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Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator - Click to enlarge

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

The evolution of male masturbation products has reached its pinnacle.  Read More
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The evolution of male masturbation products has reached its pinnacle. The Tenga Flip Hole is flippin’ amazing! The entire toy flips open to reveal an intensely textured elastomer sleeve with ridges and rounds of assorted sizes. Delicate details entangle you for a whole new sensation. Densely packed protrusions brush along the shaft as you stroke in and out, firm-rooted nubs around the base for a defined brushing sensation, diagonal ribs provoke the tip, fan-shaped details to stimulate the glans, and gentle multiple ribs that rub against you upon insertion. Easily apply one of the three included lubricants and hang on for a Wild, Mild or Real ride! Completely customizable, you choose your sensation by pushing on dots designed to adjust pressure and intensity while you stroke. Experience squeezing and stroking like nothing else. Responsibly engineered to be reusable, this state-of-the-art male masturbator is simple to clean and care for. Just flip it open, wash with soap and water, and hang it on the stand to dry. You’ll flip your lid when you take the lid off of this Tenga!

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator
Elastomer and ABS
7" x 3" (17.8cm x 7.6cm)
Use with water-based lubricants.

Tenga Flip Hole

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Save your money. July 4, 2014

Reviewer: Stingy

The simple Handy Sleeve works better. I threw away my $84 Tenga after one use! The $17 sleeve works better. I really don't know what else to say. I have to wonder if the positive reviews on this product come from the companies own marketing people or from people who think spending more must mean a better product. Money aside, in this case, simple is better.

Rating Additional usage comments February 22, 2013

Reviewer: griffdb

This product is great. I was confused about whether to get the Red one or the Silver one. GV provided me with links showing the internal differences. An online advisor suggested to start with the Red one, which I did. There is a bottom pattern and a top pattern inside the device. This product works well in the shower. (Easy clean up!) You don't need to be hard to start using it. Because it opens, simply place penis in, close, and pull yourself out. Repeat until hard. Use lots of soap on you and on the product. If you have pubic hair, it's easy to generate soap foam. The three white buttons on the device really helps with the suction. Product comes with three different lubes. However, I can't tell the difference between them. Store away from sunlight and skylights, to keep the elastomer from deteriorating. Enjoy!

Rating Adbucted by Aliens May 12, 2012

Reviewer: RD

While the squeeze play was far too small, this was great! You will think that you have been abducted by aliens.

Rating Adbucted by Aliens May 12, 2012

Reviewer: RD

While the squeeze play was far too small, this was great! You will think that you have been abducted by aliens.

Rating Use Lots of Lube and Practice April 8, 2012

Reviewer: Student User Tenga

Once you get your penis inside, the experience is memorable. Use lots of lube.

The lotions provided didn't enable my penis to slip in. After applying KY gel and pressing a magical combination of buttons a suction was created to pull me in. And once inside the sensation is exquisite. Now I get to practice and figure out the correct button sequences. Thank you to the women on Mission Street who helped me understand the product.

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