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Flirty G Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator - Click to enlarge

Flirty G Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator

Multiple tiny nubs stimulate the clitoris while this multi-speed waterproof vibrator’s curvy tip  Read More
Staff pick: singled out for being exceptional in content, quality, inventiveness or effectiveness. Phthalates-Free. A featured Good Vibrations pleasure product! Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books. Safe to use for anal insertion.
  (61 customer ratings)
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Vibrator - Purple
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Multiple tiny nubs stimulate the clitoris while this multi-speed waterproof vibrator’s curvy tip lightly caresses the G-spot. Smaller and softer than rabbit style vibes but with the same twice-as-nice, simultaneous function! Great starter vibe.

Flirty G Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator
Blue or Purple TPR
Insertable portion is 3” x 1” (7.62 cm x 2.54 cm)
Uses two AAA batteries
One-touch control button, 9 different functions
Strong vibratons
Volume: 2; Intensity: 4

Care and Cleaning

Awards & Recognition

  • Nominated 2012 AVN Awards "Best Sex Toy for Women"

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Great First Time Toy! January 29, 2015

Reviewer: cal

This is the first vibrator I've ever owned, and I have to say it was worth the purchase. My body is very stubborn when it comes to having an orgasm, but I gotta say, this little guy got me there. It packs a lot of punch and the nine different speeds are great. All in all, I love this vibrator!

Rating Revolutionized my intimate life January 16, 2015

Reviewer: VT1

I can't believe it's taken me a year to write this review. Flirty G has changed my life. Not only is it the most beautiful source of pleasure when you're on your own, but it has encouraged me to explore my g spot and ultimately led to much better sex because I now know exactly what feels great. I recommend this vibrator very highly.

Rating Was Okay August 4, 2014

Reviewer: NatashaF

This was the second vibrator I have bought (and certainly not the last.) I bought out of curiosity as my first internal vibrator. It was certainly a blissful experience my first try with it, and the g-spot stimulation is well-placed and pretty strong; there is a comfortable deep hum to the toy and it's not too loud. However, I was not a fan of the nubs on the clitoral part. I personally thought they were rather hard and uncomfortable, even with generous lubricant. I also require a certain back and forth motion and stimulation along the sides of my clit to orgasm, so the too-rough design wasn't optimal for me. However I can see that this might be a great choice for another girl. I wasn't able to climax with this toy because of the nubs and found it quite frustrating because the great g-spot shape made me want to. If the clitoral part had only been smooth and rounded I don't think I'd ever have put this toy down. But alas, it's too rough on me and it mostly remains in the drawer. I've found my boyfriend to be much better for internal pleasure anyway.

Rating I love it!! July 27, 2014

Reviewer: bunyz

The material is so soft and the settings are so powerful. I haven't been able to pick my favorite setting yet. Speaking of favorite, it's become one of my favorite vibes since the day I got it! The soft nubs aren't irritating but are a turn on!

Rating First Vibrator May 31, 2014

Reviewer: mere

This was the first one I bought, and it's perfect for beginners: lots of different settings, easy to use, and not intimidating. The whole thing is pretty soft: the main internal part and the little nubs for clit stimulation. Definitely recommend!

Rating Love my Mr. Sharkie December 29, 2012

Reviewer: KB

You know a vibe is good if you give it a name. I love Mr. Sharkie because of the multi speeds and that it's perfect for beginners and virgins. The different vibes are good for whatever you are in the mood for. It's only four stars because it takes a lot of maneuvering around to get it settled near my clit. A good vibe for those who are on a tight budget, still experiementing, and a beginner.

Rating amazing! 1st time w g-spot vibe September 30, 2012

Reviewer: jane8

truth be told, at 32 this is my first experience with any sort of 'penetration' vibrator. I purchased the fukuoku maybe 10 yrs ago and was hooked -- it was the only thing I ever needed! i have taken a recent interest in the g-spot orgasm -- having never thought I'd experienced it before I felt it was better to learn about it solo before I expected a partner to try and give me one. :) simply put -- this toy is AMAZING. I was used to having a very quick clitoral orgasm with the fukuoku-- I think this one gets me off even quicker! it's definitely a completely different experience (vs. clit-only stimulation). I LOVE it!! I've literally been using it daily since it arrived last week ;) I agree w other reviews -- it's a big flaw that you have to cycle through every setting to turn it off. after jumping around and having a great orgasm with every setting I tried, i've started just going through them one by one to see what each is like. highly recommended!! enjoy! ;)

Rating gets you there FAST July 11, 2012

Reviewer: SF Gal

Highly recommend for solo play, and the different settings are real lovely. Not very loud, and wonderfully strong! Its a shame you have to cycle through all the settings to turn it off, but it'll get you off super quick!

Rating Third times a charm. January 28, 2012

Reviewer: Insatiable

This is the third vibrator I've ever owned. I went from a bullet, to a small hard G-spot wand, to this. This one takes the cake! I've had it for just over a year now, and it's still going strong! The only complaint I have is that you have to cycle through all of the settings before you can turn it off. Other than that, it's great. I recommend storing it without batteries in it to keep it running strong. Noise wise, I'm a very paranoid person, so sometimes I would think it was a bit too loud, but in reality it's not that noisy at all. I definitely recommend this to anyone still not quite fully accustomed to the sex toy world. A great step in the right direction if you ask me. Definitely worth the price! If mine ever dies, I'll gladly replace it.

Rating WOW January 28, 2012

Reviewer: cvibes05

All I can say is... Oh Yeah!

Rating Amazing June 9, 2011

Reviewer: LaLaGal

I love this vibrator! I have many vibrators in a wide range of sizes, but this is by far one of my favorite. It isn't huge, but it feels amazing. The vibrations are strong, and it has 9 different settings. The whole thing vibrates, but the vibrations are centered around the nubby bit that sits on your clit. The only problem is that you have to cycle through all of the settings to get to the one you want, or to turn it off.

Rating Average... May 23, 2011

Reviewer: misskittie

This was one of my first vibrators and I was a little disappointed. I agree with the last coment it probably depends alot on how your body is build. For me, it is a little less than impressive. Dont get me wrong it can still get me off but theres nothing wow about it! It goes in nicely but I wish it was a little stiffer to put more pressure. Im glad I got it to try but not my first toy i reach for!

Rating Amazing Toy For Post-Op TGs! May 3, 2011

Reviewer: STaelyn

I'm a post-operative transgender woman. My old vibe I had before my surgery turned out to be too large for use with my new vagina. I also had been wanting to try out something that would work on my clitoris as well.

I took a look at some of the reviews on there. Interestingly enough, while some of them say that the penetrative end is too small, that's exactly what I need; I have a somewhat shallow vagina, and often prefer "smaller" partners and toys.

Turns out it was absolutely perfect! It hit my spots both inside and out on the first use very quickly. My partner, who was watching, remarked at how amazingly fast I reacted - and subsequently came very quickly!

While not all genitals are created equal, be they by birth or by surgeon, this was great for me. If you're in the same boat or just curious, I think you can give this one a try. And it's a wonderful price, too. I hope I get a lot more use out of it from here on out!

Rating pleasant surprise April 19, 2011

Reviewer: nicetobenaughty

I purchased this based on the strength of other reviews and was a bit skeptical when I took it out of the box. My skepticism quickly faded away as the wave of multiple orgasms washed over me. This unassuming little toy gets the job done.

Rating it was okayy April 7, 2011

Reviewer: buzzbuzz

the vibrations were absolutely fantastic, but the little dude that goes inside did not hit my gspot one bit and it barely felt like anything.
good for a beginner definitelyy

Rating i can't believe it - try one if you're shy like me March 6, 2011

Reviewer: 256

i never had a vibe and i was a bit intimidated to get one. i'm very glad i chose this.
-not too big
-shaped just right
-battery life is very good
-easy to clean
the different rhythms of it are wonderful too. power-wise it's honestly a bit overwhelming for me at times and i have to take a breather. of course, i'm a rookie :)

-the material is a very flexible rubbery-type plastic.
-there's 3 speeds of the standard vibe and then several with different rhythms & stops
-make sure you use enough lube on the 'feelers' of this. otherwise i think that it would hurt your clitoris.

all in all a wonderful present to myself. feeling good is such an important part of life and i'm glad i can feel THIS good!

Rating OOOO My God!!! February 26, 2011

Reviewer: JADeD

This vibe is amazing! I agree with the other reviews in that multiple orgasms are in your future with this. Try a minute or so, then increse each won't be disappointed!

Rating Awesome & quiet February 14, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

Vibrating-wise this toy is pretty awesome. The buzz is strong, yet quiet enough to use with roommates home, and the patterns have a nice variety.

--from our reviewer, Hot Movies for Her

Rating Won Me Over February 4, 2011

Reviewer: babssd

I was definitely skeptical of all the reviews but decided to give it a try. I figured there was no way it was as good as everyone said - but it is! Or better. You just have to experience it for yourself.

Rating Flirty G January 14, 2011

Reviewer: pcme2000

It should have been a little bigger my wife says. She says that it is a good teaser toy but that it doesn't have the power or the big enough size to totally get her were she can have a big one. Maybe if it was a little stronger and just a little bigger it would ge great. rateing i would say is good just should be made stronger and bigger.

Rating Believe what everyone says! January 9, 2011

Reviewer: Horny Siren

I am one of those people who reads the reviews before I buy anything online, holy crap were they right! The best $20 I've spent in a while. I got an amazing orgasm a few minutes after I used it, my favorite setting is 3. My husband and I had some fun as well with it. Hope you have as much fun as the rest of us.

Rating Incredible orgasms!! September 27, 2010

Reviewer: BNATL

My husband bought this for me he said because it was a 5 star. OH MY GOD!! I told him it should be rated a 10 star. I have had the most incredible orgasms with this toy. I am addicted to it so much that I get horny just thinking about it and have had to have a little private time to myself during the day when I am working from home.
I have nicknamed it "MO" for multiple orgasms. Bet you cant have just one! This is the first review I have ever written for a toy. Girls, it is worth it and it is quiet so you can get away with a little fun without someone else hearing it.

Rating toe curling orgasms! September 7, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I have to say the results at least for me where amazing. The vibrations were both intense and pleasurable to say the very least. I soon discovered which of the nine speeds made me go from happy land to Nirvana in a very short time and I also found that if I applied some kegel exercises the whole experience was enhanced ten fold. It wasn't long before I was experiencing an incredibly intense orgasm, that for me, went much deeper than my usual orgasms. I love those toe curling orgasms that a blended orgasm can produce and the Flirty G definitely produced that in me! Unlike a clitoral only orgasm, I'm generally able to continue orgasming and that is always a good thing in my book. Clean up was a breeze as the flirty G is splash proof. I just added a dash of soap and some water and let it air dry.

--from our reviewer,

Rating hit the spot August 16, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

First off the material is very soft and floppy. It has a ton of give. I like that it’s not stiff at all and is flexible. It’s a phthalates-free toy which is a huge bonus as well. Once I finished inspecting the toy and figuring out how to put the batteries in and locking the cap on, it was time to test it out.

Insertion wasn’t easy given how flexible it is, but it was very comfortable and soft. The nubs rested perfectly against my clitoris. The vibe portion offered a nice handle to grasp. The only drawback is the on/off button is on the end. Thankfully I have long arms but otherwise it’s a slight reach to get your fingers down to the button.

--from our reviewer, Sake of Sanity

Rating WOW! Flirty & Def not disapointing July 28, 2010

Reviewer: La Unica

I recently have gotten way more in to sex than ever... I was in a bad marriage for quite some time and got out of it but did not want to start a sexual relationship with anyone. This was my first toy and it def will not be my last! I have always been conservative but let me tell you... this damn thing feels sooo f'ing good I will not be worrying about any muss or fuss anytime soon! I use it at my home office at my desk while looking at porn or while in the shower with my nipple clips... it gets you right where you need to be and as fast as you want! I love all of the different settings! I can not wait to get home from the office some days just to take a shower with my new flirty G... may sound like a horn ball but hey... this is the bomb! and I must say... I have NEVER EVER came sooo much! There was cum all over it when i took it out that never happened with my lousey lay of an ex husband! If I could give it 6 stars I would! and for 22 bucks can't beat it! only thing that concerns me is... I may need an upgrade in size after a while...

Rating lots of fun! July 27, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The unique shape is designed to put vibration (9 speeds to choose from!) in the most advantageous spots for orgasm - clit, labia and g-spot. The longish handle makes it easy to rotate or move in and out - whatever feels best to you. I like that the speed button is easy to locate … It’s right on the end of the handle. Don’t be put off by the look of the little nubs; they are silky, not spiky, and feel great, as does the flattish bulb on the end! This toy has to be felt to be fully appreciated. Waterproof, and affordable, this is a winner.

--from our reviewer, Swing Break

Rating sent me over the edge July 27, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The flat part on this vibrator towards the tip is designed to slide against your g-spot and does it ever hit the right spot. While at times I wished that this vibe had a little more girth or length, it is designed to hit that one sweet spot and it does not disappoint. I was even more happy with the clitoral stimulator on this vibe. Unlike the shaft, this clit attachment isn’t budging at all and this makes it easy to put as much pressure as you desire on your clit. Even when I wasn’t having an orgasm from the g-spot stimulation, the nubs and vibrations from the clit stimulator sent me over the edge.

This vibrator is not only ideal for those beginning to explore their g-spots, but it is also perfect for those trying to be discreet. Even on the most intense vibration setting, this vibe cannot be heard through a closed door. And with the water-tight seal this vibe is ideal for shower play where it also will not be heard.

--from our reviewer, Girl Theory

Rating comfy and fun July 27, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The Flirty G is so soft and squishy. It is made of Thermo Plastic Rubber or more well known as TPR. The material is so soft. I don't think I can stress that enough. Some might fear that it is too flexible and flimsy, but I promise it's not. The design of the Flirty G allows it to move around comfortably inside my body while pleasing me at the same time. Extreme!

--from our reviewer, This, That, And Myself

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