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SpareParts Deuce Male Harness - Click to enlarge

SpareParts Deuce Male Harness

Prolonged pleasure is a sure bet with the Deuce Male Harness by Spareparts.   Read More
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Prolonged pleasure is a sure bet with the Deuce Male Harness by Spareparts. The Deuce is the first harness designed specifically with the male body in mind. The double-dealing Deuce features an elastic, stretchable O-ring that fits a variety of dildos, while a second opening just below accommodates the natural girth of the wearer while acting as a soft cock ring. Made of strong, sturdy material, the Deuce easily withstands rigorous use, yet is comfortable enough for extended wear. For those of larger girth, the Deuce Magnum provides ample wiggle room for maximum motion. Machine washable and fully adjustable to fit many body types, the Deuce makes it easy to double up down below!

SpareParts Deuce Male Harness
Nylon, Spandex and velcro
Belt: 20 – 50 inches (50.8 – 127 cm). Straps: 10 – 16 inch ( 24.5 – 40.64 cm)
Deuce 1st Hole: 1.25 – 2 inch (3.17 – 5.08cm), 2nd Hole: 1.5 – 1.87 inch (3.81 – 4.75cm)
Deuce Magnum 1st Hole: 1.25 – 2 inch (3.17 – 5.08cm), 2nd Hole 2 – 2.375 inch (5.08 – 6.03cm)

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Great tool May 12, 2012

Reviewer: RD

This is a great tool for DP. It is also terrific when he is pooped and she is still going. The angles are perfect.

Rating The Deuce is Wild! June 24, 2011

Reviewer: MisterPeg

We love harness play but it’s usually Mrs. Peg who is wearing one. I’ve been looking for a harness I could wear for quite some time now, though. My wife is a big fan of double penetration; she likes the feeling of being filled. The problem, however, has always been how to control the dildo. I just don’t have enough hands to hold dildos, stroke her clit, pinch her nipples, run my fingers through her hair, and support myself. What I been searching for is a harness that could securely hold a dildo while allowing me to use my cock at the same time. Fortunately for us, the fine folks at SpareParts HardWear decided to design the Deuce for just that purpose!

We have the Joque and the Theo already so we knew what kind of quality and comfort to expect from SparePart’s harnesses. Thankfully the harnesses they make for men are built to same exacting standards. The waist band is wide and comfortable, the adjustable leg straps don’t bite into your legs and because there are no d-rings or metal buckles, there is nothing on the Deuce to pinch or poke you.

The pouch that holds the dildo and penis is made from form fitting 77/23 nylon/spandex mix. It’s silky and feels great against your skin. There is a flap of fabric that folds over the backside of each hole. This protects your skin from the base of the dildo and keeps any hair from being pulled or skin from being pinched. It also serves to cover the hole if nothing is being inserted through it. It is worth noting that the Deuce can be worn by a woman as well as a man, whether she is sporting two dildos or one.

There is an elastic ring around each of the holes on the Deuce. The diameter of these holes varies based on the size of the harness, so pay close attention when ordering. The ring around the penis hole serves as a gentle cock ring. The elastic around the dildo hole stretches to accommodate dildos from a slim 1.25 inches in diameter to a girthy 2 inches. Because these rings are elastic and not steel or rubber, you can swap dildos mid-play without having to change o-rings.

One of our favorite features about SpareParts harnesses is that they are totally waterproof. Not only does this mean you can throw them in the washing machine when you are done playing, but it also means you can get it wet while playing in the shower, tub or pool. What’s more, SpareParts harnesses are vegan-friendly so everyone can use the Deuce guilt free.

The Deuce holds a dildo at the perfect angle for double penetration regardless of whether Mrs. Peg is on her back of her knees. This harness is extremely adjustable and once fitted properly, it holds everything very securely. The Deuce is also comfortable enough to wear for hours, provided circulation to your penis is not restricted by the elastic rings. Beyond the excellent fit, the black fabric is very masculine and looks fantastic with matte black dildos.

The Deuce is everything I wanted in a male dildo harness. Its versatility helped us fulfill a number of Mrs. Peg’s fantasies while allowing us to play in a couple of ways we did not anticipate (we even tried double vaginal penetration with very thin dildo). However you choose to play with the Deuce, we are fairly certain you won’t regret having it . The Deuce definitely keeps things wild!

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