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King Bullet Vibrator (Replacement Bullet) - Click to enlarge

King Bullet Vibrator (Replacement Bullet)

Give yourself the royal treatment with vibrating bullets to suit your mood.   Read More
Staff pick: singled out for being exceptional in content, quality, inventiveness or effectiveness. Phthalates-Free.
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Give yourself the royal treatment with vibrating bullets to suit your mood. Choose from the round, robust King Bullet, curvy Queen Bullet or skinny, mini Ace Bullet. Outfitted in shiny silver or velvet-touch black, these loyal subjects are ready to serve. While the silver bullet has a slick feel, the black bullet’s coating is slightly warmer and silkier. Mix-and-match them for a variety of styles and sensations. Pair them up with any controller that has a removable jack. With a 35” durable cord for extended reach, these bullets are perfect for acquiring a collection or simply replacing those that have passed.

King Bullet Vibrator (Replacement Bullet)
ABS plastic
King Bullet: 2 1/8" x 1" (5.4 cm x 2.54 cm)

Volume: 2; Intensity: 3

Care and Cleaning

keywords: Replacement Bullets a la Carte

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Gets the job done July 20, 2015

Reviewer: maxikyd

I've been using the silver King Vibrator (in conjunction with the Full House power pack sold on this site) for more than 3 years, and replace the bullet itself about every 6 months. I usually order 2 at a time to combine shipping. (I checked my back orders, and it was 1 year almost to the day between orders.) The place where the wires connect to the battery pack plug is where it usually goes bad, but with a little "jiggle" to the wires, the bullet still has good power, just isn't convenient to have it quit in the middle of something good. The cord from the battery pack to the bullet is roughly 3 ft long, so power pack can be moved out of the way after initial setting.

The vibrations are solid and reliable, but I keep a stock of AA rechargeables on hand, as the vibes weaken after a few uses. The bullet can tend to get a bit warm during extended use, but for "wham, bam, thank me very much" it rocks.

I'm in the market for a rechargeable vibe, but until I find something as satisfying as the King Bullet, I'll stick with the tried and true.

Rating Love It October 6, 2013

Reviewer: SMK

I just ordered my replacement. My first one just died after 6 months. I used it almost everyday so 6 months isn't all that bad. I had the king before and I just ordered the ace. Can't wait to try it. I'd also recommend getting the full house battery pack to go with it.

Rating Excelent but fragile July 14, 2013

Reviewer: aRoost

I ordered the queen vibrator and it got to me three days ago. I've been using it pretty heavily to be honest, and it's awesome. Hard vibrations that Manage to get me off in a very enjoyable manner. However the cord has already started pulling free from it and I've been making a point to not pull it by it's cord because I know that bullet's break easily from that. But like I said I've been using it a lot. It's a great toy but I'd probably spend more money and get something more durable.

Rating Not for industrial use. April 19, 2013

Reviewer: jberry

Bullet purchased on Feb 24 2013, it promptly arrived in a couple of days. April 18th, it started to work intermittently, since, like all such wired devices like these, they are made in China, and thus the wired connection comes unglued from the device's core... just when I'm starting to use it. So to sum up - used it regularly - delicate toy - didn't last but maybe I wasn't gentle enough with it. So I recommend it as long as you don't pull the bullet up by it's wire - you might need tongs to safely retrieve it.

Rating Try the Ace! March 13, 2013

Reviewer: MeganAnn

I love that they offer the bullets a la carte, as I am replacing them often ;-) I originally went with the King, but then on a whim ordered an Ace, and OH MY GODS!!! I love the black ace best! It is more of a buzzing kind of bullet...the perfect sensation for me!

Rating WOWZA! February 20, 2013

Reviewer: Schubert

Just got my Queen Bullet in the mail today and all I can say is DAMN! Smooth texture, great cuves that reach all the right places and don't even get me started on the strength of the vibrations... whew! Do yourself and your playmate a favor and pick a few of these babies up... I know I'll be ordering more!!

Rating Don't waste your money February 6, 2013

Reviewer: HighandDry

This is the 2nd replacement I have bought... and this one died in ONE use. Honestly, shell out a little bit more cash for something better.

Rating Oh ya October 28, 2012

Reviewer: Pure Pleasure

My wife is the sex toy expert. We have been Good Vibe shoppers since "Mens Health" first ran their article, and that was a longgggggg time ago. This is just another replacement and it does the job!!!

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