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Sailor Soft Pack

The Sailor softskin packer is the perfect go-to for day-to-day wearing. Designed to fit comfortably into any packing garment, Sailor offers a realistic look and feel for packing.  Read More
Staff pick: singled out for being exceptional in content, quality, inventiveness or effectiveness. Phthalates-Free. A featured Good Vibrations pleasure product!
  (102 customer ratings)
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The Sailor softskin packer is the perfect go-to for day-to-day wearing. Designed to fit comfortably into any packing garment, Sailor offers a realistic look and feel for packing. The soft, squishable exterior and firm inner core allow for a more realistic feel when held or squeezed. We recommend wearing Sailor in a packing garment or packing undies such as the Pete as the Sailor will last longer than when worn in a traditional packing strap. We have found that the traditional straps create extra pressure on the point where the shaft and balls meet and can reduce the lifespan of your packer no matter which material the packer is made of. We recommend replacing your Sailor a couple times of year depending on the wear and tear of your packing garment. Sailor is not designed for, and is not firm enough for penetration. This is a latex-free product.

Sailor Soft Pack



Available in two sizes:
Sailor Soft Pack One - 4” long, 1 3/8” in diameter
Sailor Soft Pack Two - 5” long, 1 3/8” in diameter

Care and Cleaning

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Great! August 29, 2015

Reviewer: UncleLesterbanana

I was a little skeptical at first since this was the first packer I bought. I got it yesterday and when I took it out, it had a realistic look and feel to it!

Rating the smell is horrible, balls need work--overall not horrible April 24, 2014

Reviewer: DDGem

This product is not horrible but you guys HAVE TO DO SOMETHING about the wicked bad smell. It seriously stinks up my whole room AND underwear AND body after play time.


The shaft---no complaints, really, except it would be awesome to have something that went from flaccid to erect during play.

the balls?? too stiff. It would be so great (SO GREAT) to have a unit that had realistic balls that moved around in a softer sac.

With all the technology we have today, I'm surprised it's taking this long to make something truly realistic.

Thanks for the progress so far!

Rating It used to be great, now its garbage. January 3, 2014

Reviewer: maxtoronto

I've been a GV customer since years and this product was my favorite. Since when the manufacter changed, the product is not the same anymore and now its..beyond garbage. First of all: the smell. I don't want to wear a packer that smells like a bakery shop for months, and theres no way to wash that smell away. Its so strong that everyone around you are gonna smell it as soon as you whip the packer out. The inner firmer core is gone, now its the same texture everywhere, shaft and balls. Rips EVERYWHERE after only a couple of days of use. The back peeled off after 9 days of moderate use.. it used to last months without even a single rip. And last but not least...the materials now easily give skin rashes. GV, you changed this awesome product but you've lost one of the most loyal customers out there. I will NOT purchase this piece of trash again until you'll bring back the old Sailor. GV Response: Thanks for your comment! We apologize for any issues you had with Sailor. Due to feedback from our customers we met with our manufacturers to address these issues. At the same time we also decided to add back in the firm inner core model so that customers could choose which they preferred. We Hope you.ll give Sailor another chance!

Rating Works For This Gay Man - Helps With ED to Boot December 26, 2013

Reviewer: Bulldoglvr

I should caveat this review by saying I'm a Gay man, mid fifties and my partner of 26 years and husband of two years our doing or best to deal with my ED (Erectile Dysfunction) a consequence of health issues. You know the saying "use it or loose it" what happens at least in my case is the cock and balls constrict instead of the hang and swing I used to have - the aesthetic and feel are gone. It's fair to say this effects confidence and an overall feeling of well being. I had never even heard of Packers but they were recommended to me by a dear friend whose a FTM person.

All this netted out, I dove into research and have ended up with the Sailor 2. My package is back (at least in my mind) and the feel is realistic for the occasional grope. What I've found as my spouse fondles the packer through either a pair of jeans or a pair of Spare Parts square cut briefs or jock strap (great products!) my own cock responds.

I have no experience with the earlier version. But I would say value is all relative. if I had paid $800 bucks for a cock made by Magik - waited six months for it and wasn't pleased - owchie. That would be a very hard (pun intended) pill to swallow. From my perspective at less than thirty bucks these are a steal. I like them so much I've purchased two more. I would say to any Guy whose dealing with similar issues as I am or simply wants a bigger basket don't think twice about buying one of these as you're bound to be happy you did.

Rating Inferior product November 28, 2013

Reviewer: diklss

I wish i could submit i picture... I have 2- an older one i bought in '10 and a newer one i purchased about 3 months ago.

The newer version of the Sailor Soft Pack is just plain bad quality. The balls were a little bigger so that was a small plus but It's deteriorating VERY quickly and looks worse for the wear than the one i bought about 3 or 4 years ago (with a firm inner core). This new version is rubbing off and pealing everywhere. It's a mess so I'm using the old one again which i expect to hold up for a good deal longer.

I go to the gym with this, that's its primary purpose. It doesn't hold up anymore, not at all like it used to. I guess i'll either try something cheaper or go for something more expensive b/c the Sailor is no longer worth it even at $28.

Rating Poor quality product November 7, 2013

Reviewer: eu

The appearance is satisfactory, but the material is terrible. After few months of use, there are rips everywhere and the back peels off.

Rating I Wish There Was an Option Lower Than One Star October 25, 2013

Reviewer: Riley

Where do I even begin on describing this horrid product?
Well, first off when you open the package you are assaulted with the overwhelming scent of bubblegum and vanilla[FUN FACT: the smell doesn't go away, not even after a month of use, every time I open my trousers it's like I'm opening up a bloody candy shop.] Next, you notice that the thing is LARGE, it says 5" on the box, but it's actually 6+". It's also bright pink, bordering upon garish in tone.
You also notice how halfarsed the whole thing is. The glans is tiny and barely defined, the shaft is almost completely bereft of any veins or "skin textures". The Mr Limpy has more definition than this thing and it's better made too. I pulled my Sailor out and there were already bubbles and tiny rips everywhere.
The worst part: The balls. They're triangular, lumpy in strange places, and hard. It's also the only part that even looks like they made any attempt to make this look like an actual phallus, and they still failed miserably.

Rating Still a good option, but not like it used to be June 15, 2013

Reviewer: Unhung

I agree with Finn, the product has been revamped, and not to my liking... Too soft, and the caramel coloring now looks kind of orange. It just doesn't have that tight, compact nature anymore and is too soft. Bring back the old design! After two weeks of using and washing the newest one, the back completely peeled off. Granted, it is not a real expensive product, but I would pay a little more for something that might last longer.

Rating Perfect for the man on a budget May 30, 2013

Reviewer: Jack Frost

First of all, I'll admit that this review is geared toward transmen. I had purchased the Sailor 1 quite some time ago, deciding that it was better to start out with the most modest size. For guys with slim builds who wish to have something there upon closer inspection, this size would probably be a good stopping point for you. In my case, it was a nice space filler, but not quite what I was looking for. When that Sailor started to show the signs of being on its last voyage, I decided to up the ante and go for the Sailor 2. Needless to say, I'm very glad that I did. I'm big on being eco-friendly, so the packaging (a mix board recyclable box) that it comes in was an added bonus. Upon removing it from its packaging, I noticed the typical nicks that appear in Softskin products, but overall, a lovely proportioned packer. I should note here that these are clearly circumcised (in case you can't tell from the picture). The feel is great, as it adapts to body temperature, and doesn't feel too flaccid or too erect. It's as close to biological as you're going to get in that department, save for maybe the ReelMagik product (that I haven't had the pleasure of reviewing yet). For me, it definitely feels better. If you don't want too large of a bulge, you can always demi-tuck to smooth your lines out a little. As another reviewer noted, this Sailor has a delightful scent to it. I believe my other Sailor had a chemical smell when I first got it, so this was a pleasant surprise. Another element to note are the subtle sculptural details of this packer. There are folds of skin on the testicles, and folds that appear more prominently when the shaft is moved. Slight veins are also present on the shaft, and a skilled makeup artist could probably enhance those with a bit of colour (but be careful - whatever you do to your packer will stay, as Softskin is porous). As far as overall colour goes, the Vanilla is my standard choice, as I'm a fairer-skinned guy, and the colour will naturally darken with age and use.
Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to pack without play. With proper care, this packer will last for a long time. If you're on the fence on what to buy, definitely give the Sailor some serious consideration.

Rating too soft April 29, 2013

Reviewer: Finn

I have been using the sailor for years, although it has gone by different names. However, the last two that I ordered have been softer than normal and within a matter of few weeks developed tears between the balls and shaft where I wear my harness. Hopefully enough people will report this problem otherwise the packer will become useless to the FTM community. I don't know about you all, but I want my dick back; I don't want someone's new and improved version, I just want my dick the way it was. Crossing my fingers-

Rating Love it April 17, 2013

Reviewer: BoiWonder

Love this packer, it feels well and presents well. I have the 1 not the 2 and it fits me well. Gives a little bulge and not to much. Don't wanna look like i'm hot for teacher 247. Perfect for gut out and make your own STP. Would buy it again.

Rating FTM LOVE June 16, 2012

Reviewer: SexyLayeredHaircut

I love this packer so much.. first one I have ever bought. I mean honestly its more realistic looking then the 100$ good fella. This guy is always in my pants or tucked between my thighs, it is right now actually hehehe. I have always known i was supposed to have something hanging between my legs, and now I finally do. It does not look realistic in the youtube videos or pictures, but lemme tell you, perfect stp if you had the right appliances to put such together. Absolutely love this, my confidence loves this and this is awsome for the ftm community. Although I have read they offer different sizes, come on goodvibes, wheres my real size at? haha.

Rating Perfect! April 25, 2012

Reviewer: YungProdigy09

Alright so I just got my First packer today which is the Sailor Soft Pack. I was kinda concerned cause i read other reviews and some people said it wasn't that great. Well i think it's wonderful. It says it's not used for penetration but it is possible, and it works great. My fiancee was initially nervous about the whole thing, but she said it was good and loved it. As for me i liked being able to walk around with it and feel more like a man. I'm a FTM and this was my very first packer, and for my first time i think its amazing, very comfortable, and not too bulky. Thanks GOODVIBES!

Rating Love this thing... picked the right color the first time too December 23, 2011

Reviewer: MarkFeathersbaugh

Color was my main concern on this product and I'm glad I picked the right one! I am Irish and Cherokee and naturally usually fair skinned but I have done a fair bit of tanning the past few years, both out in the sun and in the tanning beds (I know they're bad for you, but tanning a couple times a week through the winter to fight depression and anxiety is working way better than pills ever did), so I didn't want to end up with something that was light pink and totally didn't match, so I went with the Caramel color and it matches perfectly! So to my moderate skin tone Caucasian friends, don't be afraid to order the Caramel if you think your skin is more tan than pink - specifically your thigh skin! When I have this thing in a simple loop harness and pull my T shirt down so you just see this hanging out, it looks REAL. Like, I think if someone challenged me or something, I could pull it out for a second and they wouldn't question it, provided it's a quick flash. I never had any other more popular packers before this one, this was my first, so I can't compare it, but it feels just right. I was concerned that the "firm inner core" might be too firm, but it's not at all. It's only slightly firmer than the outer material, and squeezes just right. I love squeezing it through my pants, it feels great. The bulge is good, too, just barely enough to notice it's there through relaxed fit pants, not huge at all, but fills the "space" it needs to if someone wants to do a downward glance to check it out. Very happy with this packer!

Rating The best. October 8, 2011

Reviewer: Dillon

I just got my second packer and I love it. I have both sizes in the vanilla color. Its the most comfortable packer that I know of and the most realistic feeling and looking in your pants/underwear. I wish they would come with a harness though. It can be used for erotic play which is amazing because you don't have the bulk of a pack n' play or have to change to a strap on or whatever you use. Just make sure you wear a condom and after play you wash and dust with corn starch. Best packer out there, hands down.

Rating cool June 8, 2011

Reviewer: jimmy

best packer, thats all. they do wear out quickly but i wear mine everyday all day. they are really easy modify for stps, much easier then a Mr. limpy (do not try to melt it). btw it can be used for sex, but its tricky, and i dont recommend it. as an FTM guy this really helps with my confidence.

Rating tried and true! June 7, 2011

Reviewer: kiki rose

This is my boyfriend's favorite packer. I feel like we've tried every style and he always comes back to this one. Fits perfectly in his new Pete trunks and provides a hot silhouette! I also like that it comes in three different tones - - so many don't.

Rating so easy and fun! May 9, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The Sailor Soft Pack tucks easily into undergarments, but I found it best to wear with something tight. I tried mine in my usual “hipster” unders, and then in some Hanes boxer briefs I purchased just to put my new cock in. The boxer briefs held the packer alright, but not as secure as I’d hoped. Briefs would be the best option. You can also purchase straps the you tuck the packer into to hold it in place, allowing you to go commando or wear boxers.

I ended up putting this packer into my new boxer briefs and dancing around the room with my new penis. I highly recommend you do the same, it’s quite fun to play with gender.

--from our reviewer, Lucy Lemonade

Rating Still the best April 19, 2011

Reviewer: BEARfromTN

I recommend these soft packers to all my FTM friends. They pass the "test" when you are groped by crotch women and men. With daily wear they may need to be replaced yearly due to seam separation and/or discoloring, low price anyway and every spring GV has a sweet discount so not a financial burden.
Swimmer Jock is still the best way to wear this soft pack, keeps your package where it belongs without it escaping. Loose briefs will drop it, especially in the john, and with swim jock you can wear boxers if so inclined and even keep it all together while sitting on the toilet. Do not try gluing it on! The adhesive destroys the material slowly, adhesive remover destroys it quickly, and trying to peel it off your mound can rip it apart immediately.

I don't like the new name "Sailor Soft Pack", GV Soft Pack was just fine. Now it sounds fluffy, girly, maybe because it is now being sold by affiliates on sites with other toys branded with cutesy names and colors targeting young women. Either way the product is awesome, a Trasnman can rename is man junk later.

Rating Love it softer too - how to make it flacid March 5, 2011

Reviewer: macdaddy

Best packer ever for me - perfect size, good shape and color, nice feel. While the stiffener in the dick is nice but I don't always want my dick at half-mast. It's too much for everyday wear and when swimming or doing yoga, etc. I solved that by removing the stiffener. Very easy to do without compromising the integrity of the product: make a small slit in the underside of the head and roll the material back, revealing the rod inside. Keep rolling it back until the whole rod is revealed and pull it out, then roll the material back in place. It's been perfect for my needs with this mod. I've had a number of these packers and they all failed near the top whether the rod is in place or not.

Rating really like this January 22, 2011

Reviewer: KittyStryker

I'm a femme looking to explore gender, especially queer masculinity, and I found this to be the perfect vehicle for that exploration. It was comfortable, not too big, and tucked nicely into my boxer briefs. I look forward to wearing it out sometime!

Rating Very Pleased With This Product! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

This product is very realistic in shape, density, weight, and as realistic as could be in texture. It is easy to use without a strap; I just place in in my underwear and I have never had any problems. It is a great feeling to finally have the mass there that has been mising all my life. It is much more comfortable and realistic than a sock, and I can finally relax, now that my body feels complete. Using this product has truly been a big strss-reliever and as well as a comfort to my mind to fill the vacancy where my male organ is supposed to be.

Rating Favorite soft pack! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

This is the best soft pack I've ever used. I wear it almost around the clock. The "internal core" or whatever, in the shaft is great. It's TOTALLY realistic in feeling, detail, and texture. The only thing I would want different is to have harder internal substance in the balls (similar to the shaft). Superb overall!

Rating Soft Package to the rescue December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Here is the big Fuzz,for those FTM's & BUTCH DADDY'S I recommend this product for packing only if you wear it with briefs. NO boxer's for that I recommend a Jock Strap to hold the Packer. The only down fall of this product is the testicles are not big enough to stuff it in a Jock strap and you have the chance of the packer to fall off in the urinals Because is so soft and not enough ball size to hold it in the Jock Strap suspension and the Sizes are limited. I've wanting to get a 6 inch. But keep in mind is not bad for being your first packer it gives you that bulge. I guess I have to petition for a bigger Size and fuller testicles. As well this product is only for packing and not for sex be aware of it.

Rating Looks and feels great, quality issues December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

The appearance of this product is great. It has a really nice, realistic texture and weight, and it doesn't make you look half-hard all the time like a lot of other packers. There's also really nice detailing on the wrinkling of the balls and subtle veins on the shaft. However, mine was peeling from the flat back (that rests against your body) within a day's wear. Add to the very strong chemically/rubber smell (which doesn't go away even when being washed), and you get a great-looking packer with real quality control issues. I'd buy it again, but only out of desperation.

Rating Love it!! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I'm an FTM and my last soft packer saw use for 5+ years until it literally fell apart. I could never find one that I liked as much as the one I had, and that wasn't super-sticky -- until these! They feel great to touch, move fairly realistically, and show a nice bulge. They are on the heavy side but any decent packer harness should keep it secure, or tight-fitting underwear. The firm inner core is a fantastic bonus ... having a little lead in your pencil feels great. ;)

Rating Good Cock December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

This is good cock for packing and is different the Mr. Softy and the other one's that most people have. It is a little stiffer, it has a soft cyberskin type outside and a more firm rod in the center. THE COLORING IS MUCH MORE REALISTIC THAN MR. SOFTY. Also, it doesn't pick up the lint and shit that the other packers do. I really like this product. Oh yeah, the size is good too, the balls are nicely proportioned and similiar to those on the Small Packy.

Rating very realistic October 26, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The testicles are shaped so that they will cradle the shaft in order to help it dangle just so, and they are textured to add to the realism. The penis is lightly detailed with veins and a head. The Sailor Soft Pack is quite a bit bigger than my x-small Mr Limpy and if you are looking for a nice, firm bulge this packer will come through. I didn't find it to be awkward or overly noticeable, and it definitely looks real from a bit of a distance.

--from our reviewer, Misfit Momma

Rating daddy like September 21, 2010

Reviewer: daddy69

I just received my packer today. It is amazing! I put it on and for once I felt like a real man. I can't stop looking at myself. The part that has been missing for so long is finally here.

Rating very realistic September 7, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

Impressive! The shaft has a slightly firmer inner core that’s about the feel of a half-erect penis. The balls are simply squishy- not very realistic-feeling, but very detailed. They’re shaped to kind of provide a little nesting place for the shaft so it doesn’t poke out like a flag pole. Good thinking, Good Vibes!

Overall, I’m impressed! It gives me a distinguishable bulge in my pants without looking like I’m trying to sneak a baseball bat in with me. I’m 5’5″ and it looks quite proportionate on me. It’s darn fun to play with and who knows- maybe I’ll wear it out on my next date and see how it goes!

--from our reviewer, On Intimacy Reviews

Rating BUY IT BUY IT August 28, 2010

Reviewer: Dillon

This is my first packer ever and I'm SO happy I went with this one. It looks and feels great. I made a harness for it day's before I got it and right when i opened it i put it on. I feel so great with it on, my girlfriend has been messing with me all day, and I love it! Definitely recommend this to any FTM.

Rating Great packer August 13, 2010

Reviewer: KC

As a person who uses a scooter/wheelchair & never stands up, I wanted a packer that gave me a nice, subtle bulge. I started out with a small Mr. Softee, which is great, but it tends to disappear. I just got my 4 inch GV soft pack Wed. & I love it! It gives me the bulge I want, without screaming, "HELLO!" :) & I really like how firm it is. Can't wait for somebody else to feel it. Oh, and it's very comfortable to wear all day.

Rating Miss Kay August 5, 2010

Reviewer: Miss Kay

Overall, I was relatively impressed by the Good Vibes Soft Pack. It's a good packing penis - it's just not for me. It does have a lot of detailing done to it, and the vanilla color was seriously pretty perfect on skin color. The testicles hang and look realistic (aside from being cut-off on the back of course).

However, my main complaint was that the penis hung about half-hard. When I look for a packing penis, I just want it to be completely flaccid - I'm not out for looking for a bulge. I just like the feel of it. So this one provided an unwanted bulge for me. (But noticing from other reviewers, this is a good thing to a lot of people. Just not me.)

The soft pack does come out of the box with a slight scent to it, but it's mostly from the cornstarch. Washing it off before use will basically get rid of the scent. Leaving it out of the packaging for a couple days will as well.

Overall, it's definitely a great packing penis. There's quite a few bad ones out there, and Good Vibes has produced a good one with quite a few different options. I just wish it wasn't quite so firm.

Rating Mr. Happy:) June 25, 2010

Reviewer: Marco

I am amazed at the speedy delivery. Ordered item 3 days ago and received it today! I live in Florida so I was very surprised. It is good quality and the size is perfect. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and the excellent customer service. Thanks again Good Vibrations!

Rating Papi's First June 24, 2010

Reviewer: Papi

I just got my GV Soft Pack in the mail today and WOW! It is my first packy and the look/feel is simply amazing. I put it in my briefs and immediately felt a kinky rush to my groin... I have been teasing my lover all day with text pics of me and I can't wait until she has a chance to feel it with her own hands and more... Awesome customer service, excellent delivery time and now I'm going to order the Spareparts Harness to keep it in place so I can wear it out and about. The size and color are perfect too... the boi in me is totally excited with his new junk.

Rating First rate dick June 8, 2010

Reviewer: Justaguy

As a white guy, the caramel packer that I bought matches my skin tone almost exactly. This was a pretty big concern when buying a packer for me, because I'm not very "pink" at all and most of the products out there seemed designed for people who are. Even better was the length: as a short guy I could only find packers in my size range that were 3.5" long, and as a guy who thinks of himself as "packing some heat" I wanted something that wouldn't disappear in pants... but also wouldn't attract too much attention.

Once out of the box and dusted with a little cornstarch it feels and looks great. I appreciate the little details and the core makes it feel just about perfect if squeezed through jeans. It also stays in place pretty well even if you don't want to wear it with a harness like I do.

100% pleased with it - would definitely recommend it to anyone. Chalk up one more glowing review for this fine little dick.

Rating My first packer! :) May 4, 2010

Reviewer: firsttimepacker

This is the only packer that I have ever tried, and I have to say that I am pretty happy with it. Out of the box it has a very noticeable chemical smell that stays on your hands, but this has faded after several washings and wearings and I hope that eventually it will be completely or at least nearly odorless. The material on its own is tacky enough that it will pick up lint and is prone to picking up dyes as well, although after a few washings these usually seem to fade. Dusting with some kind of powder like other reviewers has suggested would likely take care of this problem. The vanilla color is very similar to my skin tone and the detail is... well, detailed. It looks like a penis. And I have it on good authority that it feels like one, too.

Creating a harness that didn't make it look like I had a raging hard-on was difficult but after some experimentation I think I have a method that works all right. Probably not a problem for those boy-girls who like briefs, I just enjoy my boxers too much to wear it without a harness.

I don't know how other packers compare to this one, but my only complaint is that even the small sometimes seems a little too big. I'm a tiny person and matching tiny junk would be nice. I know of another brand that has a 3.5" version, so perhaps I will try that one out when/if this one dies a noble death.

Rating Happy then sad... April 29, 2010

Reviewer: FinallyPacking

The GV SoftPack is exactly as others previously described. Looks good, feels right but... I screwed up. Size 2 is way too big for me and was half way down my leg. Darn it. My fault. I am reordering the GV SoftPack SIZE 1. Back to waiting for the mail.

Rating Way better than Mr. Softie April 4, 2010

Reviewer: Nikki

This is MUCH better than just the Mr. Softie, Packy, etc. It's perfect in size and the inner core in this one makes it feel so much more real!! Thank you GV for coming up with a better alternative! Finally something my girl can grind on and actually FEEL what she's grinding against!!

Rating love it March 12, 2010

Reviewer: mesoloneeely

i turned this packer into an STP by removing the internal rod and inserting a travelmate-
i have worn it for two months & it shows no wear and tear at all! it looks and feels super-realistic when dusted with powder, much more so than any cyberskin/ultraskin packers i have used before and it's much more resistant. i have used it several times for penetration (after i had replaced the inner rod which is somewhat too squishy for that) and really put it to the test - it still looks brand new. no breakage, no nothing. a girl looked at it closely + kissed it and still thought it was the real thing.

Rating great packer but word of caution December 2, 2009

Reviewer: pipedreams

This is a very comfortable, realistic packer and stays in place fine without a harness. I wear it 24/7 and would highly reccommend it. I do have a word of caution. Do NOT try the youtube "hot screwdriver" method of converting this to an STP. The material will explode out the side and you will have essentially ruined your packer. If you plan to convert this, simple use a sharp instument ie a metal skewer, to pierce the hole. Do NOT heat it. Also, be very careful not to let this material come in contact with any kind of powder/talc or lube etc. It will cause a chemical reaction that deteriates the cyberskin. Simply wash with a mild soap and enjoy.

Rating Photo is misleading October 4, 2009

Reviewer: smonbro

I purchased the coffee soft pack thinking it would be the same color as the photo a medium brown tone, but when I received the packer it was more of a dark purple almost black color. Don't get me wrong it's a great packer feels realistic and all but if the caramel was mixed with the coffee the color would be perfect.

Rating Comfortable September 15, 2009

Reviewer: Liam

This is my first packer, and I'm very happy with the look. It sits really well in a pair of briefs (I use Aussiebum which has the wonderjock pouch, it holds it right in place), and doesn't move around (at least when I am wearing jeans). The material gets dirty fast and picks up fibers from my briefs (turns a little blue when I wear blue, etc) but a little soap fixes that, and when you dust it with cornstarch it is velvety smooth. It doesn't really clean well still, and some colors (like if your briefs are new and have fresher dye) will stay on it, but I don't mind since this one is only getting seen by me and my lady. :)

Also, Good Vibrations has FAST shipping and service, I received it within three days on UPS ground. Fantastic; I just ordered the bigger size and it will be here tomorrow!

Rating The Best Packer Out There & Convertable September 5, 2009


This is the best packer I've found & still available in tones besides Pink.I've converted both of mine into an stp with the tubing and spoon I make (see YouTube-maf1214).

Rating realistic & nice June 22, 2009

Reviewer: ItalianKing

it arrived this morning...still feeling excited!: ))) it's cool, good looking & realistic!...and confortable as well, that's cool cuz' I'll wear it everyday ; ) thanks to people at good vibration! respect from italy! luv y'all!

Rating very realistic June 14, 2009

Reviewer: Jasen

I use this packer with a Lastin harness I made from instructions found at Hudson's Guide... It is very realistic and comfortable. My only complaint is that they seem very fragile; after wearing one all day for less than a week it started developing a lot of tears/gouges around the head and balls. It doesn't matter when you're wearing underwear, but it's sort of sad to look at now compared to when it was new.

I do recommend using potato starch instead of corn starch to keep it dry after washing, as it doesn't clump up. Also useful is a makeup brush to apply the starch evenly.

Rating Fantastic May 23, 2009

Reviewer: MichaelJ

It's fantastic; those are really the only two words that need to be said. The look and feel is great, and, from a packer stand-point, it doesn't leave an unsightly bulge as if you're pitching a tent everywhere you walk. It's definitely sturdy enough for some play, although I'd heed the box, and summary, review: it's not made for penetration and probably shouldn't be used for it if you hope for it to last.

The only downside is that I had to make a make-shift harness to keep it in place so that it wouldn't flop around everywhere. I just used a pair of tight briefs, but the addition of a harness for a driven up price would be money well spent.

I'd definitely recommend GV Soft Pack, regardless. Affordable and satisfactory with fast shipping and amazing customer service if you ever need to contact them.

Rating Questions May 20, 2009

Reviewer: Seth

Does anyone know how well medical adhesive would work with this type of material? And...has anyone got an infection from the GV Soft Pack?

Rating GV Soft Pack Need a way to hang better. May 20, 2009

Reviewer: Seth

I received my GV Soft Pack within a couple of days and it came in safe and clean packaging. Since this is my first packer I was very happy with the look. I chose a caramel which is slightly darker than my skin tone but some men do have a different tone to their penis so I was happy with the shade.

However I believe I have the wrong harness and or underwear because it hangs to low and feels like I am weaning a sanitary napkin. No guy likes that feeling. Although, I did walk around my apartment building with spandex on the first day to show off the bulge. Big confidence building technique.

Anyway I am on the look out on how to wear it more comfortably and thinking of the elastic harness idea. They do look easy to make but I am not sure how to do it yet. And I read a comment where someone make a stp device out of it. How was that done for this particular packer.

Over all...dealing with Good Vibrations was a pleasure.

Rating Great product April 23, 2009

Reviewer: Tatunka

I'm a F2M. I recently purchased this packer for my transition. I wasn't sure how I was going to wear it until I found a company called TranZwear. This company not only had briefs for packing, they also promoted Good Vibrations for different size packers. Now that I can pack and go, I'm coming back for the other size.

Rating Awesome product! February 4, 2009

Reviewer: Brio

I have recently tried different types of packers as well, but this is by far the very best of all. Doesnt look or feel like it's fake, and even the 5" size looks extremely natural (doesn't give that hard-on impression at all).
Also the shipping was simply awesome, way faster than what I could expect. I'm very happy with my new 4" and 5" packers ;)

Rating BEST soft packer ever. December 23, 2008

Reviewer: anonymous

I have used the typical Mr. Softy for years, the Big Boy mesh briefs insert, the sock, the hairgel and condom method-- just about EVERYTHING. I have been wearing the 4" GV Soft Pack non-stop for weeks now, and it is by far the very best!

This would pass the grope test with no problem at all, and lays so much flatter than the Mr. Softy. For once, it doesn't feel like I have a rubber ball down my pants! This packer does not roll and flop around all over the place in my boxer briefs, and though I wouldn't use it for sex, it is definitely sturdy enough for some sort of play. I may have to buy the 5" just to test that theory out!

Bottom line-- if someone I knew was looking for a non-prosthetic quality soft pack, I wouldn't even bother giving them all the options. This is all they would need!

Rating Excellent! December 1, 2008

Reviewer: Z

This is a great pack - I wear it everyday and it gives me the boyish confidence and swagger that I love. I have both the 5-inch (which I converted for STP use) and the 4-inch. The 5 is a little too big for everyday use, although all my guy friends are quite envious, but the 4-inch is perfect. Great color, texture, and build - nothing better out there.

Rating does his job September 24, 2008

Reviewer: BEARfromTN

This is a improved model of an older product. Firm core adds more realism for grope test. I wear it in a tight swim jock which works great with this product and my body size. First day with it I got groped by a friend, who was first startled then amazed by the realist feel in my jeans.

Rating Good product August 3, 2008

Reviewer: NoWhereMan

This is a great packer, but has no harness or sock. This is something it should automatically include, even if it drove the price up a couple of dollars.

Rating gv soft pack 1 July 22, 2008

Reviewer: qwetiny

I think this is awesome,received it very quickly,tried it on the first day.I wore it while working and forgot I had it on, it even holds your body heat.I also did the tight underwear under my boxers it looks nice. It also has increased my sex drive and my partner thinks thats a plus.

Rating great packy! June 22, 2008

Reviewer: dannytranny

I've had the 4 inch GV Soft Pack for a few weeks now. It's great. It looks realistic - it even has little veins. It feels realistic - it gives me that bulge, but isn't so big that it looks silly and draws attention. It's comfortable; I forget it's there.
The only draw backs are that it's a little too soft for penetration, and flips around in your underwear if you don't buy a harness or sock. So I put a hole in tight underwear and put the end through, and then wore another pair over that.

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