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Captain Silicone Dildo - Click to enlarge

Captain Silicone Dildo

Girthy 100% silicone realistic for those who like a substantial dildo.   Read More
Staff pick: singled out for being exceptional in content, quality, inventiveness or effectiveness. Phthalates-Free. A featured Good Vibrations pleasure product! Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books. Harness-compatible toy. Safe to use for anal insertion.
  (30 customer ratings)
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Standard Option:
Girthy 100% silicone realistic for those who like a substantial dildo. The sculpted head with prominent coronal ridge will nudge the G-spot, while its thick textured shaft adds to the realistic look and feel. Straight shaft with textured veins; can be used with a strap-on harness.

Firm-core option:
PleasureWorks® knows you like it hard… and soft! So we’re bringing you both at once with our sexy and squeezable firm-core dildo line. Enjoy 100% quality silicone harness-compatible toys with a more lifelike feel than most silicone can offer! Whether you’re looking for a very realistic dildo or simply love the comfort of a softer and more flexible exterior, you’ll love the way the solid inner core gives the rigidity you want from silicone, offering fullness and sensation, while the skin-like exterior offers a smoother feel. Warms to body temperature during use, great with vibrations, easy to clean with mild soap and water, and hand crafted in the USA!

Please note: Dual density silicone can be a little “tacky” on the surface, a property of the much-softer-than usual silicone used on the outside, though once your toys is lubed up, that feeling reduces. We recommend dusting with cornstarch after washing to restore smoothness.

Captain Silicone Dildo


7 1/2" by 1 7/8" (19.05 cm x 4.76 cm)

Care and Cleaning

Please refer to our Returns Policy for this item.

Note: We are proud to proclaim that each one of these dildos are individually hand crafted right here in the United States. Because these items are hand mixed & handmade, there could be slight color variations from what is pictured.

Body-safe -- Sex toys are made from many different materials, with varying amounts of information available about them, and many have not been tested for safety. We always choose better-quality items, and we give special attention to those we know to be safer.

Made in the USA -- Many sex toy and products are produced overseas. Choosing one that's manufactured and assembled in the United States reduces shipping and has a lower carbon footprint.Enjoy sustainable sex! Learn about our Ecorotic® Rating Criteria.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating The Captain has arrived in the harbor! June 4, 2014

Reviewer: Reenie

I bought this dildo along with the Purple Plunge and Disco Stick, and I cannot express how happy I am with them! So far, each session with The Captain has given me multiple extended orgasms that have far exceeded my expectations. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't think it would be this good. I was surprised at its amazingly large girth, and its silicone texture and realistic feel makes it all the more pleasurable. Along with my two vibrators, The Captain leaves me all the way filled up and satisfied from the inside out.

Rating Oh God, YES!!! April 27, 2014

Reviewer: Love to be pegged

As an experienced pegee, I was looking for a tool for my wife that was bigger, fatter not really longer, than our current toy. I came across the Captain Dildo and it looked promising. I was a little concerned if it would fit in her harrness, the Rodeoh, and in my ass!! Well, I received it from Good Vibrations very quickly and in discrete packaging, and when I pulled it out, WOW, it's bigger than it looks on line. I love the fact it has absolutly no smell or taste, yes I love sucking her dildo too. Also, it warms with body contact. The realism is fantastic. I love the feel of the head, even has a defined cum hole in the head, moving across my lips. It will fit in the Rodeoh, with some lube. Anyway, when it came time to begin the real fun, I still wasn't sure. Lots of lube, patientence, and a loving wife's guidence, OH MY GOD!! The Captain is fantastic!! It fills me completly and feels incredible. We have used it twice and I feel safer, non-toxic, and would recommend the Captain to any experienced pegging couple. I want to use the Captain on her and can't wait for the next night!!

Rating feel full January 21, 2014

Reviewer: ir90

When I became comfortable with Bullseye Dildo, I bought this one and took it in the ass without any trouble. Still feel slightly uncomfortable, but overall enjoy the sensation of fullness and hitting prostate a lot!

Rating big but fits nicely September 17, 2013

Reviewer: averagetom

I bought the Captain for my wife. When I show it to her I asked her to close her eyes and I put it in her hand. She was shock, hand shaking, and smiling at the same time. She said it might be a little large for her because she has a small vagina but nonetheless would like to try it. We use it in our love making session at night, went to bed, woke up next morning, and she wants the Captain again. After the morning sex, she told me it is just right for her size wise. You won't believe how turn on is she. Like a wild woman, rocking the Captain. She said it is a tiny bit large, a good large, but nothing uncomfortable. She feels completely filled up. She prefers this over the First Mate because we were struggling between the Captain and the First Mate. Also the sight of swallowing the Captain is a big turn on for both her and me. Now whenever we have sex the Captain standing by...ready to serve. This is her new baby and my assistant.

Rating Sweet Gods July 31, 2013

Reviewer: Fox

Just got this, and Oh my! well worth every penny. its Definitely orgasmic... i was orgasming within seconds

Rating AMAZING!!! February 21, 2013

Reviewer: Reader

I purchased this toy for my birthday in the dark brown. It is beautiful, my hands were shaking as I opened the package and it feels amazing with some lube. Not too big, not to small.

Rating Practice Makes Perfect November 11, 2012

Reviewer: Ranger

Once you have worked your way up the size ladder -- watch out!! This new friend is explosive.

Several ways to enjoy -- w / your favorite strap on friend, mistress or self orchestrated. I love them all

Oh -- and your orgasm -- it is over the top. I scream / moan and shoot all over the place Enjoy !!

Rating AMAZING!!! March 15, 2012

Reviewer: ZEUS

Well I am new to the strap-on/dildo side of sex. I wanted to try something new and my gf was down for it. Once I took the Captain out and held it in my hands, I was thinking "WOW". Its WAY larger than the picture online. But my gf LOVES it!! She even named him "ZEUS". LOL. The price is very reasonable. Our love making sessions are much more intense now with the face-to-face contact and me guiding the Captain along the way. I've already started recommending it to my friends. :-)

Rating Captain WOW February 9, 2012

Reviewer: Tatumama

I have never had a dildo before. I may have been over anxious for the experience....but I have to say, this was a great choice! It has a great firmness, texture and hits all the good spots! The price is right, and the product is great. See measurements on the screen vs. hold it in my hand, huge difference! This fella has some POW factor that i'm thrilled with.

Rating Where have you been all my life! December 31, 2011

Reviewer: Sugamonkey

OMG I love this dildo! I purcased this a little over a month ago and could not be happier. With this dildo, my form 2 vibrator and some lube I have had multiple orgasms three times so far. I love its firmness, size. The veins and prominent head feel fantastic rubbing against my g-spot. The girth might be a bit much for some, but I like a wide cock so I think it's perfect. The length is great not too long, but long enough so I can hold the end for easy thrusting.

Rating a new favorite October 19, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

Even though I knew it was realistic, the Captain Dildo still surprised me in how realistic it really looks. It’s all bulgy and veiny and wow is it girthy! At 1 7/8″ I knew it would be, but looking at the measurements online and feeling it inside me are two completely different experiences. It is so thick that once I work it inside me I can simply leave it there if I want and it does not even begin to slide out. Thrusting with the Captain Dildo is a delightful experience. It fills me up so completely and feels so good sliding in and out of me. As the silicone is firm, I can feel the texture sliding up against me.

I was not sure how much I would like this dildo because of its realistic looks. While I have not been won over to the realistic camp at all, I will say that the Captain is one of my favorite silicone Dildos. I just love the squashiness of the silicone and the fabulous girth of the Captain. While this girth may not be something I am in the mood for all the time, when I want to be filled up, the Captain Dildo is a dream. It just fits me perfectly and thrusting leaves me gasping. Pair it with a good vibrator on my clit and I am a very happy girl.

--from our reviewer, Bean Fiddler

Rating a good one September 29, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

Not only is Captain nice and thick, with a pronounced head and textured (veined) shaft, it’s 100% silicone, meaning that it is totally body safe and easy to clean. And he has a flared base which fits perfectly into a harness and/or can be used anally (though I would not call him a beginner butt toy). Plus, since Captain is going for a more realistic wiener look, he comes in 3 different “flesh” tones, as well as a matte black for folks not looking to go life-like. (Also note, we do know that flesh comes in way more than 3 colors.)

Rating amazingly lifelike August 3, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

They didn’t leave any details out on this silicone cock. You have a prominent head to the cock and veins all over the shaft. The veins are more prominent in some places, just as on a real cock and run in natural paths. The silicone holds warmth well, so if you run it under warm water first, it will have a nice real feeling warmth as well.

--from our reviewer, Bzzing Bee

Rating hits the spot! August 3, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised with was just how realistic the design is. Sure, the girth a bit more challenging, but oh my lord, it stimulates my G-spot like mad.

-- from our reviewer, Fantasy Treasures

Rating Wife Loved It June 10, 2011

Reviewer: Wifelovr

My wife has had other similar sized toys in the past but she tended to be allergic to the materials. She eventually dumped all of them. I did some research and found that silicone is the way to go. I was all set to get her a vixskin but this was more reasonably priced and was actually closer to the size she likes. I used it once on her and she was hooked! Since then I know she has secretly used it several times. It is very firm and very realistic. Great product.

Rating Makes me happy every morning in the shower October 10, 2010

Reviewer: Roxanne

Having gotten tired of the cucumber routine, I bravely stopped by the store and wandered through the beautiful dildo section,....the sales person explained the pros and cons of each, asked if I was experienced in anal play, and warned me of the hazards, (make sure you have a base!)
I picked the Captain. It just felt good in my hand.
I drove back to Santa Cruz, with it stuck in my cup holder waving to me.
got home, got in the shower, the Captain stuck on the tile wall, and with a little soap, backed up into pure pleasure.

I can come in minutes. I love the head and the veins, and it is not perfectly round so I can twist it for more fun.
If you like it big and firm, the Captain's for you.

Thanks, GV!

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