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She Comes First: The...Guide To Pleasuring A Woman - Click to enlarge

She Comes First: The...Guide To Pleasuring A Woman

Ian Kerner, Ph. D. With helpful euphemisms about car mechanics and playful intellectual references  Read More
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Ian Kerner, Ph. D.
With helpful euphemisms about car mechanics and playful intellectual references to Aristotle, this guide to cunnilingus for men gives advice and suggestions for "keeping your head" while giving a woman head. In this beginner's manual, illustrations show the female pleasure system while Kerner instructs men to slow down and concentrate on understanding how to perform cunnilingus with a variety of positions and clitoral stimulation techniques. Heterosexual focus.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Wow, Oh my God and Wow December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

This book should be a must read for anyone who will ever go down on a woman. It should also be read by anyone with a vagina as it will help you to understand what is going on (and maybe teach your partner a thing or two if they don't want to read it). This book is amazing and changed my relationship (after 7 years) for the better.

Rating Excellent guide for helping men overcoming female mental blocks July 25, 2009

Reviewer: jezibel

I'm female--I bought this book as a gift for a guy friend, and read it myself before gifting it to make sure that I agreed with it. It is fantastic! Like many other women who've grown up feeling body self-conscious and caretaker-ish, I sometimes have a hard time reaching orgasm from cunnilingus--even though it feels much more intense than regular sex--because it's too much focus on just ME. I can get too self-conscious, distracted by thoughts like "Is he enjoying this?" "Do I smell/taste okay?" and "I'm taking too long to orgasm--surely he's getting tired and bored..." The second I start thinking like that--POOF!--I'm back to square one with arousal.

Dr. Kerner understands all of these mental booby traps; his book explains them well and clearly instructs men how to overcome them. I am not a cunnilingus instruction book expert, and there are lots of such books out there, but I was very pleased that this guide specifically addressed the mental blocks that most men don't understand (and can be easily frustrated by). It's well written, and the step-by-step instructions are clear (turned me on just reading through them!). Also there are helpful illustrations.

Note: To make a woman orgasm this way, you don't have to follow every step exactly--it's not a mathematical equation! The build-up, finger penetration, and your own loving attitude, however, are vital elements. Also, you don't have to be in love with your partner to be a "pussy master," but you do need to love, wholeheartedly, her pussy. :)

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