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Butterfly Kiss Waterproof Vibrator - Click to enlarge

Butterfly Kiss Waterproof Vibrator

Feel the flutter of this multi-speed waterproof twice-as-nice vibe. Small yet surprisingly strong,  Read More
Phthalates-Free. Tried-and-true bestsellers and customer favorites. A featured Good Vibrations pleasure product! Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books. Safe to use for anal insertion.
  (163 customer ratings)
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Feel the flutter of this multi-speed waterproof twice-as-nice vibe. Small yet surprisingly strong, the butterfly’s buzzing wings kiss the clitoris, while the teardrop tip curves to caress the G-spot. Wonderful for those overwhelmed by similarly styled rabbit vibes, the Butterfly Kiss is a super starter vibrator for simultaneous stimulation, both in price and function.

Butterfly Kiss Waterproof Vibrator
Purple or Pink TPR
7” long, 3” insertable, 1 ¼” in diameter (7.62 cm x 3.17 cm)
Uses two AAA batteries (not included)
Volume: 2; Intensity: 4

Care and Cleaning

2012 AVN "O" Awards' nominated "Outstanding Powered Product"

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Did its best til it's time was done. December 27, 2015

Reviewer: dabbler

This guy was a smashing success for the first two years of its life. At that point it became a two-speeder. And then about six months ago it became a one-speeder until it finally went kaput. Upgrading today, sad to see my friend go. It isn't much in the penetration department, but it's enough to get you where you want to be along with the three-speed vibrating feature. The butterfly wings are adorable but useless--the vibrating effect would be the same even if they weren't there. In some ways the design reminded me of an insect? Idk. According to my order history, I bought this little guy 4.75 years ago. I didn't actually realize it had held up for so long. Not bad for am $18 vibrator. Rest in peace, friend.

Rating Life-changing fun! September 25, 2015

Reviewer: Eleanor Roosevelt

Before purchasing this vibrator, I'd only had one orgasm before (from clitoral stimulation from a man). That was ten years ago, and I'd honestly given up hope of ever having another orgasm.

Boy, was I wrong! It's been less than a week since I received my Butterfly Kiss in the mail, and I've had at least eight orgasms since then (about four of those today)! At 42 years old, I have a renewed interest in sex. My husband and I just had sex again after a long drought. My sex life feels like it's back on course. I swear, I feel like I'm twenty years younger.

I would love to give this toy five stars, but it does have a few drawbacks. I've probably already gone through six-to-eight batteries. And then, after a while of playing with it, it loses one of the speeds (it becomes a two-speed vibrator rather than a three-speed). But then when I start it back up for the next play session, it's back to three speed.

But, at the end of the day, these are minor quibbles. I love my Butterfly Kiss and highly recommend this toy as a great, inexpensive toy for a vibrator novice.

Rating a little loud but otherwise nice August 28, 2015

Reviewer: whattup

A friend bought this for me for my birthday and it's definitely an improvement when it comes to masturbation. My only issue is that it sounds a little loud when I use it (keep in mind I'm using the lowest setting) and then I worry if my roommates can hear me which deters me from using it. Also the design is a little awkward if you're just interested in using it for clitoral stimulation (like myself.)

Rating mmmmm, nice August 4, 2015

Reviewer: TS

This is my first vibrator, so it took me a couple minutes to figure out how to get the stimulation I needed from this toy, but once I did (a combination of angling it up as high as possible so the top of the butterfly's head could reach my clit and gently twisting the toy it back and forth) there were fireworks. I didn't get much g-spot stimulation, if any, but the soft shaft was some nice girth to squeeze on.
Very recommended.

Rating First and works GREAT ! May 18, 2015

Reviewer: Love life

I love my new toy. I am a Virgin and was interested in a vibrator. This is my new bestfriend. Works great for beginners as others mentioned & gets the job done. I definitely will recommend this product. :)

Rating Great Beginner's Toy! April 9, 2015

Reviewer: BeginnersLuck

This is my first vibrator and I bought this one cause I'm a broke college student. But I was not disappointed with this, it gave me mind blowing orgasms when I hit the right spot. Definitely would recommend

Rating Doesn't hit G-spot, no vibrations on clitoris September 3, 2014

Reviewer: Kit007

I may be in the minority, but this did nothing for me. For one thing, the bulb was not located properly to hit my G-spot. It was too long and ended up going past it when inserted. And for another the vibrations of the butterfly wings were pretty much useless. Maybe it works better on someone who required an EXTREMELY light touch on the clitoris, but for me the vibrations didn't translate at all it did about as much good as poking it and then just not moving. Would not recommend.

Rating Addictive June 30, 2014

Reviewer: Vibing Virgin

I'm about to order my fourth one of these- because it's really addictive, but it keeps. Breaking. Down. It's not enough that it eats batteries for breakfast, or the little antenna on the butterfly break off very easily (and the wings follow), but the motor dies after a few months. But damnit, I love this little thing. Like other reviewers have said, I wish there was a little more substance in the shaft area, but there's a reason it's quite literally the only vibrator I've ever owned. Well, that, and the fact that it isn't pricey at all. It gets the job done.

Rating This one works. October 8, 2013

Reviewer: Hubby

Guys: buy this one for your lady. She'll thank you in all the right ways.

Rating frustrated! October 4, 2013

Reviewer: bones12

I ordered this thing less than a month ago and have only used it half a dozen times, yet I've had to put in new batteries twice! Every time I use it, it stops vibrating and dies after a few minutes, which is extremely frustrating, as you can imagine. I don't know if I just got a defected one or what, but I am really disappointed.

Rating Love! May 10, 2013

Reviewer: sugarshakespeare

This was my first vibrator and I wasn't sure if I would like it, but wow! It was nice to start off on a lower vibe and work up to that really powerful third level. Amazing orgasms. I just love it. The only downside is that it uses up batteries a lot. In the beginning, I got like three uses out of it before the batteries died, but now it only takes once. That's probably because I use it for longer on the high vibe. Still worth it in my opinion!

Rating So good April 22, 2013

Reviewer: feminist92

Gives you an out of this world orgasm in minutes! I get off in less than 5 minutes with this wonderful product EVERY TIME. There are three different setting for the vibration. The first one doesn't do anything for me, but the other two.... you'll have to try for yourself! The only reason l didn't give it 5 stars was because the "wings" broke off within the first week. But it still does the job!!!!

Just remember to keep batteries by your bedside just in case they die in the worst possible moment! ;-) I've had this product for almost three months and i've only had to change them once!

Rating Simply the Best March 8, 2013

Reviewer: Dakota

I would give this 10 stars if I could! Strong and great for not penetrating too deep. This is a keeper!

Rating Whoa! January 17, 2013

Reviewer: Myra821

After being turned off by some bad vibrator purchases in the past I decided that I wanted to re-explore my sexual self again.I'm glad I found this vibrator. The vibration settings (3 levels) are strong enough for me but might be weak for some who prefer something a little bit stronger. The insertable length might fall a little short for some [gave me an excuse to buy a vixen dildo ;)]but regardless the vibrating butterfly action steals the show every time!The butterfly kiss vibrator has made me more aware of what my body urns for. Great price for a great product no doubt, and its water proof! A win-win if you ask me!

Rating A Good Start and Cherry Popper December 29, 2012

Reviewer: KB

I am a virgin, and I thought this would be a good first penetrating vibe. I was right! However, it was a shock to me when I used this toy and broke my hymen (I thought I broke it when I started using tampons) but it is still worth it! A good vibe for popping your cherry or if you are just a toy beginner.

Rating Good Beginner's Toy December 2, 2012

Reviewer: babycakes

I bought this lovely thing about two years ago and have really enjoyed it for the most part! It's very simple, has three speeds and can make you cum pretty strongly and quickly. I would say though that after using this for a couple years I've gotten a little tired of it. Definitely good if this is your first vibrator purchase or you just want something simple/no frills. Overall, I'd recommend it! :)

Rating Average October 10, 2012

Reviewer: locs

I thought this was going to be much more powerful than it was... (it needs a 4th and 5th level of intensity). However, for the price, it was worth the money.

Rating I thought I died... September 28, 2012

Reviewer: Boo Boo Kitty Fuck

But really though. This is my first vibrator, and it most certainly won't be my last. I came within a minute of turning the Butterfly on, and fourteen more times after that. The first setting is a good warm-up, the second is usually what makes me cum, HOWEVER, the third setting makes me cum in under ten seconds, every time. I seriously thought I must be dying, that's how much pleasure it gave me. It's not quiet, though. But who cares, I just had the best hour of my life! If you're a first-timer, get it right now, you won't regret it.

Rating dissapointed September 5, 2012

Reviewer: toy addict

Too weak, too small, & too soft.

Rating :0) July 11, 2012

Reviewer: SlipperyWhenWet

This piece of work is my very first toy. I am very pleased with the settings. I haven't gotten to the 3rd b/c it's just too dayum much lol. I like the fact that it's quiet enough. Its waterproof, yay! The only down fall for me is the part you insert. This is my first toy, but I'm no virgin. I need a lot more "insertion" b/c I tend to get really wet...really. So, it was almost like the part you insert was not there lol. Oh well, it's still a really good vibrator b/c I'm a girl who likes a lot of clit action.

Rating OH. MY. GOD. June 7, 2012

Reviewer: woayea

Before I bought this little guy I had basically given up on getting an orgasm. After several years of trying EVERYTHING, I thought maybe it just wasn't possible for me to have one. Woa was I wrong! Immediately the butterfly gave me multiple orgasms. This vibrator looks small, but boy does it pack a punch. Settings 2 and 3 are what really get me going, and its very quiet too. The head fits perfectly, while the butterfly stimulates my clit in just the right way. Amazing product, I really felt the need to write a review. I was skeptical, but the butterfly is one of the best investments I've ever bought. DO IT. NOW.

Rating HOLY SHIT May 1, 2012

Reviewer: Naughty Girl

I've been sexually active for a while now and I thought I had received an orgasm before. BOY WAS I WRONG. First day I got it I used it two different times because I have never felt an orgasm like that before. Seriously this thing is magical and if you are worried that you have never orgasmed before, this will do the trick. EXCELLENT product. I highly recommend it.

Rating She loves it February 29, 2012

Reviewer: yankyau

This is a great item. My fiance tells me it is perfect for clitoral stimulation (although not as powerful as other vibrators; exceeds expectations for the price) and is a great choice for women who enjoy the rubbing sensation on their G-spot for orgasm. Little hard to clean around the butterfly detail, but it comes highly recommended as an entry level vibrator. Waterproof works. Batteries life is decent. Feels a little cheap, but then again, a good tool to keep in the 'toy chest.'

Rating Wow! February 8, 2012

Reviewer: Skygirl777

Ok, this is my first vibrator...hello, what took me so long?? A lot of bang for your buck. However this eats batteries but I must say worked magic and quickly! Enjoy :)

Rating Absolutely worth every penny! January 31, 2012

Reviewer: coco fleur

This is a great buy, I recommend this to anyone. As a first time user, I have to say that I was pleasantly suprised, cause it is only about $20, but sooo worth every penny. If anyone is looking for a new toy, get this one!!

Rating Great Price! January 12, 2012

Reviewer: Faye

This is a cheap toy, but a great cheap toy.

For it's price range, probably one of the best. It's very strong. I have the Butterfly kiss from a different retailer, but I bought the butterfly kiss from GVs for a present for someone. I noticed that from GV the butterfly kiss is very floppy, I think I prefer mine. But I can see how the softness and squishiness brings a different appeal. When buying a second for a friend the cashier recommended to me using a condom over it to make it last longer. Because it is jelly, it is porous, so it traps in bacteria after use. But with this great price, I'm not too worried about that, I'd just buy a new one.

It took me awhile to figure out how to use this one for me though, it's not my favorite toy. It doesn't quite line up perfectly for me, but it's flexible enough that I can move in into position. When I get into it, it's very nice and powerful. Great first toy, given the price range. Also makes a great gift.

Rating whew - definitely worth the purchase December 3, 2011

Reviewer: viv80133

Wanted to add more praise for this vibrator. In the past I'd had trouble with vibrators but this one definitely does the trick.

Perfect placement of the butterfly wings with three easy to switch settings. The first setting is very soft, but good to get you started. The first time I used it I could get off on the second setting, but recently I've needed the third setting to the job, but it certaintly works :) The g-spot head/shaft is a bit floppy, but it adds nice stability and a little something extra.

Usually it takes me a while to come, but this one can literally do it within a couple minutes. Can't ask for more, and especially not at under $20. If you're looking for a vibrator, this is definitely the one.

Rating I love it!! November 11, 2011

Reviewer: sexy-girl

I read many nice review about this vibrator before buying, but I was still not sure how it will fit me.
I got it today by mail and tried. Oh, my God!!!!! I love it! It is so easy to use and hold. I really like butterfly kiss and the speed 2 and 3 give nice variation of intensity. I liked this vibrator so much that I took it after that to a shower. ;) Waterproof quality of this vibrator becomes very handy.
I had pearl rabbit before, which broke recently. This vibrator is much cheaper and, by my opinion,so much better! These butterfly wings locate in exactly right places. Perfect! For sure, I will not give rabbit a second chance after this one.

Rating Oh my god.. October 19, 2011

Reviewer: omg26

I read the reviews and definitely wanted to try this out, especially for only $18. I finally received it today and tried it out as soon as I got it. That third setting is definitely a loud experience for me...and previously the loudest I ever got was breathing hard and loud.

Rating I was skeptical at first.. September 28, 2011

Reviewer: P3rf3ctB34uty

I never really enjoyed 'rabbit' style vibrators, the 'rabbit' part just didn't hit my clitoris directly enough to give me the stimulation I desired. I read the reviews and I was blown away by the great feedback it was receiving. This convinced me to order it and, boy, am I glad I did! I used it the night it was delivered and it blew me away. The adorable butterfly 'kissed' my clitoris perfectly and it was unlike anything I've ever felt before. The first setting is very light and almost useless to me. The second is a good warm up setting to really get me going. But my favorite has to be the third setting (I like very strong stimulation) and it definitely gets the job done. I was surprised by how strong this toy actually was, but it certainly makes up for what it lacks in size with power. I would absolutely recommend this toy to anyone, experienced or novice.

My only complaint is how quickly it kills batteries. But buying rechargeable ones should easily fix that issue.

Rating wow. September 28, 2011

Reviewer: vibelovin

got it quickly, was quick to use it. WOW. every time. WOW. i really like the butterfly bit, but i kind of screw it down into me. LOVE IT.

Rating Great toy, perfect if ... August 13, 2011

Reviewer: sinssar

Good points:
-powerful! Not wussy at all.
-Unlike my rabbit vibrator this actually hits the spot! the little butterfly is well positioned for me
- pretty quiet

the downside -
-Wish there was a little bit more rigidity in the shaft. I think it would really add to the sensation
-eats batteries (you have to get recyclables!)

Rating Too much in some places, not enough in others August 7, 2011

Reviewer: Ophid

This is a very reasonably priced toy for the quality. It's very well-made and is indeed waterproof. However, I found that the sensation, for me at least, were a bit unbalanced. For some good in-and-out enjoyment, the head is perfect, though a bit too floppy. The butterfly antenna, however, don't so much "kiss" as batter my poor clit into submission. If you are into this, then more power to you! My clit, however, needs something a little less... direct. The vibrations were a bit too powerful in the clit area, and not nearly enough in the actual phallus. It was fun, but I'm tossing it in the bin in favor of something less concentrated on my most sensitive spot.

Rating OMG WOW July 26, 2011

Reviewer: bunnyyyy

Never thought I would felt the need to jump on here and write a review... BUT I had to exclaim my joy about this vibe. I was skeptical at first about the price and I have never found one that I have ever enjoyed but after doing some research and reading reviews, I picked up this bad girl today and orgasmed in 5 minutes. AMAZING Definitely pick it up the next time your browsing around in the store.

Rating Love the Butterfly! July 23, 2011

Reviewer: SexyG

This is by far my favorite vibrator! I love the fact that it's waterproof, easy to use and easy to clean. I supercharge my shower time by using this vibe. I'm extremely satisfied when I'm done.

I love it when Mr. Man takes control of the toy, because I have no clue what he's going to do and it only makes pleasure time with him that much more fun and exciting!

Rating Sweet Bliss July 18, 2011

Reviewer: Serenity

This is my first toy to get...ever...and I just have to give this lovely little thing 5 stars! I received my order in a timely manner, although 2 days seemed to take forever, but when it arrived I took it for a quick spin in the shower and I was in high heaven within minutes!! I LOVE LOVE the Butterfly Kiss and it is perfect for the new kid on the block just setting foot into the exotic fun filled world of sex toys.I am pleased as pink with this darling thing and my husband is eager to test it on me himself! I am looking forward to many more tete a tetes with my new friend and succumbing to the sweet bliss of those fluttering butterfly kisses over and over and over again!!!

Rating I've Been Kissed July 13, 2011

Reviewer: butterfly happy


Rating WOWWW May 27, 2011

Reviewer: happycamper

It's safe to say I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase... ;)

Rating First Vibrator My Wife Loves! May 19, 2011

Reviewer: Mr. Toto

Gentleman - my wife and I have tried a number of different styles and materials over the years, but this is the first vibrator that really gets her off.

It is a great couples' vibe. The material is very soft and pliable, so as I work it, it is very easy to get in unison with her wants and needs. I can move the butterfly on and off of her clit with ease - which allows for a lot of variety in our play. I would not say that it is an intense G-spot experience for her - but it is certainly a quality one.

Rating Fantastic First May 11, 2011

Reviewer: viberaider

This was my first vibrator, and the variable settings made it great for finding what worked for me as far as strength, shape, texture, etc. It's also nice because it's pliable enough that I can use it inside or outside,different from a lot of firmer dual-action vibes. It is great for a first toy, but it isn't the best material; I've had it for over two years and it has started to wear out small holes on the shaft (where your hand would be).

Rating Really nice. March 30, 2011

Reviewer: SaraJoy

It's a really nice toy. I don't think it's as powerful as advertised, but it's still nice. The softness makes insertion a little bit tricky, and like other reviewers I did wish it was slightly larger, but overall it gives a very pleasant experience.

Rating Perfect!! March 28, 2011

Reviewer: Fantasyland01

This is my first vibrator and it worked great! Would recommend to anybody!

Rating For a Vibrator Virgin! March 22, 2011

Reviewer: Toy Virgin

OMG! I have officially been converted! This was my first time ever using a vibrator and I must say this exceeded my expectations. I think I am in love with masturbation now. Definitely good for the newbie!

Rating Ohh EMMM GEEE February 28, 2011

Reviewer: Lalalicious

I LOVE it.. This is my first vibrator ever, and I bought it today and already used it twice!! It works wonderfully!! But if you use it to get to your g-spot it doesn't really touch or reach your clit..

But other than that it POWERFUL!.. And it not as loud as I expected. its pretty quiet even at the highest level!.. GREAT buy and for $18 its a STEAL

Rating So goood February 16, 2011

Reviewer: akats

This is probably my new best friend. It is my first vibrator, and I had never orgasmed until I got it today, and I came three times within about five minutes right away!

Rating First Time User....LOVED IT! February 14, 2011

Reviewer: littlemisssunshine

This was my first experience with using a vibe and I really enjoyed it. This toy was very fun to use and wasn't intimidating at all. The three speeds are all great and the butterfly is awesome. I would definitely recommend!

Rating 10 stars January 25, 2011

Reviewer: Janesays

If there were 10 stars, this little gem of a vibrator would get them. I have a small aresenal of toys (used to sell them) and this has become one of 2 favorites. The speed of the butterfly is fantastic-I've even bought a back-up (I've been know to kill a couple) and one for a friend for Valentine's Day! All I an say is I am thouroughly satisfied!

Rating Disappointing January 13, 2011

Reviewer: CG

Bought this because of the price (a lot less than the Rabbit). I understand why. Very disappointed.

Rating Love the Butterfly kiss January 12, 2011

Reviewer: vibe lover

I love this vibrator ~ I have several the Rabbit being my go to vibe, but this is quiet and with the settings it is sure to get me where I want to be. The first setting is very light and I tend to bypass that immediately.
Amazing value, and your gonna love it!

Rating small but really effective January 10, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

It takes 2 AAA batteries, so it's small, but don't let that fool you. Believe me, I thought it was going to be a "warm up" toy. No, no, no. Boy, was I ever wrong! Even though it's small, it packs a serious punch!

The butterfly (mini-vagina lol) part is perfect to vibrate softly or more vigorously against your lips and clit. PERFECT. The insertable part (mushroom lol) is great, too. Surprisingly, I think that this toy is going to be a mainstay in my shower. Also, you can use it alone or with a partner. Perfect for shower play with your lover!

--from our reviewer, Rhiannon

Rating It was okay... January 10, 2011

Reviewer: Snapdragon

The first two settings on it just don't do it and the third setting is almost too intense, but still pretty nice. Also, it's a pretty small vibrator and didn't provide for much internal stimulation. However, just for the way it worked my clit I'm pretty happy with it.

Rating love it! December 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I loved it. Waterproof, so the Butterfly Kiss and I enjoyed a nice little getaway in a hot steamy shower together. This toy seamed to know how to hit all the right spots, providing you are a little bit patient. With gentle movements and a little time it made me Explode!!! The dual stimulation between the clit and the inner had me making a real mess... Good thing I was in the shower. Winks.

--from our reviewer, Submissive Reflection

Rating This is my new best friend December 19, 2010

Reviewer: Kid in a Candy Shop

I had never had an orgasm and bought the butterfly kiss on a whim. It quickly arrived at my apartment in all its intriguing and vividly purple glory, and I wasted nearly a week summoning up the courage to try it out. WOW. Two EXCELLENT hours into the evening, I was still on top of the freaking world. I'd been hoping for one orgasm... this gives me about ten deliciously intense orgasms every time I use it. The shape fits perfectly to my body, the speeds are nicely graduated (2nd speed is the best in my experience - 3rd can be a bit much), and the "butterfly wings" are just the right intensity. You will not regret buying this... on the contrary, you will probably want to hug everyone in sight once you finally emerge from your room. I have NEVER spent a better eighteen dollars! :)

Rating excellent December 11, 2010

Reviewer: luress

Quickly became my favorite vibe. It's on the small side (read that "insertable size"), but it's a seriously good vibrator. The highest setting is surprisingly powerful for a vibe so small and cheap. INCREDIBLY quiet, almost inaudible on the lowest setting. And whatever gel material it's made of feels nice to touch (though I use it with a condom since it's hard to clean). Worth the money several times over.

Rating gives me what I need December 8, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I had a very difficult time taking the Butterfly Kiss seriously at first because of its funny looks. That�ll teach me! I was pleasantly surprised by its performance. I do find level one to be a very gentle warm up and don�t bother much with it. Level two will get me there, slowly but surely, and level three makes me happier much faster. That butterfly may look cute and silly but when she�s on, she�s all business. The flutter of her little wings and the nuzzling of her antennae are just what I want against my clit.

Now, I�m a clit girl. I come from some sort of clitoral stimulation, either on its own or in conjunction with internal stimulation. My man is always asking why I buy insertable vibrators rather than just focusing on bullets, wands, and the like. I�ve tried to explain that though on its own, penetration doesn�t do it for me, I love being penetrated and that feeling of fullness. The Butterfly Kiss� teardrop tentacle is thin and flexible, but the bulb on the end gives me something to clench down on. I get the both feeling of being penetrated I want, and the clit stimulation I need.

--from our reviewer, Bean Fiddler

Rating Built For Beginners December 3, 2010

Reviewer: A Little Bit Shy

I've never been the type to like vibration on my lady parts so this was my very first, dyed in the wool, honest to goodness vibrator. I had -no- idea how to pick one so I went to the bestsellers and found one highly recommended by newbies like myself that had a reasonable price tag.

I could not have asked for a better buy. It's soft and flexible, quiet (especially in the tub), very easy to use (even when you're mid play), and the lowest setting is a nice, gentle hum. It really feels like it's built for beginners who aren't sure what they want out of a toy just yet.

Rating not quite what I expected, but still amazing December 2, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

Well... Here's the thing, to have the butterfly vibrate on my clit, the head wasn't quite deep enough to stimulate my gspot. So yes, I did find my gspot. I was happy about that, but that pulsing, vibrating little butterfly? It's magic. It made me forget all about my quest for my gspot.

To be honest, I didn't mind. That butterfly's kiss on my clitoris is addictive, and I just could not bring myself to ignore it in favour of my gspot. So, while I may lament not having super-squirting-spasming gspot orgasms, I am really not hard done by, because my clit is in Heaven. I don't quite know what it is about that butterfly, but it just works.

--from our reviewer, Se Sexxxay

Rating Comfortable first December 1, 2010

Reviewer: Kris

This was an awesome toy for a first-timer like me. Never knew it could be so fun. Comfortable fit, and the highest setting is *whew* fun! Best early Christmas present I ever got myself.

Rating Very nice October 30, 2010

Reviewer: valwyer

This is a good all purpose device and would get 5 stars if it were about 2 inches longer. As it is, I use it to warm up for my rabbit, or for when the rabbit just seems too much.

Rating fluttering October 30, 2010

Reviewer: Equipped

This is a decent vibe. I would prefer the shaft to be a bit thicker and longer but the head helps keep it in place. Overall, a quality product that is fun alone or with a partner.

Rating YEESSS! October 30, 2010

Reviewer: r17

AMAZING. First vibe. Multiple orgasms. Enough said.

Rating YESSS! October 30, 2010

Reviewer: r17

This is amazing! I bought this about a month ago-- my first ever vibrator! I seriously can't get enough and it's literally transformed me into the most confident, sexy woman I've ever been. On a sad note, I think the batteries run out very quickly, but still worth it!!

Rating Dear God October 29, 2010

Reviewer: dearally

This thing is amazing. I was new to the whole g-spot thing, and this immediately produced the most intense experience I've ever had (within one minute). Thanks so much, GV!

Rating Good Stuff....Bang for your buck October 15, 2010

Reviewer: Desert Rat

I literally just finished using this product after receiving it in a decent amount of time and am very pleased. One thing I will mention as someone brought up in a previous review is that because of the floppiness of the tip you really have to work yourself up with the butterfly "kiss" feature in order to get down to business, but it shouldn't be a problem after that. I will buy this again when I burnt it up hahaha. Weird thing is the batteries get REALLY hot, but those were the ones it came with...nothing to be majorly alarmed about, but maybe that means they need to be replaced more often. I never keep mine inside the toy anyways because of corrosion.

Rating Wow September 28, 2010

Reviewer: Natasa

I just bought thih vibrator today.It's my first one,and all I have to say is WOW... ;)

Rating Fantastic. September 25, 2010

Reviewer: Em

I have tried two other vibrators with no luck - either painful or neutral sensations no matter what I did.

This vibrator, however, is awesome. All I want to do with the rest of my life is use this.

Rating Oh my goodness! September 21, 2010

Reviewer: Happy to be Happy

Yeah. I am a first time user and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I came so hard I thought I was going to EXPLODE! What is really great in that this vibrator enables you to have multiple orgasms and your clitoris is not overly sensitive. So it's totally ready for more action!

Rating The Best Vibe Ever! September 14, 2010

Reviewer: Gushy

This is the first vibrator I ever bought for myself. I had tried remote control bullets, and weaker vibes, but they were nothing special and were forgotten soon after the first use. When I got the Butterfly kiss in the mail my husband and I got to playing with it and I had my first ever female ejaculation! I didn't anticipate this reaction and panicked, but my wonderful husband assured me all was good, and we are both looking forward to many more adventures with the Butterfly Kiss!

Rating AAAAAAAAWESOME!!!!! August 26, 2010

Reviewer: cimarronlover

I was skeptica at first but this is the best 18.00 i'v ever invested. It's great my only complaint is no having invested sooner. Highly Reccomended for first timer's like me, I was a lil shy at first but now I reccommend it to all!!!

Rating Great vibe, great price August 14, 2010

Reviewer: Kanga

I had my first orgasm (and many subsequent ones) with this vibrator, and it hasn't let me down since. After three months of frequent use I've notices that it does eat up batteries (as battery-operated vibes are wont to do), and the motor seems to have gotten a little glitchy, but only minorly so. As I said, it has not failed me yet, and for only $18 it is a GREAT buy, especially for a novice who is still figuring out what s/he wants sex toy-wise. (However the cost is not really $18, since you must buy condoms as well, so for that reason I may switch to a silicone vibrator in the near future.)

Rating Read reviews, so thought I'd try it August 13, 2010

Reviewer: nevertoowet

OMG!!! I never gave much credence to other people's reviews since everyone is so different but this time I saw that people really thought this inexpensive, little guy was worth it. I decided to give it a try because for some reason I haven't been able to get off lately (maybe stress, who knows). I came home from buying it and thought it looked too weak and flimsy to be any good. I thought I'd give it a quick try before using it with my husband later. First two settings are relatively weak but when I hit the third setting...yes, yes, yes! My clit couldn't have been happier. I came in seconds! Can't wait to show my husband my new toy! I can't believe that little guy has the power to do what it does! And what a bargain!

Rating Wow. August 12, 2010

Reviewer: NSmith

I have a really hard time enjoying sex toys because I can never find the right fit or the right intensity, but I love this one! It is pretty amazing. I like it way better than any of my other vibrators. The only things I would complain about is that the head is a little awkwardly shaped and weird to get used to. But once you do, it's awesome. And the vibration is a little intense. All around though, it's a great deal for the price!

Rating A Must buy!!! August 5, 2010

Reviewer: happygirl

I was actually a bit skeptical about buying a vibrator like this because I've never owned one that worked very well. THIS ONE DOES!!!! Everything the previous reviewers said about it is true. It brought me to orgasm within 2 minutes. It is seriously insane.

Rating love it! July 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

So, how do I like this sex toy? I LOVE it! It certainly isn't the most luxurious vibe I own, but it delivers some kicking orgasms, and at the end of the day that's what we're here for. While ineffective for vigorous thrusting or stimulating the g-spot with firm pressure, the soft, bendable shaft is easy to insert and comfortably conforms to your body. The modestly-sized bulbed head massages the g-spot while the butterfly's antennae stimulate the clitoris, its wings "kiss" the labia, and the body hits the U-spot. This is a great vibe to have on hand to help jump-start foreplay or when you need to get off quick, but it's just as enjoyable for extended solo sessions. This would also be a good toy to use during anal sex for a dual-penetration experience. According to the website, the Butterfly Kiss is safe for anal insertion, but I personally have not used it for anal play. Overall, I am very impressed with this sex toy, especially at such a great price!

--from our reviewer, Buzz on Vibes

Rating great G-spot toy! July 13, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

So, how do I like this sex toy? I LOVE it! It certainly isn't the most luxurious vibe I own, but it delivers some kicking orgasms, and at the end of the day that's what we're here for. While ineffective for vigorous thrusting or stimulating the g-spot with firm pressure, the soft, bendable shaft is easy to insert and comfortably conforms to your body. The modestly-sized bulbed head massages the g-spot while the butterfly's antennae stimulate the clitoris, its wings "kiss" the labia, and the body hits the U-spot. This is a great vibe to have on hand to help jump-start foreplay or when you need to get off quick, but it's just as enjoyable for extended solo sessions. This would also be a good toy to use during anal sex for a dual-penetration experience. According to the website, the Butterfly Kiss is safe for anal insertion, but I personally have not used it for anal play. Overall, I am very impressed with this sex toy, especially at such a great price!

--from our reviewer, Buzz on Vibes

Rating knocked my socks off! July 6, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The description for my new vibrator reads "Feel the flutter of this multi-speed waterproof twice-as-nice vibe. Small yet surprisingly strong." I could not agree more! Feel the flutter? More like the thunder! I have found my new favorite toy! The The Butterfly Kiss Waterproof Vibrator totally rocks my freakin socks. I love it. It is a kickin vibrator that is waterproof, cute, vibrant, powerful, quiet, intense, and much much more.

--from our reviewer, This, That and Myself

Rating great for first timers June 25, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

All g-spots are not created equal. Not only do they vary in size and location, but some are immediately receptive to stimulation, while others might feel numb at first and take several sessions to open up. Some women report feeling intense pleasure from the first moment they touch their g-spots. Others say it can feel uncomfortable, even painful at first (but, rest assured, it will begin feeling very good as things develop!)

This is why I like to recommend the Butterfly as a great starter toy for g-spot exploration. Its soft construction and variable speeds allow you to start slow and gently ramp up the stimulation as your g-spot develops. The added clitoral stimulation from the butterfly “wings” feels so good it will help you stay patient and invested even if your g-spot is slow to warm up!

--from our reviewer, Dr. Korenna Reynard

Rating Cute, waterproof and fun in the shower. June 25, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I like this toy. It hits my g-spot really well, provides plenty of clitoral stimulation, the vibrations are strong, and it’s not loud. It’s waterproof which has made it great for getting off in the shower/tub -- with all the waterproof toys I’ve been reviewing I’ve found that I like getting off in the bath!. It’s affordable for those on a budget at a mere $18.00. It’s cute to boot too! ;) Overall I would recommend this toy to those starting out who are looking for their first toy, and it’s great for those of us who are experienced with toys and are just looking for a really good all around vibrator.

--from our reviewer, Toxid Lotus

Rating quickie May 29, 2010

Reviewer: edger

I was partner is distracted by the sound of the last vibe and she needs lots of time and TLC to cum, and that's even a rare occasion. So after getting this for her, as I left the house she was going to try it "solo" first. Fifteen minutes later I get this text "OMG!". We talked later and she really dug the first two speeds but the highest was at first way too much. Then she just relaxed into it and came hard at the highest setting, minutes later! We're looking forward to sharing this together!

Rating wowsers! May 17, 2010

Reviewer: loverotoys

This vibrator is truly heaven, for a beginner it's perfect! The girth isn't too big but I quickly got too used to the length and desired a longer one. At first I got a cramp in my butt cheek since it was my first time. Man I can't believe I waited so long to buy one, have I been missing out! Along with having to bury my face in a pillow this vibrator hits the spot perfectly everytime! I orgasm in a matter of seconds-it's amazing! Other than the length the only complaint I have is it goes through the batteries real fast. The highest speed is really intense almost too much for me until the batteries start to go then it's about perfect;)

Rating The Best Vib March 24, 2010

Reviewer: sexi one

I have several vibrators and this by far is the best. I like the size and the how the wings hit your clit. When I tried the butterfly for the first time, it was mind blowing. I would suggest to all to try the butterfly it will not disappoint and for a great price.

Rating Kiss of delight February 27, 2010

Reviewer: alottaump

I agree with the product description of "small but strong!" The design is pretty spot on: the wings and antenna provide great clit stimulation while the bulbous head feels great inserted. The material is soft & smooth (good for anal too) and after several times use in the shower, the vibe is still running strong (leave the plastic sleeve that's inside the battery compartment & make sure cap is screwed on tight). My only complaint is that you have to cycle through the different vibe speeds. I can cum at speed 2 and having to go to speed 3 before 'off' is a bit intense! Overall, a welcome addition to my toy collection.

Rating I never knew how much I liked butterflies before.... January 4, 2010

Reviewer: hadfun

For the price, this is a very fun buy. The other reviews about wishing that it was a little bigger or firmer are true, but hey it defnitely gets the job done. It is well worth it!

Rating Motor Burned out December 20, 2009

Reviewer: Jeseabell

This was a pretty good buy for the price. I really enjoyed it at first but the motor burned out after about 3 months. I only used it probably a dozen times and only once in the shower. Not sure why it burned out but was pretty disappointed.

Rating Good performance but not very durable December 12, 2009

Reviewer: newbienomore

Wanted to give this item about 3.5 stars if that had been possible. This was my first vibrator. Initially performance-wise I was not disappointed right out of the package. It gets the job done! However after several uses I began wishing that there was a little more variety in the sensations than just the 3 speeds, so I will be shopping for more vibrators to add to my collection for more variety. But for the price, this is a great little vibe that gives great clitoral stimulation. If my review were just based on the first few uses I'd give it 4 full stars.

But it does not hold up very well. It is NOT waterproof despite what the packaging says. Tried to use it in the shower (which felt great) but water definitely got into the housing. Since then its function has been spotty. Now the switch does not reliably click between settings, and sometimes it fails to turn on at all, even with brand new batteries. I am having to replace it. Also, have only had it for about 2-3 months, and the soft blue covering is starting to crack in places. I've treated my toy well--water based lube only, washing it off after each use, storing it in a dark place away from sunlight. I guess I can't complain toooo much since I have definitely had more than $18 worth of fun in the last 2-3 months with it. But durability wise, this toy only gets 2.5 stars from me.

Rating Not Fun December 6, 2009

Reviewer: LifesGood

Theoretically, this should work. It did not, for me. 3 levels of intensity: Level 1 - not enough, Level 2 - not enough, Level 3 - too much and too loud. I have a good vibrator that's a plug in and was looking for a waterproof. This isn't the one for me. Darn. :(

Rating Great value, great fun! November 10, 2009

Reviewer: SFdesigner

It was my first. I've tried several others since -- but this one is still my fave. The three speeds are terrific... start slow and work your way up with a quick press of the button. The clit stimulator is my fave part... little vibrating pieces of rubber... very effective. The shaft part is kind of short, with the goal being to hit your g-spot and not to fill you up big and deep. I don't know about the g-spot thing... sometimes I use/enjoy it that way, but sometimes just leave the shaft outside and focus on the clit stimulation. Overall, this is a terrific little gizmo.

Rating Divorced and Horny :)- 28 November 7, 2009

Reviewer: Rockinmama

I just got this today in the mail. I've previously owned the rabbit but had to get rid of it for my jealous ex-husband haha. So look who's having fun now? Its a pretty vibrator not too intimidating for a novice and good enough for a connoisseur like myself.The design is genius.The butterfly antennae vibrated against my clit while its' wings flapped gently against my lips and the bulbous tip massaged my insides.I think I finally found my g-spot because the feeling from all three sensations was enough to nearly knock me off my chair :)I used it in the shower without a problem.

Rating just tried it! October 30, 2009

Reviewer: scgirl

Just got this in the mail today and put it to use right away. It is a bit "soft" but it did not seem to be a problem at all for me...It did the trick in 1-2 minutes phew...The little "wings and antenna" are very n-i-c-e...
I can't wait to try it again, and again. :)

Rating Pleasure October 28, 2009

Reviewer: LatteDelight

This is GREAT!!!! It drives me wild everytime I use it. Clitoria and g spot climax achieved.Well work the money.lOVE IT, LOVE IT.

Rating Good value October 23, 2009

Reviewer: nobreakupworrieshere

This is definitely the best value for the dollar. I certainly wish the shaft were longer, but for $18 the only noise I had to keep muffled were my own moans of delight...not the toy's! I will certainly save for a Magic Wand or better, but this is great in the meantime.

Rating Love the butterfly kisses September 13, 2009

Reviewer: plenty

I waited for 2 weeks for this to finally ship to my house. It was well worth the wait. The butterfly portion is incredibly delicious. It is what is needed to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

The G-spot stimulation needs to just be a bit beefier in circumference and in length to do the job. It is a bit soft at the tip. I imagine this would be the perfect toy if it could be 1" to 1 and 1/2" bigger in length and circumference. It would be the ultimate!

With the perfected butterfly kisses, it is still well worth the money to wait for this little slice of heaven!

Rating yummy August 15, 2009

Reviewer: Ginger cake

well, this was my first time using a vibrator, and oh my god, i am soooo not disappointed. the butterfly, gets right to the point, then if you keep going, the rest is history and satisfaction. definately a must buy for first timers, well, honestly, every girl, women, or person with a vagina needs to try this out. still feels good!

Rating BEST toy ever! August 13, 2009

Reviewer: Eve

I LOVE this toy. I have a whole box of toys, and this one is the best, hands down. The insertable part is not very big, which I like, but it gives you the G-spot stimulation it promises. It's much more powerful than I would expect from a small toy, especially in this price range! There are three levels, and I rarely need the strongest. When I first used this toy I swore that men had become obsolete, but now I know it's also great fun with a partner! Highly recommended.

Rating Thank you God July 21, 2009

Reviewer: Pablo

I've never bought or used sex toys before. I bought several toys for my girlfriend. Were both older, divorced and experienced. But, not like this. My girlfriend went out of her mind with this toy and took me with her. Oh my god.

Rating Butterflylover July 14, 2009

Reviewer: Butterfly Lover

My new favorite toy. 3 speeds. Pulling out feels just like the head of a penis and boy does it hit the G spot just right. Much better than the more expensive toys. Will be my most consistently used toy!!

Rating We had some problems... July 10, 2009

Reviewer: Savanah

(We had some problems...) But that happens. It's a bit loud, and I'd like it to be a little thicker. Other than that it's amazing. More than $18 worth of vibrating happiness!

Rating !!!Great Action!!! June 19, 2009

Reviewer: Vivian

This a great vibrator for the price. The three speeds are great and the shape also helps alot for the G-spot....I LOVE IT!!!! ;)
And as far as Good Vibrations I got it in a flash. Ordered it on a Thursday after 5p. and got it in the mail on Saturday about 1:30p and this was using standard shipping! I would say that is super fast so thanks guys, you ROCK!!!

Rating Very good value! May 29, 2009

Reviewer: Angie M

I've always been skeptical of the claims in the descriptions - especially on such a low-priced item. I've bought many toys that say they'll do this or that, and they never deliver, and don't last. I can't say much about longevity of this product yet, but this one does live up to its promises! You can't beat it for the price and performance, even if it lasts only a few months.

Rating YES!!! May 6, 2009

Reviewer: youadoreme69

This was the first vibrator that I bought and I do not regret it one bit. It is really good for a first time buy. It is fairly quiet and the clitoral stimulaition is amazing. It doesn't do a whole lot for my g spot but it gives me the most amazing clitoral orgasm ever!

Rating Oh, Baby!!!! April 9, 2009

Reviewer: IslandGirl

This is heaven right here on the island! Wasn't too sure at first, but this is my new best friend. LOL It just hit the spot............

Rating wow! April 7, 2009

Reviewer: sensuallyyours

this little vibrator is fantastic. while it doesn't so much do it for my g-spot(too soft to really put pressure on it), it provides one of the most intense clitoral orgasm I've ever had. and within a few minutes, too (it has very strong vibrations on the highest setting). I did have to replace it, since it is NOT waterproof even though it says it is. (i had a feeling it was a bit too reasonably priced to be of really high quality) Be sure to clean the blue part separately since it comes off and don't get the bottom of the clear mechanism part wet, too close to the battery compartment. but for the price, I think it's totally worth it.

Rating AMAZING! March 9, 2009

Reviewer: Victoria

This is the first vibrator I have purchased. I just tried the Butterfly Kiss for the first time. It is fairly quiet. While I did not experience a g-spot orgasm, the butterfly clitoris stimulator made me come like I never have before. This is a great vibrator, and it is very effective for the price! Also, it shipped very quickly. Good Vibes does a fantastic job. I will never buy from anywhere else.

Rating I love this vibrator February 16, 2009

Reviewer: pbc

I bought this at a sex toy party I hosted a few months ago before I saw it here at GV. I couldn't wait for my guests to leave so I could use it. And boy did I use it! This is the vibrator that travels with me. I love it. It provides the BEST orgasms ever! I am addicted to it.

Rating Not that quiet February 12, 2009

Reviewer: First Vibe

I like this toy; it gives me the feeling of something inside while I stimulate my clit. Haven't had a g-spot orgasm like I would have liked. It's a little 2 soft. Could be a little more quiet and little harder. Otherwise this is ok for a first buy and pretty cheap.

Rating!!!!! February 1, 2009

Reviewer: bisexuallydelicious

i bought this toy from another website before i heard about this one, and let me tell you...i don't regret this purchase one bit. i've tried other g-spot vibrators that were either too big or too hard, but this one is just perfect! i came in literally a few minutes, best g-spot orgasm i've ever experienced. all ladies need this toy!

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