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Pleasurette Mini Waterproof Vibrator - Click to enlarge

Pleasurette Mini Waterproof Vibrator

Simple yet elegant, sleekly sexy and super-portable, this little jewel goes everywhere with you and packs a good amount of power into its trim body.  Read More
Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books. Phthalates-Free.
  (30 customer ratings)
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Simple yet elegant, sleekly sexy and super-portable, this little jewel goes everywhere with you and packs a good amount of power into its trim body. A discreet pocket-or-purse-sized vibrator with a delicious-feeling, velvety exterior, plus it's waterproof! Perfect for both beginners and experienced vibe users, the Pleasurette is seamless and features a light-touch push-button control on the base -- cycling through its three speeds is super-easy whether you're keeping it all to yourself or sharing the fun with a special someone.

Pleasurette Mini Waterproof Vibrator
Fuchsia, Teal, or Purple ABS plastic with polyurethane "velvet cote"
Uses one AAA battery, not included
4" long x 7/8" diameter (10.16 cm x 2.22 cm)
Volume: 2; Intensity: 3

Care and Cleaning

Please note that this toy is not anal-safe. Please see our Vibrating Anal Toys for anal-safe vibrators.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Cute, but not enough. February 7, 2014

Reviewer: thatnerdt

I ordered this vibe about a year ago, hoping that the cute design and (slightly) higher price would be a step up from the $12 pocket rocket I got as a birthday present and had been mostly happily using.

Sadly, as cute as this little thing is, it just doesn't do what I'd like it to. I use toys mostly for external stimulation and this one is quite weak. The lower settings don't do anything for me at all and the third takes work to get me there. The vibrations are definitely too spread out and not deep at all. It's not bad for internal stimulation, but I don't prefer that, generally.

After putting up with this for a year, I'm getting something a little stronger.

Rating A big disappointment. January 31, 2014

Reviewer: acebear

I bought this little guy to replace a bullet that had kicked the bucket (those darn wires, I'm tellin' ya) and figured no wires would mean no problem. Boy, was I wrong.

Firstly, and most importantly, the vibration wasn't anywhere near strong or concentrated enough for me. That may not be the case for everyone, but perhaps since I'm used to a stronger vibration, I couldn't even feel a difference between the first and third setting - in fact, I hardly noticed it was on at all. As far as concentration goes, it seemed like there was no true point of concentrated vibration, but rather that the whole thing just sort of... hummed.

Secondly, man, this thing just doesn't like to stay on. The button to turn it on and change the setting is so sensitive that if you happen to so much as brush against it, the thing shuts off. Besides which, sometimes it just shut off anyway! No hope of getting a good vibe going here.

I will say that on the positive side, it's a very pretty package and the material is absolutely lovely. It's discreet, both in that it's small enough to conceal just about anywhere and doesn't make a heck of a lot of noise. It might be right for someone, but that someone is not me.

Rating Very Concentrated Vibration December 31, 2013

Reviewer: KDH

This is the only mini vibrator I have right now. I think the size is decent for a mini. It has a deceptively powerful motor on it, maybe because there's less for the motor to vibrate? Idk, but I've found it to be more powerful than my full sized vibrators. With my vibrators, I usually start off on low and then gradually increase the power but, unfortunately for me, even the low setting on this one is a bit too intense to start off with. For someone else, though, it might be just right, so take it for what it's worth.

Rating This isn't Mini, it's a Micro September 23, 2013

Reviewer: Medusa

Don't be fooled by the photo where it looks decent sized0

This thing is so tiny it's ridiculous. The measurements say 4" but the actual vibrating part of it is less than 3"! It's slightly bigger than a lipstick.

Not happy with this purchase at all.

Rating Cute and strong May 15, 2013

Reviewer: SwitchHitter

My first vibe. Small, cute, strong. Easy to use, even when it's slippery. Great to use inside and out. Simple and useful, easy to clean, lots of fun.

Rating Sexual workhorse. February 16, 2013

Reviewer: Iambecause

In a good way. This toy has been multi-functional and highly useful. Runs well when others have given up! Goes where others cannot and keeps running! I call it "My friend" and it is!

Rating Not for everyone November 2, 2012

Reviewer: LadyofShalott

I am really disappointed. I just bought this as my first vibrator. It just doesn't provide enough stimulation. I'm a college student and $21 goes a long way, so I wanted to invest in something cute, durable and discreet, but unfortunately I feel that it was money wasted because my body doesn't respond to it.

Rating Good- while it lasts! March 28, 2012

Reviewer: Lilah

I adored this little guy, but he only lasted about a month before his motor conked out- changed the batteries repeatedly, all I get is a buzzing noise. Just a shame he didn't last longer.

Rating She just wasn't strong enough March 9, 2012

Reviewer: Vonk

I bought this because of all the good reviews, but for someone who needs a deeper vibration (like me), this cute little thing just won't cut it.

Rating Great Price, Good Power January 6, 2012

Reviewer: Raye Gunn

This little mini vibrator is cheap and effective. And cute. I'm not sure why, but it's become one of my favorites, and it's usually the vibe I grab for clitoral stimulation.

It packs a punch, but what I really love about this is the shape. It is just perfect for stimulating the clitoris and the outside of the vaginal opening simultaneously, and I think it is more comfortable to hold than a smaller bullet vibe. It also takes a single AAA battery instead of watch batteries, which is a huge plus, and the battery has a reasonable life span.

I haven't submersed this one in water, but I trust that it would indeed be waterproof. The seal is tight.

Mine is still in good condition, but if it ever croaks I will buy another one in a heartbeat.

Rating Love this little guy! July 15, 2011

Reviewer: mandapantz

After a few failures from similar vibes from other companies, I found the Pleasurette. Has lasted me almost a year and is still going strong. It's smaller, so it can be used during sex, but big enough that your hands won't cramp when playing solo. Don't be fooled by the size, though; this guy can pack a punch, plus it isn't very loud. Totally recommend!

Rating Great first vibe! June 7, 2011

Reviewer: kiki rose

I bought this as a first vibrator for my little sister... and she loves it! It's not intimidating and is stronger than it looks. I love that it takes one AAA so she doesn't have to fuss with the watch batteries.

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