that crowd. The Crash Pad is one of those rare gems. Those were some beautiful, gloriously queer women making this video, more power to them. As a calibration point, I think the last video that provoked that response from me was Hard Love/How to Fuck in High Heels (especially the former). Under Pros I included authenticity. In her director's interview, Ms. Houston spoke of things like the long fingernails common in many mainstream, phony-feeling girl-girl porn scenes - none of those here. Beyond such obvious markers it is more difficult to be specific, but the feeling watching this video is the cast is doing things they find pleasurable (very much so!) rather than what the San Fernando Valley formula for making a porn says should be pleasurable or included in the video. Perhaps one of the highest callings of porn is helping us all share our humanity. (If you don't think that makes any sense just listen to Betty Dotson explain how girly magazines relieved her of fears that her genitals were deformed.) Kudos to director Houston for being such an effective conduit for shared humanity between her cast and viewers.

Rating turned me off! April 23, 2010

Reviewer: latinfemme

Okay, so I got this thinking I might catch a hot Butch/femme couple get it on. I much prefer the realistic look of Butch cock over what was presented. The "dildo" scenes were not sexy. Some scenes were okay, but mostly the chemistry was not there. I really expected more. Honestly most of the scenes just had a weird energy about them. I am no porn connoisseur but I have to say, this one did not deserve the accolades it got.

Rating Incredibly Hot July 8, 2008

Reviewer: Chris T

My friend bought this movie recently and lent it to me to borrow, telling me that it was really hot. I had no idea! Perhaps it's because I've become too used to the trash that's generally out there (most notably the free online stuff) but I got so turned on by this movie.

This is what porn should be.

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