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Form 6 Rechargeable Vibrator  - Click to enlarge

Form 6 Rechargeable Vibrator

With the Form 6, award winning designers JimmyJane, brings us a new generation of vibrator. A true  Read More
Staff pick: singled out for being exceptional in content, quality, inventiveness or effectiveness. Phthalates-Free. Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books. Green product fits our eco-friendly values of sustainable and ethically and/or environmentally conscious sex.
  (17 customer ratings)
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With the Form 6, award winning designers Jimmyjane, brings us a new generation of vibrator. A true luxury vibe, Form 6 is made of premium silicone, has quiet dual motors that offer modes ranging from gentle oscillations to exhilarating pulses, has illuminated controls, and features an ergonomic design that will appeal to those looking for internal or external stimulation. Form 6 is travel-ready, featuring a lock button so it doesn’t turn on at inappropriate times; and, did we mention its waterproof? That’s right – Form 6 is now completely submersible and is perfect for sensual bathtub fun! Form 6 is magnetically charged when clicked into its base (which doubles as a storage and travel case), so throw away those batteries and pick up the Form!

Form 6 Rechargeable Vibrator
Plum Purple, Slate Black 
7” x 1.75” diameter at the widest point
Volume: 2; Intensity: 3

2009 ID Design Awards Honorable Mention
IDEA Award 2009 (BusinessWeek / IDSA)
Fleshbot's 2009 Sexiest Technology Award

The electric vibrators we carry are manufactured for North American electricity standards (120 V, 60 Hz) and may not be compatible with electricity standards for other regions. Even with voltage adapters, some electric toys may still not function and become damaged. We recommend choosing a battery vibrator instead; many models come in similar sizes, shapes and strengths. Using an electric toy in a region with different electricity standards is at your own risk. Unfortunately, Good Vibrations cannot take returns on products used in this way. Metal toys may contain trace elements of Nickel that could cause contact allergies for sensitive individuals. Please refer to our Returns Policy for this item.

Body-safe -- Sex toys are made from many different materials, with varying amounts of information available about them, and many have not been tested for safety. We always choose better-quality items, and we give special attention to those we know to be safer.

Rechargeable -- Toys that can be recharged reduce the number of batteries that end up in landfill. We also encourage you to use rechargeable batteries if your favorite vibrator operates using disposables.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating TechnoVlogical November 2, 2010

Reviewer: GavraCadavra

JimmyJane is the Apple of Vibrators.

Rating Four Stars and in my "Top Four" July 22, 2010

Reviewer: CarnalNation

My day job has a saying, “Buy better, buy less,” and I have found this to be true in so many aspects of my life. How many cheap sex toys do you own that end up being used once and then thrown under the bed? Keep this in consideration when you see the price of the amazing Jimmyjane Form 6. The Form 6 is a do-it-all toy. It is waterproof and rechargeable and comes in a storage box that actually charges the toy. It has a slight alien look to it while charging, but hey, we all like a little role play, right? Since it has no battery door, the entire toy is usable. It has two motors in it so both ends vibrate at different rates. The power/mode buttons are little bits of Braille on one side; they neither take away from the clean design nor get stuck from a little too much lube. I would have liked the controls to be a bit more defined since they all feel exactly the same under finger when you are not looking at them. Before playing with this sex toy version of a Lotus Elise, read the manual. I found it easier to go online and read it there, since the font size on the paper instructions is a little delicate. Trust me on this: this toy has so many options that the manual will help you get the most out of it. The only thing to note is that, according to Jimmyjane, you need to hold down any button for two seconds to turn it on. My idea of two seconds is a California stop at a stop sign. Their idea of two seconds feels like four. Just hold any button down firmly until it starts to vibrate. The same goes for changing mode; a slight push won’t do.
Seriously people, this is a prize of a toy. I can’t wait to take it for another test run. If the Magic Wand and the Fling were to have a bastard child who went to design school, the Form 6 would be it.
It is made of phthalate-free medical-grade silicone and metal. To clean, simply use soap and water (no chemicals, eww). The Form 6 has a three-year warranty. It lasts around six hours without recharging and the web site suggests running the battery to low before placing it in its charge base. If you like things to work and last, get your self to Good Vibrations and check out this amazing toy.
-Ms. Fit Toy,

Rating My New Best Friend! July 22, 2010

Reviewer: CarnalNation

Let me tell you about my new friend, the Form 6 vibrator from Jimmyjane. It’s the first Jimmyjane toy I’ve reviewed and, I have to say, the hype is well-deserved. This is a very, very nice vibrator.

The Form 6 is elegantly packaged in a clean white box and comes with a fancy charging case. You put the Form 6 in the case to charge it, because it has no jack; it charges cordlessly. Which means it’s waterproof and super easy to clean.
Once I had it charged, it was time to see what it could do. The Form 6 is a very beautifully designed object; it’s a size and shape that feels natural in your hand. I tried out the various settings, which were fairly intuitive. I have trouble with these fancy vibrators and all their different patterns, because mostly I just want to turn the thing up to its highest speed and go, without trying to figure out some elaborate sequence. The control buttons on the Form 6 are just tiny raised symbols on its silky silicone skin, but they’re not hard to activate. And once you get it going these vibes are unbelievably powerful. The vibrations are wonderful low growly shudders. I couldn’t wait to try it!

Because of the way the Form 6 is shaped, and because I’m a G-spot girl, I wanted to put it in my pussy immediately. Here’s where I see one flaw in the design: the controls are on the larger side of the vibe, so if you insert that side, you can’t reach them. I just turned it all the way up and slid it in. The shaft or longer part of the Form 6 is slightly flattened on the sides, and it’s girthy;– once it’s inside you, it stays in place. Woohoo! Holee cow, it hit my G-spot like nothing else! The low, powerful vibrations were incredibly stimulating. I found I could flex and release my Kegel muscles and the Form 6 would move with my muscles, increasing the sensation. The vibrations of the smaller end felt great on my labia and the overall sensation was amazing. I grabbed my Hitachi for clitoral stimulation, put on some hardcore bondage porn, and had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Damn.

You get what you pay for in this life, and the Form 6 ain't cheap, but it’s worth every penny. Plus, it has a three year warranty. It’s built to last.
-Suzanne from

Rating The queen of my toy chest! April 18, 2010

Reviewer: Love Toys

This is my very favorite vibrator. It's everything I need and want:

- Amazing ergonomic shape
- Two motors that can work alone or together
- Waterproof, as in completely submersible.
- Rechargeable. Charging base is well designed too.
- long lasting battery. I don't know how long because I haven't drained it yet.
- Made of Silicone, with metal one of the safest of sex toy materials and quite easy to clean.
- Penetrate with one side and it's a great straight dildo. Turn it around and it's a great G-spotter
- 5 level of intensity per motor, a slew of different modes making for an almost infinite combinations of intensity and modes.
- Strong enough to massage out knots in my back and neck as well
- Comes in purple. Despite it's other features I might never have bought it if it didn't come in purple. :) Since I got mine I've seen it come in blue which is also very pretty.

- A bit noisy.

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