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We-Vibe 3 Couple's Vibrator - Click to enlarge

We-Vibe 3 Couple's Vibrator

Experience the evolution of the We-Vibe 3, our revolutionary couple’s vibrator.  Read More
New to our product line. Green product fits our eco-friendly values of sustainable and ethically and/or environmentally conscious sex.
  (24 customer ratings)
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Experience the evolution of the We-Vibe 3, our revolutionary couple’s vibrator. This innovation in mutual partner pleasure still boasts the same features of previous iterations -- simultaneous internal and clitoral stimulation, a supple shape and comfortable wear during penetrative sex –- with some savy and sexy new features! The waterproof and rechargeable We-Vibe 3 offers a wireless charging base that doubles as a discreet storage case. Operation has never been this easy or fun as you control this powerhouse via an on-board push button interface OR the included wireless remote control! We-Vibe 3’s six vibration modes are even MORE sensational with a boost from the two powerful motors (stronger than previous versions) that keeps the passion going thanks to the longer lasting battery. Environmentally-friendly and erotically rechargeable, this vibe by We-Vibe is the next generation of partner pleasure.

We-Vibe 3 Couple's Vibrator
Purple, Teal, or Ruby Red Silicone
3” x 1” x ¾” (8cm x 2.9cm x 2.1cm)
Rechargeable, charging base included
Volume: 2; Intensity: 3

Care and Cleaning

“Good Vibrations has been an authorized seller of We-Vibe products since 2008, the year the first We-Vibe was introduced. Anyone who purchases a We-Vibe product from Good Vibrations can be assured that they are purchasing an authentic We-Vibe product.”
    --Tori Parker
   Director Business Development | Standard Innovation Corp./We-Vibe

2012 X-Biz Awards "Innovative Pleasure Product of the Year – Technology", and 2012 AVN "O" Awards' nominated "Outstanding Product for Women", "Outstanding Luxury Product", "Outstanding Innovation", and "Outstanding Powered Product"!

How to synchronize the remote control

Step 1: Turn on the We-Vibe 3 massager in any mode manually by pressing the button on the nose,

Step 2: Place the remote control directly next to the nose (c end) of the massager (so they are touching).

Step 3: Press and hold the remote control button until the massager turns off, about two to three seconds normally.

This completes the pairing process, and the remote may now be used to fully control the massager. You may need to try this a few times.

Body-safe -- Sex toys are made from many different materials, with varying amounts of information available about them, and many have not been tested for safety. We always choose better-quality items, and we give special attention to those we know to be safer.

Recyclable Packaging/Materials -- When the package and/or material for your toy can be recycled, you can reduce the impact of your purchase on the environment.

Rechargeable -- Toys that can be recharged reduce the number of batteries that end up in landfill. We also encourage you to use rechargeable batteries if your favorite vibrator operates using disposables.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Disappointing September 6, 2014

Reviewer: miss elle

Weak vibrations, poor fit (at least for my body) and uncomfortable when worn with a partner.

I think that your enjoyment of this product will depend highly on your specific body shape. I am a small person and when inserted the external vibrating head is not particularly near where I'd want it to be. Maybe if it was stronger this would have still worked but it wasn't. In addition, when also being penetrated by my partner while it was inserted, I found it uncomfortable.

Perhaps this product works better for larger people or those being simultaneously fucked by smaller objects?

Rating Hit and miss November 12, 2012

Reviewer: sarahmonius

This toy is so hard to review! I love it, but not how it's meant to be used.

Adding the We-Vibe to intercourse did NOT work for us. It was awkward and uncomfortable and had a tendency to move, pull and get twisted around, even with plenty of lube. If you don't have issues stretching down there, I bet it would an amazing addition to sex. If you feel like a penis fills you up, don't expect this to fit too.

So, hit and miss.. what about the hit? I LOVE this toy for foreplay. It is truly handsfree if you have the PC muscles to hold it. I like to "wear" it while we play and it does a great job of getting me worked up. Bonus, since it's completely waterproof, you can even do this in the shower. The remote is a cool feature but doesn't have much of a range so we haven't really taken advantage.

Cleanup is super simple, the charging mechanism is novel and haven't had any problems with it. It is a fun toy to have around. Just not for sex!

Rating Love it! May 28, 2012

Reviewer: Sskleembsk

I have not tried this as a couple vibe but as a single I adore it! Remote makes it so easy to change up the feeling, I don't have to hold it in place or manioulate it, just slide it in and go. Love it! Next step, try as a couple vibe.

Rating Close, but not perfect March 26, 2012

Reviewer: pandalove

Wife and I have now tried several times. Gets good marks for stimulating me when she wears it, but the clitoral section misses her clitorus by a significant distance, so it wasn't quite the mutual stimulation we'd hoped for since she relies primarily on clitoral stimulation. But when she removed it and used it completely externally, it brought her to a rousing orgasm. It is quiet and compact and unique from the man's perspective. We'll keep playing with it but may not be perfect for everyone's anatomy.

Rating 4-in-One Amazingness March 8, 2012

Reviewer: Sasha W

This is the best sex toy out there, hand down. I use it alone, with my man, with my women, and out at parties. Any one of these uses would make it worth it, let alone all FOUR!

When I have no one else to play with I slip it in and ride a pillow and within a minute or two I'm on top of the world.

With my man we use it as a foreplay vibrator while hes going down on me, while I'm down on him, or any other number of positions. Then we use it during sex and i give him the remote sometimes. We both get enormous orgasms. It sits on top of my clit and hits my g spot on the inside every time he hits it. Amazing.

With my ladies we use it underneath strapons, as a vibrator, or while riding each other and other positions.

Finally, I've also worn it out at parties and dinner date, given my man the remote for some power play. Its exhilarating.

To boot, its super easy to clean and completely submersible unlike the second generation. Use a water-based lube cause its silicon and this toy wil last you a long pleasurable time.


Rating amazing!! February 15, 2012

Reviewer: AZ nikki

I originally avoided buying this toy when the first generation came out because of the shape. My boyfriend and I decided to give this version a shot due to the remote and the fact it's rechargeable. It has good variation with modes and isn't to intense for those who are very sensitive. I definitely recommend this product

Rating Disappointing and sad February 1, 2012

Reviewer: BunnyO

The vibrations alone were nowhere near strong enough to make me come, and when this vibe was used in concert with penetrative sex it was awkward and uncomfortable. Save your money and buy a soft flexible vibrating cockring.

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