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NaughtiBod Vibrator  - Click to enlarge

NaughtiBod Vibrator

Featuring the same fun and flirty features as the original OMiBod but with a new curvaceous look and hot colors,  Read More
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Featuring the same fun and flirty features as the original OhMiBod but with a new curvaceous look and hot colors, the NaughtiBod is the perfect gift for anybody who likes to get their groove on when they’re well…getting their groove on. iPod, iPhone, and mp3 compatible, the Naughtibod’s intensity is controlled by the volume of the music you’re listening to and actually pulses to the rhythm of what’s being played. Also included: storage case, 3 foot cord, and headphone splitter. With three levels of intensity and four quiet pulsing patterns, you’ll run out of music before you run out of the fun with the OhMiBod NaughtiBod.

OhMiBod NaughtiBod Vibrator
Black Licorice or Purple Grape
Velvet touch hard plastic
Two AAA batteries (not included)
4 ¼” long x 1 1/8” diameter (10.79 cm long x 2.86 cm diameter)
Volume: 2; Intensity: 2

Care and Cleaning

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Customer Reviews

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Rating music to my... er... April 30, 2013

Reviewer: Bunny R

Since music alone can get me off, this toy is a good fit for me. It's a lot of fun and has a lovely, smooth, velvety texture.

It seems that its vibrations are mostly based on the bass, so songs without a strong baseline don't vibrate very much. The intensity of the vibration corresponds to the volume of the music, and since I like a lot of strong vibration, I had to really crank the sound up to get it going. My workaround for listening to softer music was to get a splitter jack with volume control, so the vibe had one level of input and my ears had another.

If you think music is sexy and you like a light-to-medium level of vibration, this toy will be great for you. And even if you're underwhelmed by the music function, it has plenty of other fun vibrating settings as well.

Rating Interesting product. December 12, 2009

Reviewer: The Walrus

This is a beautifully presented little vibe, though perhaps over-packaged (at least if you're like me and feel compelled to shred all sex toy packaging to an unrecognisable state before it goes in the trash). I got the pink--for some reason Good Vibrations doesn't have the whole range of colours or else I probably would have picked something a bit less sickly-sweet. The "privacy pouch" it comes with could be a tad more discreet--it's bright pink (to match my choice of vibe colour, I suppose) with "OhMiBod" picked out in big white text along one side, so in my opinion it's almost as likely to attract attention as a naked vibe. The pouch feels over-full with vibe, alternative end cap, batteries, and cords in it.

The music thing is... interesting. It really makes one appreciate a good chorus, shall we say? The fine degrees of varying vibrations this thing can produce in response to music are quite something. But volume is an issue in more than one sense. On higher vibration settings the vibe gets fairly loud, and to put it on those high settings you have to turn up your iPod. I can see people getting hearing damage from this. I use headphones and let them slip off my ears, but although that made things easier on my ears it also diminished the quality and my enjoyment of the music.

I found that what I really wanted to do was put my iPhone on speaker, but it can't do that with something plugged into the headphone port, so that was out (it may be one of the other vibes in this range for me next time). The cord situation is, predictably, less than elegant, and the cord in this lot feels like the cheapest least durable part of the whole kit, but at least there's length enough. It comes with two sets of batteries, and the options available for play without the iPod seem pretty broad, though I've not tested them yet.

This thing feels good in the hand and it's nice to look at, too, neither purely utilitarian nor pointlessly "realistic". Overall, it screams "fun". I like it.

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